Tuesday, August 21, 2007

At least bugs love me...

Things you don’t want your husband to say as you’re walking thru mosquito infested forest preserves.

‘We should really start wearing “OFF” I heard on the radio some guy whose wife went into a coma and died after she got West Nile Virus from a mosquito.’

How many mosquito bites did I have by that time?


How many did I have by the time I got home?



  1. You're lucky - I don't even attract bugs ;-)

    The more bites you get, the less lingering the painful death is...

    One of the early signs is octagonal brown blotches on the elbows.

  2. Laughing Out Loud!
    Thanks Brian!
    If I start noticing “octagonal brown blotches on the elbows” I’ll make sure to run back to the forest preserve and let them put me out of my misery!

    BTW it seems it’s our turn for floods. My burb was even featured on the news. We are so Rock!

  3. lol...lol

    When I dropped Natalia off this morning from the car to the house and back I got 3 bites!!!

    One at the same level on each arm and one on my leg!!

    Seriously WTF is up with these mosquitos man!!!

  4. Nancy:
    It's all the freakin rain we've been getting! :o{

    Did I tell you about the one on my head? The damned thing took like a pint of blood!

  5. I heard on TV the other day that mosquitoes are more attracted to certain people. They seem to be attracted to people who consume bananas, drink beer, children, and prefer blondes to brunettes (seriously!)...

    FYI: females live 3-100 days vs males 10-20 days, they dislike citronella b/c it irritates their feet AND the animal responsible for the most human deaths worldwide is....the mosquito!!

  6. I forgot to mention that when there is a full moon, biting activity increases 500 times!!!!! The bottom line is...I don't know, stay indoors!?!

  7. Re Biblical Weather: It's no fun - I hope it doesn't get too serious. The coverage here (or rather in Greece) is mainly concerned with further South, but it seems that nowhere has escaped problems this year :-(

  8. Esmeralda:
    Thank you teacher! :o)

    Weird cuz I:
    a)don't eat allot of banans
    b)hardly ever drink beer
    c)am not a child
    d)am a brunette

    I have de-bunked their theory!
    Maybe I'm just a medical marvel?

    Okay! I'll go with medical marvel.

    [me getting on my soap box]
    I fear it's only gonna get worse if we don't take care of our planet.
    [Okay off now]

  9. Esmeralda:
    I just noticed the whole death thing...
    Holy Mosquito Larvae!

    Should I start getting my will ready?

  10. Does it count if you act like a child?

  11. Nancy:
    Considering I'm 8 (8!) years older than you I would call it more of an art form! :op

    ::sticks and stones::

  12. Okay, so how many bites did your husband get?

  13. [Ah!, so the 27 is years?]

    Rather than making a will, you should be drinking lots of tonic water (contains phenalalalalaline, or something like that), preferably mixed with lots of white spirit such as vodka or gin, to guard against malaria. It's malaria that's the big killer, not the mosquitos. I'm not sure where the mosquitos get the malaria from...

  14. duckman:
    Believe it or not none! He did not get a single one and I checked him twice!

    Actually the "27" is for her birthday 10/27 but thanks for pointing out she will be 27 this year which will make me 35 (35!)!

    Vodka and tonic water, you say? Well hell! It's my fault then, I was mixing it with orange juice and drinking it for breakfast.

    They get malaria from papayas. Don't eat papayas they're pretty gross.


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