Sunday, October 14, 2007

PSA #547-- 2 for the price of 1!

So... I know I did one on Friday but something happened to me this morning that all women should be made aware (and some men, I don't judge)!

First part of PSA:


Ladies, after you take your shower and dry your gorgeous body, make sure the toilet seat is down before you bend over [BWAHAHA!] to dry your hair and put it in our classic after shower turban style. Why? ... ... ...

One end of the towel might go into the toilet without you realizing it and you won't find out until after you've twisted the towel, stood up and the soaked end is dripping down your clean naked back! ::shiver!::


If this does happen, you have no choice but to take another shower.


Second Part of PSA:



If your wife tells you she's going to take a shower and you call her cell phone while she's in the shower, chances are... she will not pick up the call!




What? Do you want her to get electrocuted?

Is death your master plan?

Like In "Dial M for Murder"?


Jack Asses!




The second part of the PSA does no reflect any true life events, it is purely fictional and does not have anything to do with Andy calling me while I was in the shower to ask me something about toilet paper while he was at the grocery store.


  1. oh, did you realize that there are no diseases carried in urine? in fact you can even drink it, mmm

    so really you didn't even have to re shower

  2. poor Andy, I'm thinkin there may be more to this story that isn't a story

  3. jean knee:
    There wasn't any in the toilet at the time but if there would have been... I'd take a ride on that cheese grater slide!

    What? Are you taking his side?? Uh, I mean not that it happened to us... their side?

  4. Healthy water:

    Various other substances go into that bowl as well, though. I'm thinking about cleaning products. Have you got bleached bits in your hair?


    Since the phone call thing didn't happen I'm not taking sides by suggesting that it might not be possible to hear the shower from the grocery store. I appreciate that no woman will accept lack of telepathic ability as a defence.

  5. Bowl:

    Super sonic memory:
    If it would have happened, his hearing would not be in question but his memory would.
    I said (if it would have been me), 'while you're at the store I will be in the shower.' the store isn't far.

    The call came in within that time frame.

    Angry husband=Angry wife.

  6. M for Murder: don't think you're likely to get eloctrocuted that way.

    There was a Columbo episode called "How to Dial a Murder" where the murderer trained his otherwise friendly dogs to get murderously angry when a particular word (for example "Toilet paper") was said, then phoned the victim up and made him say the word, whereupon he was ripped to pieces. I'm sure that would be a surer thing than electrocution.

  7. brian:
    I knew men would disagree with the whole eloctrocution thing but I think it can happen somehow...

    Yikers! I'll try that with Tazz... actually he does that already. (he's not a people person)

  8. bee- I just realized, I got a nice award and you got an evil award. what do you think that means.

    I saw these awesome high heel shoe Christmas ornaments at Hobby Lobby.
    I know you'll want to buy some, they are hanging on the racks with the unpackaged ornaments, arranged by color. There are all different colors and 2-3 different styles.

    There were no men's brown leather
    flip flops for me though. bummer.

  9. jean knee:
    Nice vs Evil:
    They obvioulsy don't know you very well! :o)

    I have a Hob Lob about 15 minutes from my house. I'll go there this week, thanks!

    I'd say I can make you a flip flop ornament but my craft skills are worse than my homemaker skills.

  10. Okay.

    See...I remembered and episode of Mythbusters where they did the whole phone/electrocution thing.

    "Episode 19: Quicksand
    Has Hollywood gotten it right all this time? Can you really murder someone by dropping an electrical appliance into a bathtub? In a truly electrifying experiment, the guys find out what actually happens when hair dryer and water collide. Then follow the MythBuilders as they pursue the case of the exploding tattoo in the MRI. How, if at all, will the traces of metal found in the ink of Scottie's tattoos react with the MRI's rays? And Tarzan used it successfully against his enemies, but will killer quicksand take down the MythBusters?
    premiere: Oct. 20, 2004"

    I am pretty sure the cordless did. And if it was lightening it was possible to get electrocuted. I think. It's been a few years sine the episode and i couldn't find the answers anywhere.

    Anyway, you are so right.

    IF he were to have called and gotten mad then he was ever bit deserving of a equal reaction :-D

  11. chris:
    Thank you for taking my side! (I mean the wife's side!)

    The fictional story goes that the husband came home after the wife had had a traumatizing event and then yelled at his poor sweet little wife for not picking up her cell, the poor sweet little wife then turned into a lion!

  12. there is no excuse for this woman not to pick up her phone! when i call everything must be dropped to answer!!
    but if it WAS you then youre right and all men are wrong.

  13. has andy gotten a haircut yet?

  14. your poll thing isnt letting me vote but i vote for "no"

  15. BIG HEAD:
    Silly rabbit, there is no option for "no"!

    Still hairy!

  16. Huh, think you've got problems dear? The Weirdo regularly wakes me up just when I've got all snuggly and comfy, in order to ask me to lend him my phone so that he can dial his own number and locate his supposedly missing phone, which is always about eighteen inches away from the bed. Bless!

  17. magdalene:
    That is just the worst!

    Andy leaves 45 minutes before I have to get up but he makes me got out of bed to control the dogs.
    They have the tendency to want to take a bite out of him befor ehe leaves! ;o)

  18. The very worst thing ever is taking a shower and getting "poop feeling" immediately afterwards. I hate that. I want the fragrant loveliness of my clean butt scent to last longer than five freakin minutes.


  19. magdalene:
    Yeah I just might one day!

  20. EWBL:
    This is why I don't eat hours before I shower...

  21. Big Head:
    Where did you find a hat that fit???

    I like it, it makes me giggle!

  22. jean knee:
    Don't encourage him! :op

  23. hah. gross. that's the worst thing ever - being soaked with toilet water. could be worse, though. that is all...

  24. berta:
    Yup could have been worse but I don't want imagine it! :o)


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