Saturday, August 18, 2007

It always Feels Like Somebody's watching me...


To de-stress myself today I decided to clean my house from top to bottom. I was very excited believe it or not...

Husband Andy worked today and my sis took my mom shopping so I had the whole building to myself to clean in what is my tradition.

I put Frank Sinatra (AKA Frankie), Dean Martin (AKA Dino), Elvis (AKA Elvis) and my fav Parisian/Brazilian music CDs in the player and hit the random button.

I put the volume up as loud as I could.

I have to tell you that today, here in Chicagoland, the weather is awesome (67 degrees!) so I have all the windows open. Why am I telling you all this you ask?

Well, I was sweeping when Dino started singing "Volare".

For some reason this song more than all the other ones inspired me to... well... sing my little heart out.

Those of you who know me, know I have the voice of an angel (a fallen angel?). It's slow and smooth like honey (rancid honey?)

Not only did I sing this song once at the top of my lungs dancing around with my broom (also known as my ride for work) I hit the rewind button another 4 (4!) times...

So I'm acting like a fool and enjoying the Italian part of the song which inspires me to act it out, you know the lyrics right? Volare e Cantare, so I'm "flying and singing" no wonder my happy heart sings your love has given me wings, flying in the infinite sky.

On the last take...

I see something out of the corner of my eye...

I'm startled for a minute...

Then I focus...

I am right in front of my dining room window...

This window faces my neighbor "Wilson's" house (not his real name, I'm not sure what his real name is but I call him "Wilson from Home Improvement" because I never see his whole face over the fence that separates us, thought you needed to know). I see him climbing down a ladder that is right smack dab in the middle of my "show".

I drop to the floor, oh shit!

Then I think back to what other songs I was making an ass out of myself with and groan when I remember dancing around to "Mambo Italiano" and "You Make Me Feel So Young"

Oh Lord!

I know he saw me because he's nosy like that!

Yeah, I'm laughing too...
the offending ladder to the right->


  1. Oh gosh a peeper!!! Read all your my Bee fix and I feel better. :)

  2. You obviously need to practice more - you didn't manage to make him fall off his ladder...


    Too bad you weren't naked. Then we could have read his post about it. After he did fall off the ladder.

  4. somegirl:
    Hope you're having fun! :op

    Yeah... ummm... I think I'm hanging up my dancing/singing shoes!

    Lord all mighty I don't want to give anybody a stroke (because of my beauty of course).

  5. You really were naked weren't you? come on fess up

  6. jean knee:
    Ha! Nudeness in this house is not allowed. I even bathe with my clothes on, it saves on laundry.

  7. haha! yep, nothing worse than getting caught mid dramatic-arm-sweep. I live in a garage apartment, and the washer and dryer that I share with the people who live in the house are down there. And you can hear everything through the floor, because this place is super-old with no insulation. I realized this after several months of singing and dancing to my heart's content. :->

  8. berta:
    Well at least now I know I'm in good company! :o)
    The sad/funny thing is I'll forget in a month or so and well the show will go on...
    Maybe I should jus buy blinds!

  9. I'll try to sell some tickets for the "Bee covers all your favorite crooner toons show".

    All profits will go to a good cause the "Nancy27 Foundation". :)

  10. Nancy:
    The show is sooo bad, they'll make you pay them to see it! :op


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