Saturday, October 20, 2007

Crumby place to work!

Do you know what that is?

That is further proof I am the only semi-sane person working in my office!

The bats will store crumbs from cookie containers and potato chip bags!


Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for crumbs but would I go so far as to store them?


Uh, no!


How bad do you have to be jonesing for a snack to excuse this behavior.


Well, maybe I shouldn't be too critical since allot of them were alive in the time of The Great Depression (or Great Slump in other weird languages) and they must've gone thru times in their lives without anything to eat... so sad. [shaking my head sadly]




Go to Brian's Blog and pressure him into fast forwarding time to November 19th. If you do convince (<--it took me 3 tries to spell that word...!) him I'll send you some cookie crumbs!


I'm off to get my Saturday morning fix of coffee, mom randomness and crappy Mexican Cinema*!


Mexican Cinema:

Involves tons of blood, swearing, horrible acting, drugs dealers (who for some reason are portrayed as the good guys!??) and polka sounding songs. Why do I subject myself to this on a weekly basis? I'll do anything for coffee!


  1. Crumbs??? Not that's crazy!!!

    You know what we found out at my job just a couple of days ago?

    That one of the managers that is always stopping by to eat our snacks (snacks that the team brings) does not wash his hands when he goes to the washroom!!!!

    How did we find out you ask, since we are a bunch of chicks?? Well one of the ladies husbands works there and he has been in the washroom at the same time. He of course told his wife and she told us. To think of all the times he has grabbed stuff out of one of the bags or trays!!!

    That's just GROSS!!!!

    I would take crumbs over dirty unwashed hands any day!

  2. Crumbs:

    Are really nice sprinkled liberally with chilli powder (well, they might be) - I think perhaps you should introduce them to this delicacy.

    Hygenie in the Workplace:

    They say you have to eat a bit of dirt to help your immune system. Whatever you do, stop thinking about it - pregnant women can get all sorts of wierd cravings...

  3. I reckon just about every office the world over, has a cupboard with dodgy little bits of yeuck stashed way in old bags and containers. Nobody ever knows who they belong to but everyone's too damn polite to chuck the stuff away. In our office there is a chipped mug with a handful of ancient yellowing teabags wrapped in creased old sachets. They smell vaguely of peppermint and dust. Perhaps I should brew the up for the geeks next door? Don't think they'd even notice.

  4. nancy:
    ::guack::! :o(
    Is it making you queezy me saying ::guack::? Are you gonna tell me if it's a boy or girl??

  5. brian:
    Now I believe you've read Einstein's book 4 times!

  6. magdalene:
    I hope you do brew the tea, it'd be hilarious if thye come to tell you how much they like it and ask where they could get more! ;o)

  7. I'm crazy for crumbs and thing storing them is actually a pretty good idea! Am I insane in your book now?

    I've never seen Mexican Cinema, but I do watch Telemundo and the cheesy Spanish soaps sometimes. I can usually understand some of what they're saying but I find it more fun to just switch off the Spanish button in my brain and try to figure out what's happening through their overzealous bad acting. It's quite hilarious actually!

  8. Um, that would be think.

    Have you ever noticed the comment boxes have "Something to say." over them? As if we need reminding what a comment is?

    Uhhh, I thought you posted a comment when you had nothing to say... ;)

  9. New Mexica Cinema is horrible, but I love the stuff from the 60's. Gringos, if you want good Mexican TV tune in early mornings on weekends, the game shows type shows usally feature amazing looking women in tight, tight soccer uniforms jumping up and down, up and down. Life is good when you're so easily amused.

  10. ... by the way, I do have the washing the hands argument with my wife also, she says I should always wash my hands after a good pee, I say why? its not like I got any pee on my hands. Its just another body part I'm touching. If I scratch my nose should I have to go wash my hands ? If I grab my arm with my hand do I have to go wash ? If I scratch my butt.....ok, ok I'll wash then cause I kind of sweat.

  11. chris:
    Insane? Yes! :o) But to each her/his own just remember to date your crumbs so you know when your insanity evolved into mania! ;op

    I wish I could shut off my spanish button! Dinner consists of overacted shocked expressions like "Jose Juan is not my son?! He's my brother???" and other such loveliness...

  12. Dan:
    Please don't tell people we're related! Please??
    When you pee you are touching a part we don't want to think about!
    I don't have a problem with you touching your nose (just no picking), ear, arm even your toes but... come on!


  13. Now THAT made me nauseous!!!



    Bee please remind me never to eat anything that Dan has touched!!!

    Im telling the mother ship!

  14. Nancy
    You are pregnet, anything makes you nauseous, please don't tell the mothership !!!

    I can see why you guys would be grossed out...but not my wife, I mean......yeah.

  15. maybe they are saving the crumbs for a yummy casserole topping. mm mm mm good

  16. My Papi likes watching the kung fu ninja movies dubbed over in Spanish. I like watching the dramatic telenovela commercials and the Spanish version of Cheaters filmed in my H-Town. Holla!

    I watched Sabado Gigante for 15 years and I still don't know Spanish. :(

  17. GROSS!! But I do see your point, Dan... I'm just trying not to think about it too long.

    I have witnessed many boys exiting the bathroom without washing their hands. Actually, they do think they are washing their hands because they wet them--no soap!

    I'm really working on it, though. I send them back and make sure they do use soap and scrub for at least 20 seconds. Sad part is, this isn't pre-school...the out rage!!

  18. jean knee:
    Yeah uh-huh, do you want me to send you some?

    We used to watch Chi/Mex cinema as kids! Me and my brothers then would use the karate moves to kick each others ass!

    You have the patience of a saint!


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