Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It is my duty as a woman to inform others about new cool gadgets that bring such pleasure!

It's called a Shoe Wheel and makes your shoes look so pretty as they twirl around on their own ferris wheel!
Currently I have all my shoes in their original boxes on a 10 tiered shelving unit and it’s a pain in the ass to keep pulling boxes out and then putting the shoes back in. Instead, I exercise my laziness and put them on this here bench until I have time to rearrange them.

I can’t leave them on the floor because Tazz likes to mark ‘em as his own. And by mark ‘em I DO mean pee on them the little bastard!

Anyway, maybe I can get my super awesome hubby to buy TWO for me as an early early early birthday present. Hmmmm??? It would be for both of us really since he hates it when I leave my shoes on stools, benches and chairs. Let's not talk about the time he sat on a 4 inch stiletto...

Speaking of Super Husbands, Andy wants to shave off his facial hair!! Porque???

The good news is that he agreed to do a Tell-All Post! His only concern was how much of the truth I'd be okay with him exposing. I let him know that everybody and their momma knows I have a temper so to be truthful to his heart (which I know how to rip out with my little hands!)(just kidding)(maybe).

Now for your part, if you'd like to win your very own shoe wheel, enter here.


  1. YOU ARE EVIL. First, the shoe wheel link doesn't work and then you TRICKED me into clicking on a humor-blogs link!

    Where does the shoe wheel go? And how do you get them out of the wheel? And why are you eveeeeeeeel?

  2. Suzy:
    BWAHAHAHAHA! I fixed the link and you humor-blog click is much appreciated! ;op

  3. I love that shoe wheel!!!
    It's so cute and little.

    I bet it won't make me cry like that one time I was 10 and I started bawling my eyes out and everyone laughed and pointed at me...

  4. To be fair, the little cage where they put me did NOT feel safe Bee!

  5. Little kids' ferris wheel my butt!
    It was very very scawy.

  6. Anyway. I want to know all about Andy, especially about his action figures (not dolls, no señor) and how many times a day he gets to play with them.

  7. Well, I'm no expert in these matters, but it looks like you need some more colours before you can do the rainbow thing.

  8. The first blog I read tonight was here, and I click your link from there to see this:
    "It is my duty as a woman to inform others about new cool gadgets that bring such pleasure!"
    I'm going to bed and wait for morning.

    How anyone expects a man to read with this kind of stuff going on.....:)

  9. *sigh - 10 tiered shelving unit* - me and my size 11s will excuse ourselves from the Humor Blogs shoe club

    Anxiously awaiting Andy's report!

  10. Ok, the shoe wheel is awesome! I don't care about the cost, I want one!
    Secondly, it looks like you have some awesome shoes. The two in the middle that are facing a different direction really caught my eye. That's how my closet used to look, then I had three kids and now my closet is filled with crocs and comfy mom shoes. Bleh.
    And last but not least, why do I keep falling for your dirty trick with the link? That's twice I have unwillingly clicked on humor blogs for you. Tricky tricky!

  11. Oh and eleventh! Woot! Do I win a shoe wheel now?

  12. That shoe wheel is nothing but a sign that you have too many shoes.

  13. the idea is a cool one, you can do this with anything. DVD's, CD's, Cooking condiments, candy, cookies
    etc, etc

  14. If it was up to The Wife I would never shave ( just trim and clean up the sides) but I get tired of always looking the same. So once a year or so I shave.

  15. I like male facial hair

    I know I'm a woman but I don't get the shoe thing :( to have all those shoes don't you have to go shopping?? Oh the horror!

  16. I only have like two pairs of shoes, but maybe I could use it for my lip balm.

  17. BTW Brad wants to shave off his beard too. WHY????

  18. I have all my shoes stored on a shelf around the top of my closet, which worked great until my husband decided to hang his 200 baseball caps within inches of the boxes. Now, everytime I pull a box down, 10 hats fall on my face. Love that.

  19. NCS:
    They let you out?? ;op
    I have asked Andy to feature his dollies just for you!

    I’m not into yellow or green so I’ll have to substitute those for blood red and blood blue (new color I invented).

    Oops! Truthfully, I was trying to bring in people with the title. :o)

    My shoes are my favorite thing about me. ;o)

    I think the wheel is only $65. Not too bad. Thank you for the show compliment AND! if you clicked for me everyday I wouldn’t have to keep tricking you. The web has eyes you know. J/K!


    I don’t understand your sentence, too many what now?

    They do have that for those things.
    You look 12 when you shave. Neener neener! :op

    jean knee:
    I love male facial hair! And men with rough hands. Soft hands make me gag.
    I inherited the shoe thing from my momma. And she from her momma it goes back a few generations.

    Why?? Why do they want to do that to us?? I was able to persuade him otherwise last night but I only have a few more tricks up my sleeve…

    In order of importance, shoes reign above baseball caps. It a marital rule.

  20. As one who just got her husband to grow his damn goatee back, I say hell no to Andy shaving off his facial hair! Long live the goat!

    Would that shoe wheel make my tennis shoes look sexy? If so, I'll line my closet with them. If not, I'll just keep tossing them on the closet floor out of respect.

  21. Did you really get 93% cussing?

    Interesting. I wonder what would one have to do to get 100%.


  22. If I had that shoe thing I would spin it around like the wheel on The Price Is Right and select my shoes for the day accordingly.


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