Friday, August 3, 2007

Psst! Come here, quick!

I have another post for later but for now I just wanted to quickly say that OZ ATE MY FRENCH FRIES!!! :o(

Against my better judgement I requested an order of fries and paid $2. TWO DOLLARS for them and that no-shame-no-raise-giving-son-of-a-mushroom ATE MY FRIES!

You better believe I got my 2 bucks back...!

That turkey!


  1. Yeah the Jerk! But I got my money back!!! :op

  2. i want the full story!!! i can't believe i miss you ;o{

  3. From Better Off Dead (movie starring John Cusack)

    Paper Boy: I want my two dollars!

  4. Jai:
    Oz orders food from Wally's remember Wally's? He ordered a Reuben Sandwich. Since I didn't bring lunch I ordered fries.
    When I went to lunch I found out he had grabbed his sandwich from the kitchen and took my fries too. I went into his office and asked if he took my fries he said oops and if I wanted the rest I said no but you can give me my two dollars he said Two dollars wow expensive fires and laughed but I was not budging so he pulled out his wallet and handed me 2 bucks.
    We miss you too! Last Sunday we all gathered at my house and Natalia said "the only ones missing are Tio Ricky and Jai"

    I've never seen that movie but I like the title cuz if he hadn't given me my Two dollars, he would have been...

    Just kidding! I do not condone killing someone over spud byproducts.

  5. he should know you..don't..mess ..with ...a.. girl's ... fries


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