Saturday, April 19, 2008

Under going maintenance of the...

Needed so I don't end up looking like a homeless Olivia Newton John.

My imagination is trying to make me believe there was an Earthquake Friday morning (while I was dreaming about flowers) which is impossible because I know for a fact I moved from California in 1990.


  1. So the earth moved for you?

    I was going to ask you about it... but I read it when it as way past my bedtime (Emilia didn't tell us about it).

    5.4 Richter. Was the epicentre near you?

    We live in shaky times...

  2. That picture of who's her face is HORRIBLE! They were such adorable babies! And now they look like lemurs or something with those enormous eyes.
    And the head band. Oh don't get me started on the head band!
    Good luck on the brain repair!

  3. We NEVER get earthquakes in Texas. Papi had an apocalyptic dream about earthquakes shaking everything apart around here and we woke up the next morning, San Antonio had had an earthquake!

    I have to call him Prophet Papi now.

  4. Have you seen Olivia Newton John's actual daughter?! She's far creepier looking than any Olson twin!

    I woke up at 4:40 a.m. Friday. I just assumed it was because I had to hit the bathroom. Clearly, instead, I am an earthquake whisperer.

  5. If I've been in an earthquake I slept right through it. I don't think one's ever been near me.

    I drank 1/2 cup of coffee this am and have been in a good mood?

    a coincidence?

  6. the humor blog thing is down for maintenance too.

  7. I tried to click, but could not

  8. That homeless ONJ looks like crazy cat lady in the making.


  9. I tried to lick, but could not

  10. I tried to flick, but could not

  11. I tried to pick, but could not

  12. I tried to stick, but could not


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