Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crackers Ice Boobalicious Gnomes

Okay! Enough crabbiness!

This post is going to be about love!

One of the bats brought these delightfully delicious crackers and I fell head over heels in love! Do you see the heart? That means it loves me and wants to take me home to meet momma Triscuit!
In other news.

Crazy Ez, my sister in law, is one of the finalist at Diesel's caption contest.

I'm not trying to force you because you are all add-ults.
I mean, if you can pick your own socks/underwear, I'm sure you can decided on your own what's funny or not.
Beware though because that Stushie dude is a finalist again so cover your tracks so he doesn't know I mentioned the contest. Shhhhhh.


♫‼All right stop! Collaborate and listen! Ice is back with a brand new invention!♫‼

In last news!

Here is the female gnome I promised Tracy.
A promise is a promise!

Just print it, put it over the face of your nearest chicken and let the fun ensue! Your male gnome will love you forever and provide you with fertility for your garden and um... your marriage bed. Just don't give me any details!

Gnomes Gone Wild Boobies!

Click here for more gnome boobs.


  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They look fake to me.

  2. Dear Bee,
    I honestly don't know how I would feel if my tacky lawn ornaments had biggers knockers than I.
    Although, it does look kind of hand-made and I could try to convince Chris that it's real art instead of a tacky garden gnome.
    Thank you.

    P.S. Brian only did a drive by firsting and that was it? I think we should disqualify him!

  3. Boobs are great even on a gnome.
    Hey, you were supposed to let me know the next time there was a caption contest!!!

  4. that gnome chick is hawt, I wonder what she's doing with her mouth open like that.
    huuummm, hummmm

  5. I learn so much from you! Gnome chicks have large nipples! Who knew?

  6. If I had seen that thing anywhere else I wouldn't even have known it was a gnome.

  7. Bee, I have so many people cutting through my damn yard now that if I put that hottie gnome out amongst the flowers, I'd have to break down and actually call the cops that I'm always saying I'm going to, and that sounds like a lot of work to me.

    Not to mention I don't want to go outside one day and find the weird neighbor kid performing a ritual on that thing. Just sayin'.

  8. Brian!:
    I forgto to tell you to look away seeing as how you're a GENTLEMAN and all!

    Pardone mua?? Tacky?? Believe me when I say that if I could own that statue I sooooo wood. Get it? Wood?? ;op

    Ha ha! Have you seen the painting of the nahked chick in our garage?? You'd LOVE IT!
    The mouth thing? My thoughts exactly.

    Aren't those boobs so perfectly shaped?? I'm sooo jealous!

    jean knee:
    Very well shaped right?

    I would need to find you a little soldier gnome so he could guard her honor.

    I'm printing the picture and going to put it in a frame!

  9. Honestly, does anyone (besides me) see a lawn statue like that and think to themselves how desperately they need it?

  10. Even a gentleman notices rock-hard nipples.

  11. ELEVENTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He just pretends not to.

  12. Sornie:
    I want that statue to grace my garden sooo bad I'm thinking of commisioning someone to make it for me!

    Yeowza! First AND Eleventh??

  13. Brian ought to have his mouth washed out...

    let me do it

  14. Jean Knee:

    When it comes to cleaning, I believe alcohol works very well...

  15. Hey! No alcoholic talk amongst my boobalicious gnome!

  16. Sorry.
    I meant 'in front of my boobalicious gnome'

    I wasn't try to imply you (jean knee and Brian) were boobalicious. You might be for all I know but I try not to think about your boobs while you're here. Or there. Or anywhere.

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  18. Brad's gnome collection is only about three feet away from me. Suddenly they seem to be a lot closer. Yep, one of them just fell over.

  19. Marie:
    Ha Ha Ha! They want the boobalicious gnome! I don't blame 'em! ;op

  20. What if I'm not an add-ult? What if I'm just an adult-erer?

  21. CT:
    Adult-erers have to vote the way I say to vote. Crazy Ez all the way! ;op

  22. Well I voted for her! Yay me! AND, I really agreed that hers was the best!


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