Monday, April 21, 2008

Damn my delicate skin and sweet blood!

Normally I bitch about Mondays because it's the day I have to go back to work. Now I'm bitching about it because it's THE DAY I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK!

Okay, yeah, I guess there isn't anything different.

I have some news for you. News that will shock you to your very apple core!

As young as I was last year!!
I'm not!

Last year, when I was cleaning out my garden and planting, it took me until about mid June to feel too tired to close my eyes. You know, back when I was THIRTY-FOUR??

Now, after just one weekend, I'm sunburned (sunburnt?) and achy breaky but... I'm loving every minute of it!

My local home improvement store didn't have all the flowers I wanted (which made Andy's wallet happy) so I still have allot to do but so far, I'm happy.

We also had our first customer in our bird bath. Usually there's a line that forms waiting to use the mosaic hot tub. Weirdly, they wait for one to exit before another one goes in, modesty amongst birds?

Natalia is going to take after her aunt, she thinks I'm cool. We made a little place for her to cultivate her green thumb. Her only worry were the dogs getting into her garden and 'shredding it with their pointy teeth and peeing on her flowers!'. Since her wish is my command...

Everybody was warning me against planting so early but I've decided to ignore them and gaze upon my budding flower tree.

Don't worry, I have a back up plan if there's a frost. Andy and I will freeze while my flowers are covered in blankets.

While I was sweating puddles of blood, I came to the decision not to post everyday.

I had a good run but now that it's so beautiful outside, I HAVE to be out there!

Last year we had the Cicada infestation so my enjoyment of sitting outside listening to the rumble of the airplanes was thwarted by the loud buzzing of those beady eyed no mouth Cicadas! Oh and their obsession with flying into my hair and screeching for their mate, NOT ENJOYABLE!

Now, coming over to check on me, will be like playing Russian Roulette. Will you be lucky enough to have a new post to read? OR! Will you have to walk away crying into your gin/tequila/vodka?

Thanks to everybody who sent me emails volunteering to go APE SHIT on every attorney they know. Um... don't! Some are semi, kinda, sort of, if you squint, decent. I'm sure there's one somewhere...

I just discovered something bit my melon sized head! That's the one drawback to being covered in dirt and horse shit!

If you click on the pictures, it won't take you to humor-blogs. Go ahead and take a looksey at my yard but ignore my anorexic little bush....
... take it away jena knee!


  1. get to work people its Monday!!!!



  2. You are in the other room !!!!

  3. i can see you right now

    chachacha ( scary movie sounds )

  4. Scary is right nutcase!

    No! I will not touch THAT!!

  5. UH, Guys? You know you can just walk over to the next room, right?

    Because Andy is there in the room next to you, I guess I can claim FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s I heard it's supposed to snow on Wednesday....

  6. (...I was just kidding about the snow!! LOL!)

  7. That's the problem with all this nature stuff - it always seems to involve getting dirty and bloody. A bit like dealing with lawyers. You should wear suitable protective clothing in both cases.

  8. Dear Bee,
    I think it's a little late in the month for an April Fool's Joke. The "not posting every day" joke is not nice. Knock it off....please.
    I too was bitten by a horrible, bloodsucking gnat by my eye! So now I have a huge peasized bump right by the corner of my eye.
    Also, did you know that you're five years older than I? Just thought I would point that out. :)


  10. we planted Tulips like 6 months ago that are starting to pop, so I think your garden will be fine.
    I thought you had to post everyday to be a member of Humor blogs.

  11. Andy's scary movie music has sufficiently freaked me out, which is not cool, because it's daylight right now, but it's going to come back and haunt me tonight when I'm home alone!

    I will have to go to a happy place in my mind. Don't freak out if you see me in your backyard!

  12. I don't know why but I feel..

  13. What does Andy say about your anorexic little bush?!!!??

  14. I dropped off humor-blogs because I realized that I hate the pressure of trying to be funny when I just want to write down the stuff I'm thinking at the moment......funny or not.

    I also realized that competition makes me a little crazy and in the end I really don't care that much about my blog anymore. :)

    I also need to clean up my hell hole of a house before it reaches 100 degree temps and I feel too hot and gross to do anything. I fixed my yard up last month when temps got into the 70's.

    You were a constant for the last 4 months, Bee, but taking little breaks are good for the soul and good for the bloggy material, too.

  15. I think only Mexican horror movies have background sounds of chachachacha.

  16. Me, too. Still clicking, that is. And, sporadic posting makes you more mysterious in my eyes. :)

  17. I believe Elastic has the solution for your non-bushy bush. she was gonna use 'em for armpits, but I'm sure they'll work for bushes as well

  18. I have a green thumb too; it slipped in the quacamole! I've blacktoped my property into a skatepark and charge the kids to use it; helps pay the mortgage and low in maintenance...

  19. Hi everyone! Thanks for coming over and commenting on the awesomeness that is my garden to be. I'm way too mad at the world at the moment to respond individually but you guys break my frown and rearrange it it into a lopsided crooked smile and for that... THANKS!


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