Monday, October 29, 2007


Our Hallowbash was Saturday and we had so much fun!
The whole family got into the spirit of dead witches and costumed up! :o)

Dan, Marie & Amanda

Mariachi, Fairy, Flamenco Dancer
Big Texan, Nancy and Natalia

Marie's Dad, Marie's Mom and my Mom

Lord Vader, Queen and Mother Superior
Esmeralda and Sergio

Vampires---------- Vampires that are afraid of Bee

Andy and I were very politically incorrect and went as a Border Patrol Guard and a Mexican.

I was La Migra (Immigration) and he was my Mexican!
Yup! We switched it up! :op

Andy---------------------- Bee

My Mexican--------Border Patrol (La Migra)


I thought we were sure thing winners for the costume contest due to outrageous originality and crazy disregard of our cultures but alas we were beat by a couple wearing football player/cheerleader costumes.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the thing was fixed [yes I am] considering that I threatened to deport everybody if they didn't vote for me and they all claimed they would but once the votes were tallied... I'm gonna need a big wagon to cart them all off!
At any rate here are the winners.

Couples costume Big Dude and Tina (Marie's niece and her guy who's name I never learned) and individual costume was Lord Vader. (Marie's Dad)

The big dude was hilarious!
They brought in sandwiches and he headed straight for the table, stopped looked at me and said "Can I have some now or do I have to wait? Normally I'd wait but..."
I said to him "Dude, if you want a sandwich I can't see anybody trying to stop you!" He laughed and grabbed himself some sandwiches with some gherkins.
Anyway, I promised a near death experience so here it is:
The Big Dude brought his sister, not sure what she was dressed as (...?) and I don't have a picture of her but she complimented my costume (just want to add that everybody did! So, sore loser that I am... okay I'll drop it!) and then she went on to say something else.
I have to admit something here, since I am such an antisocial person, when I meet people for the first time I don't really pay attention to what they say. Seriously, my brain just half listens... anyway I laughed at whatever she said but then my brain said "why are you laughing stupid!? she just said she wanted to borrow your costume!" so mid laugh I stopped and tilted my head sideways and said "Hurhn????" Luckily she had to go to the bathroom so she ran in once it was unoccupied.
I grabbed a couple of carrots and went into the other room where Nancy was. She saw the perplexed look on my face and asked what happened.
Here is where my near death experience came in.
Big Dude's sister just asked to borrow my costume!
No, that's not the weird part! The weird part is that my brain repeated the words back to me and all I could say was "Huhrn??" I mean what the hell kinda thing to respond when a complete stranger asks you for your costume??
[I started laughing and kept saying "Huhrn???" cuz it was making Nancy laugh]
I inhaled a piece of the carrot I was eating and it started choking me!!!
Yeah! I'm serious!!!
Vegetables will help you live longer? I think not!
When people choke they should do it on a large piece of beef!
That way you can say "Yeah, she was a big meat eater and didn't believe in chewing her food. She liked to swallow large pieces just so she could brag about it! Yup, very irresponsible eating on her part, I guess she met her match!'
They are not supposed to say. "Yeah, the big doofus choked on a baby carrot! I know, if it didn't kill Bugs Bunny it shouldn't have killed her, what a wimp!"
If you're wondering if anybody gave me the Heimlich, the answer is no since I saw a documentary about the dude saying he was a phony. I showed that little piece of carrot who was boss!
::sigh:: Now my voice is all raspy!
Although... it does sound pretty cool! ;o)


  1. S....r :

    Why does everyone's halloween stuff contain at least one arachnoid???

    It's a conspiracy.

    I'm glad you didn't die - choking on a carrot would have been such an embarrassing and understated way to go.

    Here lies Bee, who forgot the rule
    About not talking when your mouth is full.

  2. Although you threaten to deport everyone that didn’t vote for you Mike (football player) threatened to break our legs, so there you go. By the way after the party was over I went around blowing out the candles and one was full of melted waxed and it blow all over my face and neck and I looked the dude from the phantom of the opera (the pain, the pain) don’t worry all is well and my pretty face is still pretty (LOL)

    Marie(Flamenco Dancer)

  3. I ment to say it blew not blow all over my face, hey it's early.

    (i can say that cuz me and my family just became citizens 3 years ago.)

    i just have one problem with your costume why did you wear a red splotchy mask?

    how big were the shoes you wore? youre almost as tall as natalia.

    did you talk to andy about buying me a laptop?

    i have to get ready for class but i'll be watchin you...

  5. It was rigged! I demand a recount!!! Oh wait... It wouldn’t have done any good... There was more family of the cheerleaders family than Bee’s family...

  6. glad you didn't die, I'd hate to meet you for the first time when you are a corpse. always a buzz kill.

    not to be biased but I love Nancy's green face. love it , get the details on that make up, I want to be green really bad.

    your eye is lovely, the kind that can have that smoky eyeliner. I have beady white girl eyes that look bruised if I wear smoky eyeliner. I'm not jealous though. (yes I am)

    you didn't look short to me, how tall are you? really, don't lie now.

    your mama looks so sweet, of course the mother superior costume probably added to it huh?

