Friday, October 5, 2007

I feel the love...

I want to thank y'all for the support.
I tried to make my post lighthearted but I guess my true feelings might have peeked thru somehow. I was feeling a little sad and frustrated.

I know why my mom feels I should have a baby.
In her heart she fears I won't have someone looking out for me when I'm older just like she has us. I know everything she does or says is out of love even though it might not be as tactful as we would like.

It doesn't matter what happened between us for her and I to finally see eye to eye but I think we understand each other now.

For this one time only...

Group Hug!

Alright...! Who's grabbing Andy's ass!!!! (Dan!)


  1. I'm not one to join the crowd, but, I've been dying to pull on your gorgeous hair to see if it's real or a weave. A hug is just the way to accomplish such a thing, too........

  2. It's 8:30 AM, do you know here your clickety-click action is??!!?

    Right here!


  3. Bee,

    Sorry, you asked for it so I had to be honest.

    I guess you are right "selfish" is not the best word to describe how I feel about you not wanting to have children.

    You were the greatest older sister in the whole wide world... man do we have some stories about Bee when she was younger... (swith blades, slow speed police pursuit, cavemen...) so many I could probably start my own blog page, all with stories about you.

    In reality, I guess I am the one with the problem here because I want to see a baby from you two.


    I would not doubt we are connected somehow...


  4. To correct SprmanTattoo:


    And out of the 5 of us she is definitely the lest selfish of us all.

    Love you Big Little Sis! :)

  5. I've included myself in the group hug!
    So hugs from GA.

    I can tell you children and parents don't see eye to eye always but it is great to see that you have.

    I have fallen in love with you (in a sibling, friend, hero worship kinda way) through your blog and wish only the best for you.

    So all the way from GA long distance hugs and support and when ever you want you can borrow my kid she is really good, really.


  6. I've been trudging around the Hades heat of the zoo. love those field trips!!!
    glad to see things worked out.

    and, we have a birthday party there tomorrow, woo hoo!!!

    and the fall festival tonight!!!!!

    the fun never ends

  7. EWBL:
    Remind me to wear a helmet when I'm around you... :o)

  8. S:
    Honesty is how we roll so no need to apologize.

    Regarding stories:
    Uh... Let's keep those under our helmet for now! ;op

    Thnx you're pretty groovy too!

  9. Nancy:
    This was not meant to be a Bee love fest put thanks, I have to admit I am pretty cool! :o)

  10. M:
    You know what they say about people you hero-worship, they alway have awesome shoes! ;o)

  11. jean knee:
    The Zoo I love the Zoo! How about a call next time!?

  12. be outside my door tomorrow at 1:30 for a fun, hot as Hades, zoo party!!!

    didn't think it would be that soon didya?

  13. I'm not a same sex ass grabbing type of guy......not that there's anything wrong with that

  14. jean knee:
    It's 98 degrees here I'd hate to think how it's there!

  15. Dan:
    I'll talk to you tomorrow...


    with my fists!


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