Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tomorrow Tomorrow I Love Ya Tomorrow!

It is exactly 11:06 in the PM and I have stood up to my bed time prison guard and am now posting!
I don't have anything to say but I had to do something to validate me being up passed 10:30!
So... I leave you with that picture of me and my fist of death!
(Only with better hair)
(What? You think I'm being obnoxious for bragging? Well don't cuz my hair is the only thing going for me!)
(Well, that and my good looks and quick wit!)
(Only stating facts people!)
(If you don't like it you can always stop reading the parenthesis stuff!)
(Are you still there?)
(What time is it?)
(Shouldn't you be working/eating/feeding your kids/chasing Penny?)
(Did you just scroll down?)
(Are you ignoring me?!)
(Must I remind you of the fist of death?)
(Oh... right, that's what started this!)
(Aren't you glad you wasted 2 minutes of your time?)
We need to form an intervention so that we can help Jean Knee overcome her obsession with OJ Simpson. It's up to us people! Please go to her blog and ask her to come to her senses!
Lean in so I can tell you a secret.
Click if you don't believe me!


  1. What!

    I'm going to be at work later this morning because I was reading through all that!


    I think you should go for the triangular look - actually, if Andy's growing his hair, he could too.

  2. How would we find hats?

    Unless someone can special knit us some...?

    Possibly? Yes? No?

  3. I did not recieve a gold star yeaterday. but, I also wasn't killed under piles of crap. there's always a plus to every situation.

    and now, I'm off to be a fish.......
    yes I'm all about mystery and intrigue..........

    what? you don't like homicidal, armed thug OJ? he won a heisman and his story was in one of those chicken soup books

  4. Well good luck catching your new pet!
    If you catch something that looks like a boot and smells like a boot don't put it in your fish bowl.


  6. Hats:

    Try a bicorne (like Napolean) or a capotain...

  7. are your bats back? are they making you crazy yet?

  8. big head: X2

    Well it’s not the size that matters, it’s how it’s used to inflict the maximum amount of PAIN!!

    Making me crazy with happiness! You know I’m a softy when it comes to them!

  9. brian:
    I'll look into it since it might make me look taller.

    Although a little silly...

  10. LMAO!!!!

    Then you will really be like Napoleon!!! You all ready have that Napoleon complex!

  11. I was asleep last night at 11;03 thanks to the pharmaceutical companies. not bragging

    nice gold star, even though , it was well, not deserved and all.

    good news, my friend Jean-Uh says I don't have the hoarding disease I'm just lazy and I better get my ass in gear or she's kicking it. aww friendship

  12. I took an afternoon nap after the funeral and now I can't sleep. I think I'm going to close my eyes and count evil fist-shaking Bees until I drift off....

    CLICK like nobody's looking.

  13. nancy:
    Vote for Pedro!
    Oh wait, wrong Napoleon...

    jean knee:
    Your friend jean-uh who will kick your ass... I like her!

    I wouldn't think of me before you nod off [snicker] you might have nightmares!


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