Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If you ask it, he might answer...

My desert garden terrarium

Okay, I wasn't going to post today because I seem to be leaking energy thru my eyeballs and feel like shit. I think it's because I spent Monday in the freezing rain trying to save my flowers... where was I? Post, right!
I got this radicus e-mail that I had to share. Unfortunately, the person who sent it to me has not responded on whether I can use their name or not but I'm pulling the trigger on this anyway because I'm impatient like that. I don't like it when people have lives and I'm sitting around waiting for them to squeeze me in. Just thought I should throw that fact out into the universe. Anyway, here's the e-mail.

"Hi Bee! I stumbled across your blog when I was trying to figure out why my shit was green. Your post on green poop searches made me laugh so I kept coming back and reading your archives. Then it hit me that you were actually talking about me too! That's okay because I still think you're funny!
I have a question for you though, would you ever consider letting your husband Andy write a post about you? I'd be very curious to get a first hand account on what living with you must be like! Would you please consider it?"

I love this idea!! I really do!
Dear My New Favorite E-Mailer Person, I will ask the hubs but I can't guarantee he'll say yes because he'll be afraid to piss me off to the point where he'd have to sleep in our fireplace (he'd fit if he were in little pieces)!
He also has an obsession with that game I've mentioned but now that he no longer has a Family/Clan/Cult, maybe he'll have more free time. Who knows? But I will try to make him see how writing a post about me would be beneficial to his um... health.
I will keep you posted and if you have any questions you'd like Andy to answer so that this isn't so hard for him, please do so.
You know where else you can get awesome ideas? Humor-Blogs! Click here for some laughs.

55 grams of tomato paste and 10 grams of Olive Oil everyday act as a natural sunscreen against harmful UV rays.
Don't smear it on yourself because you'll have people tossing onions, olives, cucumbers and Italian seasonings at you to make a salad.


  1. I think it's an excellent idea. So here is my question to Andy:

    "If you had to write your post about Bee in 10 words or less (but more than none!), what would you write?"

    The Ancient Greeks used to use Olive oil as some kind of sun lotion - they believed it wasn't any good for eating...

  2. I'm assuming that Andy is playing World of WarCraft (if I can remember a previous post) and I need advice...how do you pry him off the computer? Babycakes is addicted to that also and I'm sadly thinking of spending a shitload of money on another computer because 1 ain't cutting it.

  3. Why don't I ever get emails like that? I want someone to tell me that they found me while trying to find out why their poop was green and decided to set up camp and stayed! WHY DO YOU GUYS GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF?????

    I do love this idea though. Chris has said several times that he wanted to post about me but he said it when he was mad at me for one thing or another and I decided it would not be in my better judgement to let him post about me at this time.

    My question for Andy is:
    Dear Andy,
    Do you often catch Bee having full on conversations with herself? I imagine her as someone (like me maybe) who is often carrying on conversations with myself or inanimate objects.
    If she does do this, what things have you heard her say?

  4. Bee moved ou when I was like 23 so I put in some hard time living with her.
    I really admire Andy. I wish this on no one.

  5. geez, Drew would never write a post about me (too much effort too little return)but if he did I'm sure it would say I'm much more bad ashed in real life than in blog land.

    question for Andy:if you were a tree what kind of tree would you be and why?

    and why do people answer inane questions like that one?

  6. Dan, you’re just mad cuz I can still kick your ass.

    Which reminds me, you coming over tonight or is it tomorrow. Bring your *running from Bee* shoes.

  7. I won't go as far as saying that I'd pay for an e-mail as random as that but I'd love for people to bring out my weird side more often.

  8. Andy, is she really as fearless as she says? One of her post said she only feared armed babies.

  9. If I did that tomato paste and olive oil thing, would that come with free unlimited salad and breadsticks? Because if so, I'd give it some consideration.

    I suppose Andy could answer that for me if he was inclined.

  10. I too am a WoW widow, but my man lives 946 miles away SO I'm cool...for now.

    And gerl, I am SO glad you threw in the word "ingested" because I would have been that fair-skinned Irish girl walking down the street with everyone trying to turn her into the world's fastest walking pizza.

  11. I do not fear you BEE, see you on Thursday.

  12. Hi! I don’t have a blog but I enjoy the laughs.
    Andy, I was wondering if Bee harasses you as much as she does the old ladies she works with. If so, how do you deflect all that sarcasm?

  13. Andy, do you keep your facial hair because Bee likes it or is it your preference?

  14. No. I'd be throwing croutons and Bacon Bits at you.

  15. Quick Bee.....e-mail me and tell me that I'm funny, too. But, you have to disguise your name. I don't want to be left out of the awesome anonymous e-mail club. :(

    By the way green poop is the only way that Al Gore takes a squat. It must be green to come out of the Al Poop Machine!

  16. I tried to get Brad to do that, but I was afraid he'd either tell you all about my more disgusting habits or try to get everyone to vote for Ron Paul.

  17. oh, jeez. I never get cool emails or anonymous commenters

    wait, yeah I do

    well not the email thing

  18. Hi you guys HI! How you doin'? Good? Are all of you comfy? Did I offer you some coffee yet? Would you like some? How about a nice slice of chocolate cake? Yummy?

  19. Ah.
    I should have read the posts in order.

    BTW, what the hech Mother's Day commercial is that Mrs BEE? Now I'm all boo hooing, sappy and what-not and it's all your fault.

    Thank goodness no one was around to see that. :)


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