Sunday, October 7, 2007

Not Samson...


Andy has threatened to let his hair grow.

He keeps telling me that he wants to see what it'll look like but I keep telling him that his hair is no longer his. It's now mine and I have the last word on how it should be.

You don't agree with me?
Are you going to defend him?


I have been instructed by one Andrew Husband to not cut my hair under any circumstances unless it's a trim. I can dye it, highlight it, put it up, down, sideways, super gel it, straighten it, braid it, etc. but not cut it.
As a submissive, dutiful wife, I have honored his wishes. I think he should return the favor. (As in he should cut his hair)

So that you can see what I'm talking about, below are 4 pictures of my dear Andy. In two he's wearing a baseball cap because he's a big fan of whatever sports teams are on the caps. (Cubs/Bears)

In one set he's nicely groomed in the other... well he's still a cutie but I have to squint my eyes look sideways and blurr my vision. Just kidding!

Don't get me wrong, I don't want him to go all metro-sexual on me because I'm not into men that look like women with their eyebrows all shaped and their nails manicured. I just like my men with nice short hair.

I don't mean that I have allot of men I just mean that the ones I'm attracted to... not that that I am attracted to other men, well not that I'm attracted to women...

Just look at the pictures okay!

Nicely Groomed Andy:

Uh, rugged Andy:

Yes, he is aware I'm posting his picture and did me the favor of posing for the above right one at 11:30 pm Friday. I just want unbiased opinions on how he looks better.

If you disagree with me, you might as well post a comment as anonymous.
Not a threat, just saying.


  1. Long hair? Maybe he's going through a "Antonio Banderas" phase. Picture 1 & 2 are the best.

  2. I'm impressed that Andy has got away with telling a woman how to have her hair - something I wouldn't even attempt!

    My opinion is that it's the wife's call in these circumstances, but I think in the interests of science, you should let him grow it, then you can post the results here.

    Alternatively you could do some experiments with photoshop...

    Would you let him get a Mohican as a compromise?

  3. I like long hair on, say, sex objects: stars & what not. but I like short hair on husbands.

    if he gets to pick your hair length, you get to pick his.
    hair length, not his nose

  4. Antonio Banderas huh???

    Only if I started smoking cigars every waking minute to get my smokers voice going, or maybe if I started spraying myself with that "suntan" lotion.

    Only time will see where the hair goes, hopefully though not under some petri dish for the study of deformed folicles.... UGH!

    If only I could edit this blog & underline that submissive part.......

  5. Petri Dish Science:

    I was thinking more in terms of social science ;-)

    Too Much Like Hard Work:

    I've been tempted to grow my hair so I wouldn't need to get it cut, but I suspect that would make it higher, not lower maintenance.

    If you're going to have long hair like a star, then you need one of those nubile personal stylists to look after it...


    Haven't you figured out yet? Short hair makes Bee Happy?

    She is slightly less evil to the world when you have short hair.

  7. Your husband is hawt, bee!!!!

    Personally, I like short hair on a man. You know so I can 'grab him up my the short hairs' if he steps out of line?

    My Papi shaved his head about a month ago. He looked like a melon with fuzzy mold growing on it. I'm like Goldilocks. Not too short. Not too long. I like it just right.

  8. I'm an active part of Team Clickety even if I didn't leave a comment yesterday. Yeah, you got some clicking action from down south.

    Should I be admitting that here in front of your husband and friends?

  9. all right! we got to meet Andy.
    go Andy, GO Andy

  10. Uhhmm, Bee? Where are you?
    Are you out getting a hair cut??!!
    The Horror!!

  11. somegirl:
    Not a fan of Antonio Banderas, he tries too hard.

    Thanks for your vote that's ONE!

  12. brian:
    I take my vows very seriously. I was told to honor and obey my husbBWHAHAHAHA! I couldn't finish that sentence. :o)

    Maybe I can edit my picture and put his face on there so he could see what he'll look like! Yeah! Good idea!

    Thanks for voting, I'm counting your vote as TWO!

    No to the mohawk...

  13. jean knee:
    The only sex object I know that looks good with long hair is my future husband Brad Pitt.

    Thanks for voting I'm counting your vote as THREE!

  14. Andy:

    How boring. ;o)

  15. Nancy:
    I'm so happy with you right now you could probably vote against the hair cut and I'd still be smiling like a fool! :o)

    Thanks for voting, I'm counting your vote as FOUR!

  16. EWBL:
    He's awrigh'! :o)

    Thanks for voting I'm counting your vote as FIVE!

    Hey if they're offended the know what they can do... click too!

  17. jean knee:
    My hair might be gone soon if a certain someone doesn't play by the rules!


  19. BRIAN:

    Oh, but they're mostly all gay so I guess that's okay...

    [--not that there's anything wrong with it--]

  20. ANON:
    NO mullet on my watch!

  21. mullets are very popular in my neck of the woods. they especially look good on non balding pates so andy is a go

    not that there's anything wrong with balding

  22. jean knee:
    Did you just encourage my hubba-bubba to get a mullet??????


    ?????? ?

  23. The Chambers Dictionary 9th Edition (honest!):

    Mullet (n) A hairstyle that is short at the front, long at the back, and ridiculous all round [Perh from dialect Mullethead a fool]

  24. I know a place where you can go and have some babes cutting your hair while you watch sports maybe you can compromise that way.


  25. mullet, mullet, mullet it's a nice compromise

  26. brian:
    That is exactly the definition for a Mullet!

    Thanks for your vote and that's number SIX!

    I know who you are. I know where you sleep.

    jean knee:
    I know the Mullet Motto is "Business in the front and Party in the back!" but that's not a compromise...

  27. Bee dear, even the 'rugged' pictures look way too tidy to me. Give the poor guy a break, or I'll be forced to shock you into silence by posting pics of my own homo erectus who is regularly 'well groomed' by a local chimp.

  28. Magdalene:
    I know but it's hard when I know he can go from yummy to super delicious just by cutting his hair. ;o)

  29. Go Mohawk, Go Mohawk!!! hehe I did tell you one of my friends is getting a mohawk, right? A full, head-shaving one? He already shaves his eyebrows, actually, so I guess it was kind of not a surprise.

    And yeah. Let me say long hair is high maintenance beyond belief. I used to have hair past my hips, until one day I got so darn sick of it I cut it to an inch above my shoulders, where it's stayed. I do know some guys with much longer hair than me. (I know, you're probably thinking I know some weird guys- tis true)

    I say, see how it looks. Some guys look good with long hair, and some just flat don't. But only time will tell.

  30. chris:
    I swear I have a friend named Brook and you guys could have twin lives!

    So... I'm counting your vote as haircut since technically a mohawk would be a haircut! :o)

  31. You need to call Edward Scissorhands ASAP!! I vote for clean cut.

  32. andy, would you like the 411 on the hair cutter chix?


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