Monday, October 1, 2007

October Rain-Begining of Oct. B-Days

October… wow!
This year is flying by... which is fine by me because it's been pretty crappy.

I had to change my desk calendar thing and I realized I had completely forgotten to change it from August to September! I missed a whole month…

Anyway, as I was removing the sheet I realized my brain is on it. What do I mean?

Well, anytime I talk to peeps on the phone I jot down little notes for myself so that I remember which ass-wipe I’m talking to. If I’m leaving for the day I’ll write a little reminder on the calendar so that when I come in the next day I’ll pick up where I left off.

After looking at it closely I’ve realized how scatter brain I really am! No wonder I ramble. Who else can boast of having this many coffee stains in their brain?

Now I’m on the right track again and back in the present.There’s nothing like starting the month with a nice new fresh clean brain...

I know you can make out some of the numbers on there but I wouldn’t call them if I were you, they’re lawyers.




  1. guess whos back with presents? i can see youre as sane as when i left!

  2. You are so freakin sneaky! I refuse to call you that.

    Is it shoes?

  3. my buddies wouldve kicked my ass back to the states if i'd bought shoes! you'll see.

  4. by the way whos hanging from the noose? i hope thats not you!
    maybe scarecrow?

  5. you lucky girl, getting a "big" present

    if a cluttered calendar is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is an empty calendar a sign of?

    that's right, better to be cluttered than empty

  6. big... dork:
    I guess I'll add the features of whoever is driving me the most batty!

    jean knee:
    I like your theory, PD's desk is completely clutter free so I guess that proves it!

  7. You missed a whole month? Wow. You really took that whole 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' song seriously, didn't you?

  8. Reporting for Click duty, Captain Bee!

  9. EWBL:
    Yeah, I'm hoping November goes the same way...

  10. "A tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind."

    PD must keep all her clutter in her head - that's what I do.

    Anyway, after a thorough analysis of the picture, I can reveal what it says about you:

    It says that you're worryingly inefficient when it comes to getting the coffee to where it's needed...

  11. I'm still stuck in august, too. Wayy back...

  12. brian:
    The reason for the coffee stains is that by the time I get my coffee and sit down, I've got a bad case of the shakes.

    Halloween is in October so you have to come back (forward?)!

  13. brian:
    Did you compare yourself to PD?
    I will not let you insult yourself in that fashion!

    Apologize to yourself...

  14. bee thinks Chriss Angel is hawt

  15. As Whitney would say:
    "Hell to the NO!"


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