  7. Another reason you should consider having a kid, you need a bigger family here in the states. LOL


  8. Thanks!

    It was just that tube green makeup that you find at all party places. I just had to put it on thick, in a couple layers and of course on all the parts of your body that will be showing. Then the black was just Black Eye shadow and black eyeliner and of course black lipstick.

    On a side note it took me a loooooooong time in the shower to get it all off. Big Tex helped getting it in those hard to reach places (my shoulders and upper back) but he did not help in taking it off.

  9. I want to be green but not necessarily a witch. Having it on your neck made it really kewl.

    what other green thing could I be?

    bee, are you out having a life again? cause that ain't right two days in a row

  10. ROFLMAO.

    Brain stole my idea! I was sooo going to do an OBIT for you!

    Ah well. His was way way better :-D

    So happy you didn't die. That would have been a very horrid thing. Apparently we should outlaw illegals immigrants and baby carrots in this country!

  11. brian:

    It’s one of the Halloween staples!! Don’t worry you have 2 more days left!

    I loved the U-googly (Zoolander)!

    I normally don’t talk with my mouth full but I was enjoying making Nancy laugh since her face was soooo green so I was absentmindedly munching on the carrot at the same time… I will never do that again! Well until tomorrow [maybe].

    Flamenco Woman:
    You’re more afraid of some pain that would last at most a couple of months (I know a great Ortho doc) than the mental torture you will be subjected to now that I know you didn’t vote for me? Interesting… when are you coming over again? Sunday?

    Thanks for your vote! :o)
    Yeah uh what mask?
    The boots I was wearing gave me like 6 inches since they were platform knee high lace up goth boots. Naissssse!

    No laptop for you, I’m sure you’ll understand why Andy would never want you to take my place.

    Don’t start a war since we’re out numbered.
    Well physically anyway. ;op

    jean knee:
    My eye is the only lovely part of me!
    My mom was gonna drive to my brothers house on her own but thought better of it because she was afraid she’d get pulled over. She’s like “what will the cop say?” I said he’ll take one look at you ask you to pray for him and send you on your way.
    I am 5 feet 2 inches. I reached that height when I was 8 years old!

    Now now let’s not get mean.

    Baby carrots are a very necessary part of life.
    They are nutritious, yummylicious and orange.
    They help pep up a salad, they’re good for snacking, throwing, using as an obstacle for when you’re being chased (roll them on the floor and your attackers will slip and hopefully break their necks).
    They are good for garnishes and can be used as baby fingers for Halloween.

    Now celeries are another matter altogether.
    They are completely flavorless unless you have peanut butter or dressing on ‘em.
    Well sometimes they’re garnishes for Buffalo Wings but who eats the celery when you have the fattyness that are the BWs?

  12. Jean_Knee:

    How about the Swamp thing? or maybe a lizzard?

  13. I like the lizard or how bout medusa with snakes for hair?

  14. :-O

    yeah i figured you were either on stilts or standing on something.

    im gonna go get some buffalo wings do you want some?

  15. Carrots baby carrots.

    No thanks, I'm heading to lunch now and I have my leany cuisiney

  16. Nancy,
    You left too soon. When it was time to vote for the top 2 ouples costumes, you were gone, sooo, minus 2 votes for "La Migra and Pancho" :o(

    Marie: How did the wax blow all over you? Did someone else blow towards you or did you blow and it came back to you? (huh? sounds complicated)


    Get it? Your initials used to be your, drum roll please..."Baby Carrot"


  17. Oh, what a riot!! YOU SHOULD HAVE WON!!!! You guys looked so cool!!We had our family costume party on Sunday too, only just the nieces and nephews dressed up [we had to stop way too many fights between the two ninjas trying to throw death stars at eachother]

    I think you might be taller than ME!

  18. This has nothing to do with this post...

    But your new picture is beautiful! Did you take it?

  19. jean knee:


    Used to be my name? It's still my name. The R is hyphenated...

    Thanks for your vote! ;o)

    Woowhoo I'm taller than someone that's not under the age of 5!

    I wish I had but it came as a sample on Ruby R.
    Everybody likes it, I'm glad I found it! :o)

  20. I finally got to read your Halloween party post. My Papi is the alpha Mexican in this house. But I'm the cracker Supreme, so it all works out.

  21. Once there was a little click who could who told herself, I think I can. I think I can. And then she did.


    The End

  22. I've been really out of it the past few days. Thanks for your comment. My Papi says that this is fast becoming a culture of victimhood mentalities and whiny butts.......

  23. Arachnoid ?
    Can someone tell me what that means ?

    The Ramos out numbered the Cordova's. I'm quiet upset at the fact that I only got one vote ( Marie's ) Who did my Mom vote for then ????!!!!!!


  24. Dan:
    Don't tell her I told you but she voted for me... ;op

  25. Dan:

    Are you sure that one vote WAS from Marie???

    Think about it... Her Dad won one of the contests... :)

  26. Arugula Queen:
    Yeah we should be all about the "funny"! ;o)


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