Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Swampland for a Decent Towel


Saturday was a labor intensive day.
We had to move my momma's bedroom furniture to the third floor because her bedroom was the worst to get hit with water.
Well her whole place was bad but her bedroom is just not drying out. We now found moisture on her bedroom ceiling so the business of fixing it begins. You know, pulling out walls and such.

I wonder if architects design houses to annoy movers...? I think they make every hallway narrow so that when you try to move a dresser they laugh at the comical way everyone stumbles around with no success. Well to those architects I say 'Thanks allot jerk wads! I'll show you! I'll invent furniture that is flexible and bendable. Then where will you get your kicks and giggles?'

Anyway, at the end of the day I decided to take a nice cold shower. I figured it'd help me sleep. I was going to use our brand new towels that cost a bijillion dollars. They must be great towels right? Because they cost a bijillion dollars they must dry your skin immediately upon touching it right?


I got out of the shower grabbed the towel and I could swear my skin felt wetter! Then I felt those little crumbly pieces of towel fabric on my skin when I put lotion on!
So now it's 1:52 AM and I feel dirtier than I did 2 hours ago. (and yes we washed them first)


Come with me while I recap my bad week.

1) Mosquitos threatened me with West Nile Virus (so far I'm still holding strong thanks to all my "well wishers")

2) They are canceling Jane (still have had no luck in getting ahold of Jane herself to talk her out of it, maybe it would help if I knew her last name...)

3) I broke a nail... (my hand now looks like something out of a Frankenstein experiment! So sad.)

4) Bad Hair Frizz. (nothing more I can add)

5) Non absorbent towels (I will be suing the towel industry for false advertising)

What else can go wrong?
Will I be losing an earring?
I hope not because I buy them with specific outfits in mind. If I lose one earring a whole outfit will be unwearable!

Stressing out now.


  1. its been taking 20 minutes to get to my house from golf! i need to invest in a bike!

  2. M:
    I got to work fine today. I think the areas still blocked off are due to trees...

  3. I got to work today at 8:37... Right on time! However I did leave 20 minutes before my usual time...

    Did they remove the tree that was in your parking lot at work?

  4. fyi...jane no longer has any say in the magazine of the same name. she resigned last year (or maybe two years ago?), and then right after is when they revamped it, which apparently did not have the successful improvement they were looking for.
    ps. i secretly read jane, too.

  5. Maybe you should start using one of those chamois (Shammy?) things they use at the car wash to dry your body. Car body. Bee body. It's all the same, isn't it?

  6. elasticwaistbandlady:
    Well I guess so... only my car has one less tire...


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