Saturday, August 25, 2007

Update on the Flood Watch 2007.

tree in the parking lot of my office building
So thank goodness it hasn't rained!

Click here to see the report on my Burb. That little boy is literally 3 streets from my house!
It makes sense that the place I live becomes infamous right?

Anyway we're doing fine. There are tons of main roads that are closed but that's okay, it just means less people coming thru my town. Our house is still trying to dry out and I was able to clear off dead flowers from my garden so it still looks pretty.

My favorite tree will never be the same but at least it's still standing! :o)

Do you want to know what the worst part is?

Due to the humidity, my head looks like I'm part French Poodle!

Oh well, at least you can't see it! ;op

This morning I woke up with a desire for Mickey Dee's. Since Andy was going to drop off Tazz at the groomers, I asked him to stop and get himself, my mamma and me some breakfast. He called me with the bad news that our local Mickey Dee's was underwater! How inconsiderate of them!

He picked me up and we traveled to the closest one 2 towns over which took us 20 minutes...

We traveled thru flood zones, over trees, swamps, mud and police blockades all for a nice hot breakfast sandwich!

You know how it is right? What? You think we're crazy? Well, then excuse me while I ignore you! :o)
Just kidding... please come back...!


  1. There's definitely a cultural difference. Over here they kept talking about the spirit of the Blitz (Vera Lynn warbling "We'll meet again", etc. - luckily things didn't get that desperate). People were too busy panic-buying bread and water to think about eating out.

    Perhaps the difference is that we don't have food outlets that are worth dying to get to...

  2. brian:
    People here are sand bagging like crazy. I guess maybe I should have started worrying when I saw my local fire department had a wall 3 feet high made out of sand bags all around their building...

    I wouldn't say Mickey Dee's is worth dying for... maybe I'd sacrifice a toe but not my life.
    I have too many pets that depend on me.

  3. I'd travel anywhere to get to the melting pot (if I could only afford it)

  4. I'm an Egg McMuffin snob and I fly into a rage when they try to give me a sausage McMuffin instead of my Canadian Bacon.

    Houston had its share of flooding all through June and July. We're below sea level and used to these facts of life, though.

  5. jean knee:
    There's one near me. Maybe I should check it out on date night.
    Uh, date night is with my husband of course...

    For me it's the Bacon cheese biscuit thing. I only have one every 3 months or so but when I do it takes me back to my kiddie years!

    Yeah my sister's in-laws live in Texas. I know things have been rough for you guys... :o(

  6. Crap! I just noticed that Cameron is logged in!!!


  7. Nancy DBA Cameron:
    I knew it was you silly, I don't think the Texan would have been so cheesy about a new pic... :o)

  8. She looks too pretty to be a wicked witch. And hasn't she got the broom the wrong way round?

    It would be a useful way to travel in floods, though.

  9. brian:
    In my experience allot, of the most wicked women have been pretty... except for me of course, I'm always nice.

    RE: The broom
    It's a little known fact but it's better to ride the broom in that fashion. It's a little less aerodynamic but it keeps the wind from doing too much damage to the hair.

  10. Hey....

    The link to the story is not working anymore! It takes you to like Ohio or something...

    Too bad! That was a cool picture...

  11. you would seriously sacrafice a toe for McD's?

    I'd sacrafice a toe if I was guaranteed to never get a sore throat again. Not for McDs.

    ....glad y'all are all okay.

  12. lainey-painey:
    Yeah I'm over my need for Mickey Dee's for another 3 months or so. I think I'll keep my toe! :o)


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