Thursday, August 9, 2007

You won't believe it till you see it!

Okay so, I hadn't had a "strange encounter of the third kind" bathroom story in a while.
This time I got proof for you guys so that you believe me when I tell you a "real life happened to me in the bathroom" related story.
I know some of you guys deep down think 'Nah, this chick is crazy! These things can't happen in reality! She's probably just always drunk!' (again what did I say about spreading those ugly rumors!)

So, I went into the ladies yesterday...

Tahn Tahn Tahn! [MUSIC]

Did my business. (TMI?) After I washed my hands and went to grab the paper towels...

I saw it.

There it was staring me in the... foot.

I didn't want to move since it was between me and the door.

It was grotesque!

I've never seen one that big and black before!

Well I took a picture of it but before I post it I'd like you to guess as to what it is... (for those of you who are asking, 'do you take your cellphone to the bathroom?' I say 'no!' I had to gingerly make my way out of the bathroom then come back with my cellphone because I'm that dedicated!)

This is brilliant! [yuahahahaha evil cackling again. But... you know what I'm not sure if I'm conveying my evil cackle in the right way... maybe if I describe it? Let's see, it's between the Wicked Witch and ummm...? huh! can't think of any other evil cackler...]

It'll be interesting to see what you guys think it might be.

I just heard on the news that MY Brad is in Chicago!!! You might not hear from for a while... I might get arrested!


  1. sounds like a huge turd but that's too obvious so I'm gonna say spider, send my prize to my po box

  2. Hmmm.

    I'm gonna say.

    A snake.

    Just because a bug would have probably run by then.

    Although you probably would have run out screaming had it been a snake.

    But I still am going to go more Snake than bug.

  3. I was going to say a mouse, but by the time you went to get the phone and came back it would have definitely been gone. Hmmm? I'm going to guess that it was a big, black, crispy, crunchy ROACH!!

    Oh, and by the way, I e-mailed you a link (from showing your Brad holding a kid getting off the plane after arriving here in Chicago....Did you get it?

  4. .....hummmmm. Was it a giant pube from Shedding Menopuse Lady?

    Oh yuck, I grossed myself out with that!!!

  5. Here in Texas I would say a cockroach. (Everything's bigger...) But since we're talking 'bout Chi-town, let's see...How about an old cell phone, like before they started making them in user-friendly sizes?

  6. I'm thinking a pubic hair.. Not just one but maybe a bunch on the floor since that lady was shedding still I'm sure...

  7. big and black?
    no then it couldn't be mine


  8. i forgot to say that the big part is right! YEAH!

  9. Is it taking anybody else forever to pull up this Blog? Or is it just me?

  10. No, it's really slow for me too. Have you changed anything today???

  11. YIKES! I'm gonna have to seek help from the Blog Gods!

    I've removed pictures thinking it might be that but nope.

  12. A cricket, you say. So, how was it that it stayed in plain sight long enough for you to retrieve your cellphone?

  13. duckman:
    It obviously has no fear of humans since it was only a couple of inches shorter than Michael Jordan.


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