Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Ugly Side of Bee

Winter view from my house.
I complain about doing dishes. [There’s only 2 humans living in my house, why do I have to wash a billion forks/spoons/knives? Yet I have a dishwasher.]

I complain about cleaning the house I love. [Yet I can remember times when we lived in shitholes]

I complain about getting up at 5:30 AM to take the dogs out. [5:30 AM people and I’m not kidding! Yet they bring me so much joy.]

I complain that I do not have enough room for my shoes. [But I’m lucky enough to be able to buy more.]

I complain about Husband Andy. [Yet I have a temper too… no, really I do! He’s a big sweety the majority of the time.]

I complain that my mommy wants me to eat when I’m not hungry. [Yet I’m lucky, she lives downstairs from us and is awesome enough to cook dinner for us every night]

I complain about my job. [Yet I live literally 5 minutes away with no traffic and 8 minutes with traffic]

I complain because I’m tired from the weekend. [But I enjoy them immensely and do allot of fun things with HA and my family.]

I complain that my pine tree drops billions of needles. [Yet it has served us as a beautiful umbrella when it has rained or on sunny days. Some of my more peaceful moments are spent sweeping my patio and in my garden.]

I complain about complaining. [But it helps me put things in perspective.]

Now I feel small.


  1. I'm struggling to see anything "ugly" in what you've written.

    Human beings are made to never be satisfied. Cats are the opposite - that's why they haven't achieved world dominitation, but spend most of their time sleeping instead (though that Egyptian business was a close thing).

    We can't stop complaining. If you don't have bad things to complain about, that's good - it's a pity that not everyone can say the same, but that's not your fault. So you shouldn't feel small, but fortunate.

    [Reading the above ramble gives me another complaint - I just wish I could write my thoughts as directly as you do].

  2. Ahh yes, the daily struggle with complaints.

    I am like you, I do complain, and I don't like it.

    Fortunately I have had periods where I was successful in not complaining. (How - oh my tons of self-control).

    Those times where whoa - so awesome. We're talking some rose-tinted glasses here. Too bad they don't always last as long as I'd like.

    As they say, life is what you make of it.

    Anyway, good luck to complaining less. Hard to do!

    I enjoyed the post :)

  3. ....I'm back!! I have a computer now!!

    Re: your post
    I agree 100% with Brian O...whom I think might be a genius, by the way. I love reading what you guys respond to each other....Any who, thanks for visiting during my down time...I almost cracked. I read all your posts so I feel up to date :)

  4. brian:
    what can I say... THANKS! :o)

    Now on to a more serious subject, tell me more about these Cats and the their plan to rule the world! Do you think their planning an uprising? Should I be keeping and eye on my neighbor's feline??

    Please read brian's comment and keep an eye on Oliver and artist formerly known as Fiona, you never know...!

    GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!! I was about to send you my old computer that still works after you crank the lever for 20 minutes... :o)

  5. That's nothing. I throw replacement papers for Houston Chronicle subscribers who complain and I have to hear all about how they don't understand why their paper is wet when we had a tornado touch down a mile from their neighborhood. Or why they didn't get a paper when Hurricane Rita blew through and half of Houston was ordered to evacuate. Or if the carrier is retaliating against them because he put their paper on the left side of their driveway instead of the right. I'm serious. It's made me bitter against all humanity.

    I used to complain about how naughty and messy my kids were until we made friends with a lady who has a wheelchair-bound son and another who just lost her two youngest in a fatal car crash. It makes me grateful for the chaos.

  6. Cats & World Domination: I know all about this because my daughter made me watch "Cats and Dogs".

    Cats had some hold over humanity in Egyptian times, since they were worshipped as gods, which was quite an impressive achievement. However, the Egyptians kept them supplied with fresh mice, slave's tongues, etc, and it was discovered that they become docile when they have a full stomach.

    So man's greatest weapon is cat food. It's a little known fact that just to be on the safe side, it's doped with mild sedatives.

    So the only thing you need to do to stay safe is keep the neighbour's cat fed when they're away.

  7. elasticwaistbandlady:
    RE: people who give you problems, give me their addresses and I'll have a little talk with them!

    Yup it makes your complaints become trivial... :o)

    Okay good, easy enough!
    And your daughter made you watch it… right, sure I believe you.
    My niece makes me watch Finding Nemo… in fact she sometimes makes me watch it when she’s not there.

  8. Oh, I love this snow picture, it makes me feel like crying for some reason! Not because I loved the winters in Illinois or the summers either....both could be brutal.


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