Saturday, August 2, 2008

So I AKS ya'...

If you opened a brand new deodorant and found that the little tamper strip was already half pulled off, would you still use it?

I had no choice since it's summer here in Beeland and I prefer not to have flies following me as I go about my day.

I mean, what could the harm be?? Some nut job injected Rogaine and my pits will just have to be shaved more often? Trust me when I say I'm doing a service to mankind by trying to maintain my stink level at a bare minimum.


On a non icky note, my momma arrived well and I think she's happy to be back...

She told me the following story driving home from the airport (I tried to get her to start a blog, her response "Blowg?? Tas loca!") which tickled my funny bone.

Her sister is applying for a liquor license so she could sell beer in her store. If you think permits are all about who you know here in the states, in Mexico, it's all about how much money you're willing to bribe people with.

After being sent from here to there, they were at the final step and were just waiting for some attorney to call my aunt's name so he could *review* her paperwork.

I finally couldn't take it! I told her I was too nervous so I was going to wait outside and pray.

Uh, ::snickering:: you told her you were going to pray she got a permit to sell liquor?? What's next? You're gonna ask God to make the neighbors raging alcoholics??

And that ladies and gentleman, started our first argument in 3 months after only 5 minutes* in the car. SCORE! ;o)
*A new record for yours truly.

Save the polar bears!
(maybe in a ziploc bag?)


  1. Oooo Seriously, I made first? Cool!

    It was probably because of me that you got the deodorant half open. I always do that if I'm buying a new scent, I have to see if it agrees with my funky sinuses :P.

  2. I suppose if someone was in a dire emergency, they might have used the deoderant in the shop. The only thing you have to worry about is where they used it...

    I think that there are precedents for the liquor thing - didn't Jesus turn water into wine?

  3. Gee mom and I can usually go at LEAST 10 minutes before we get into an arguement.

    ps. I'd be wary, but I'd have used the deodorant too.

  4. I would totally use it.

    My mom often says that she'd like to "make a blog" but doesn't know how. This is a hint for me to set one up for her. For a woman who talks about how she'd really like to comment on my blog but can't figure out how.

    I set up a myspace page for her a couple years ago at her request and even decorated it and put music on it and everything. She hasn't been able to figure out how to access it since.

    I think she should just step away from the computer.

  5. I'd use the deoderant. No biggie.

  6. I think I would not have used it. The culprit could have put something in it that would cause my pits to break out in hives that would itch for the rest of the summer or maybe some anthrax that could be absorbed.

    But then I always keep an extra deodorant or two on hand so I would have had a fall-back alternative so I could either pitch the open one or, if by some miracle I still had the receipt, I could return it to the store.

    I have never managed to create a conflict so quickly with either of my parents - but then I try to avoid that so I will never have such a success.

  7. Bee
    Please, NEVER go without deodorant.
    Momma was happy to be back cuase she gets to see and feed me again.
    What can I do to save the bears?

  8. awwww, your mama's home. All is right with the world.

  9. would sending ice cubes to the arctic help the polar bears? no?

  10. One time I was in the store and this guy was putting some deadorant on and he put it back on the shelf. I am positive this is not one of those cases, cause if someone did that the tamper strip would be all the way off not half way...

  11. I bought already opened deodorant once and used it. NBD! I did get a raging case of scabies, but I'm sure it's not related.

  12. That's truly an accomplishment! The day the hubby had his surgery, we were home ten minutes before I got on his nerves trying to help him and he told me to get away from him. That was a record for me.
    For the record, even though it made your mama mad, I thought your response was really funny.

    About the deoderant, I am kind of weird about that stuff so I would have tossed it. Of course, I always check my deoderant before I buy it for that exact reason. I don't want to find someone elses pit hairs on my new deoderant after I get it home!
    I suggest you use just the side that still had the strip attached.

  13. There's no way I'd have used it if it were food .. but a halfway off tamper strip on deodorant, no big deal. I'd probably use it.

    As to arguing with your Mom, sometimes I last several hours, but we get there in the end. LOL!

  14. There's a real part of me that is jealous that you can engage your mom that quickly after so long apart. I've thought about going over to see my mom all day today, but I haven't, so as a result, I just have this sense of guilt by proxy. I should have just gone over there, let her spar with me, and then come back home. Would have gotten it over with, and I wouldn't have needed extra strength scary deodorant!

  15. I would like to think the person who opened it part ways did so so that they could smell the fragrance and did NOT put a swipe or two on their underarms. Or add anything to it.

  16. hey bee,

    would use it without weven thinking twioce...ok, I may think twice...actually several humdred times, but eventually, i'd use it...i think.

    rock on,


  17. My mom and I prefer to fight over the phone. The exasperated sighs and disgusted "WHATEVER's!" come through a lot better than in person.

  18. I think somebody broke the tamper seal so they could SNIFF your deodorant, Bee. You should have gotten a discount for purchasing pre-sniffed deodorant.

  19. I only save polar bears that are dancing with bottles of Coca-Cola. Sorry.

  20. JT:
    Ha ha! Funky Sinuses sounds like a good name for a band!

    I just turned green. Well, earlier. When I read your comment I turned green and right now too I
    guess because I never thought of someone using it to deodorize themselves!

    I like teasing my mom. Although, she tends to whack me every time I annoy her...

    I've tried teaching mine too but I'm not the most patient of teachers. :o)

    I thought about for a second but then figured if they were trying to poison us via arm pits, the news coverage would be great!

    I keep two also but it just so happened we were going grocery shopping Friday night and I ran out on Thursday.

    Our family is all about conflicts. We love to spar and then laugh when the other gets upset.
    Come to think of it, that is WEIRD.

    You either.

    "What can I do to save the bears?"
    Stop eating them.

    jean knee:
    Yup! :o)

    AKA Sandy:
    HA ha ha! What harm could that do?? :o)

    Lady Terri:
    ::blech!:: Maybe I should have disinfected it first?

    Scabies? Maybe it's the pirates you were hanging with? ;op

    I thought it was funny too but she called me a dumdum.

    Thanks for the pit hair image!

    Ha! I don't think I'd be able to restrain myself for several hours!

    She has the manual to push all my buttons too.

    That's what I'm hoping cuz now I'm feeling woozy!

    I didn't have time too think to much about since I was running late for work but then I figured not using it was worse.

    Why didn't I think to ask for a reduction??

  21. Tas loca!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YAY for mamis!

    PS: Father AL is mighty proud of you :')


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