Friday, August 3, 2007

My Fahtter-In-Law the Iron Worker

Picture of him in the 70's
This dude never ceases to amaze me. He is one of the hardest working men I know but he has a weirdly funny side to him…

Mom R. If you’re reading this I’m sure you’ll agree and not get to upset with me for letting the world into your kitchen.

We were visiting them last night when we started discussing my insane jealousy with all things Andy related. Women have to keep a 4 foot radius from him at all times and let’s not even talk about anyone touching him cuz the gloves come off!

That’s when my Pop-In-Law said ‘well you wouldn’t be too happy with me cuz, me and so and so went golfing alone last weekend.’

Me: ‘Hell no, uh-uh I would not be at all happy with that.’

Him: ‘Well she’s a nice lady and she would never do anything. As a matter of fact she’s still a Virgin.’

Me: ‘HUH? How do you know that?’

Him: ‘Well I asked her.’

Me: ‘If a man were to ask me that, he’d get slapped!’

Him: ‘I asked her in a gentlemanly way…’

After I got up off the floor, having fallen out of my chair from laughing so hard, I said.

Me: ‘Gentleman. You. Are. Not.’

Him: ‘Well I did make a joke about how we were alone and we could go behind the bushes but... she knew I was kidding!’

My mom-in-law of course trusts him completely and knows he wouldn’t do anything so she just ignores him but this dude cracks me up.

I did tell him that I warned Andy not to turn into him and his weird sense of humor kicked in so he just laughed and took no offense.

I’m proud to say that he worked on some of the sky scarepers that adorn Chi-Town's Sky Line.


  1. Oooh, I love a man in a hard hat! Was he an understudy for the construction guy in The Village People? I bet he rocks the YMCA moves because he's a Macho, Macho Man!

  2. I'm an iron worker too. Sadly, not a very good one because my hair is too straight to hold a curl. I also turned my man into an iron worker. He knew he better pick up that skill or face going to church with wrinkly white shirts every Sunday.

  3. Did he work on the Sears Tower? I understand that was completed in 1974.

  4. elasticwaistbandlady:
    I'm sure he has danced to YMCA!
    Well at least you guys don't ahve to pay dues cuz I hear they aren't cheap! Me I could never be an Iron worker, I sprtiz my clothes with fabric softner water to remove the wrinkles. I'm too lazy and get up too late to do ironworking properly! :o)

    My mom-in-law says, yes he did work on the Sears Tower while in cionstruction and he went back and worked on it when it needed repairs.
    Thanks for asking because I didn't know this and I think it's awesome!

  5. I want to go and have a parfait at Marshall Field's downtown....right now!

    And some Raspberry Frango Mints to take home.

  6. New picture on your blog title! Nice!

  7. elasticwaistbandlady:
    I haven't been there in forevers and just so you know, it i snow Macy's :o(

    Yeah new pic, I was experimenting because of your question and I think I found the answer which I will post the comment on your blog...


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