Saturday, April 26, 2008

This seemed carnivorous to me!

I know I said I wouldn't post but then I saw in the news that Friday was the anniversary of Thriller!

I was all "what? how did this momentous day pass me by?"

Then I thought "oh yeah! I work in a fuckin bat infested hellhole and it's all I can do to keep my marbles in my head instead of using them to choke people... ::breathe::..."

Anyway, they had a Bollywood remake of Thriller that had me laughing so hard the dogs were howling!

Curiously, Andy didn't even come to check to see what was going on. Good to know!

Normally, I get all my video laughs from The Poke Show but he seems to be MIA. I don't think anybody gave him the memo that said vacations or absences are a big no-no when I need laughs.



  1. FIRST!

    Sorry, Tracy!

    (no, I'm not)

    I know nothing about Thriller, but I hope the dogs enjoyed their howl.

  2. BRIAN! Ohhh, if I knew your middle name I would totally be throwing it at you right now! Since I don't know it, I'm gonna give you one.
    Stop being first or atleast be sincere when you apologize!

    Dear Bee,
    I remember having nightmares from Thriller (I was only like um 5 or so) but the video was funny!

  3. Well that video certainly woke me up this morning. And it just confirms what I learned at a half-Indian wedding reception - they really know how to kick it on the dance floor.

  4. My oldest son is sure that the guy is singing "Girly man man man" in that video.

    Know what sucks? Not only is this the anniversary of Thriller but XM Radio had a whole station playing nothing but Michael or The Jackson5 for the entire month of March. :( My favorite station on XM called UPOP that plays music from around the world is playing the newly remixed Michael tracks like The Girl Is Mine, Mamacita, Wanna Be Starting Something. They cut Sir Paul out entirely and added that skanky AKON rapping in the background. It is so freakin GAG GAG GAAGGGGGGGGG.

  5. When I was passing through a room and heard it had been 25 years since Triller was released, I, too, was all "WHA?"

    Then I did a little thriller dance step. Because, like Michael Jackson's career, I am hella lame.


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