Monday, August 4, 2008

It's like I don't even know him!!

So, on Friday/Saturday, Bee's Musings was out of commission for a spell (always wanted to say for a spell, meh. I think it means for a while in country) due to the evil Sitemeter.

At first, I thought it was my computer because Andy could pull up my blog no problem. I had no clue why or how or what or when or even who but I can tell you that I felt like somebody had given me a swift kick to the imaginary gonads

I really didn't have much time to investigate since my momma was due to arrive and I had Cheerios to eat.

But then...

I received ONE a few e-mails from panicked people threatening to come over to my humble home at MIDNIGHT and have me relate IN PERSON what I was up to.

Having no other choice since I didn't feeling like taking a shower to receive company, I cracked my knuckles and tried to figure out what the problem was first thing on Saturday morning.

The facts were these:
Only people with Internet Explorer had issues.
I couldn't pull up the Sitemeter website.
Other people who had Sitemeter were having the same problem.


I removed Sitemeter and patted myself on the back for my deductive reasoning.

What I didn't understand was why Bee's Musings came up on Andy's computer but not my laptop. When I pondered this out loud in the vicinity of one Andrew Husband, his response?

"I use Firefox, Internet Explorer is for chumps."

Mhm, as Mocha is my witness, that's what he said. Did I know he wasn't using IE? Nope.

I wonder what else he's keeping from me? Has he switched my coffee to decaf?Does he add extra softener to my clothes like I ask? Is he the one who half opened my deodorant? Is his name really Andy??
I checked online to see how much it would cost to replace P-T S (my brain dead assistant) with a monkey and it turns out I'd need permits, proof of disability and around $10 Grand. Now all I have to do is decided what color monkey I want.
She is currently on hold with an insurance company and keeps sighing out loud and then saying "still holding". Each sigh is making me uncomfortable since I can't tell if she's upset or if it's giving her pleasure...

I just went over and asked her to keep her moaning to a minimum.

Minimum equals shutty.


  1. Firefox is much better than IE.

    Didn't you realise you'd married someone with good taste and discernment? At least where web browsers are concerned.

    If not it should come as a pleasant surprise.

    Nice to see that the mystery hasn't all gone in 7+ years...

  2. You know what, Bee. I'm a chump, too, so I think the combined power of the two of us could be quite impressive, and Andy would be all shaking in his boots, crying to his beloved Firefox to save him.

    (but I yanked my Sitemeter code, too...)

  3. yay, with site meter gone I can leave scathing comments and she won't know who did it. now to think of a scathing comment...........

  4. Haha I agree with Andy. When I first read about that issue my first thought was, "huh? People are still using IE?"

  5. yo mama wear men's briefs

  6. Eighth!!!!!

    Yeah, that's right. Nobody else can take the coveted eight spot here.

    My sitemeter thingy has been missing quite a lot lately. I'd care, but I've so moved on from obsessing about user counts lately.

    I occasionally switch from IE to Firefox and vice-versa. Whatever works...

  7. i actually have a friend who is my blog admin. i cannot recount a single time that i have had a problem and the culprit has not been IE.

    IE bites. and sucks. and blows. why do i still use it? i have no freaking idea!

  8. you can just hire the monkey illegally...silly. ok how cute is that monkey!!!!!!!!! hehehe

  9. Do you remember that time when Brian said that if you gave 100 monkeys a type writer they would come up with Bee's Musings...........That was funny!

  10. I can see you!
    I CAN C U!!

    Even though I have FF I use IE.Thank you very much Bill Gates,I heart you.

    Anyway. So, pre-sniffed deodorant and scrunched book cover.
    It's like P-T S is turning into a full blown curse.


  12. I actually run both on my computer. IE is my default but if I can't view a page I'll pull it up in Firefox.

    Yeah, I'm a geek.

  13. Woot, Rickey concurs--IE is for impotent little punks. Firefox is where the real shit is at.

  14. if asked, I now actually deny that I EVER used Exploder. doth IE suck much? oh yeah.

  15. I'm the biggest fan of Firefox in the whole world!

    My wife still uses IE...


    Are women always the last to know??! ;)

  16. Glad you're back. It only took me forever to figure out the computer issues also.

    I like to blame my computer first, then Comcast, then anything else.

  17. Firefox. IE is full of security holes and crappiness. I only ever use IE as a last resort, and I mean last - mostly I'd rather miss the site than use it. I hate it with a passion now that I've switched!

  18. I keep hearing a voice over as I read this post.
    We have secretly replaced Bee's current husband with Mozilla's new A.N.D.Y v3.3. Let's see if she notices

    Now I'm stuck trying to figure out what A.N.D.Y. stands for....

    you made me giggle out loud...
    it's a good thing I'm home alone
    *slaps hands to face*


  20. It's all about the Javascript and both broswer treat it differently for good or bad.

    Take the JS code from your Body tag and put it at the very bottom of your HTML.

    That way if there's a loading issue the rest of your page will load first.

    $150 please.

  21. I want a purple monkey. One that's potty trained, does the dishes, and can step in as nanny when needed. And if I could get a second one at work that is the male twin of of Bee's sorry-excuse-for-assistant, it would be most appreciated.
    God, I only have him for a couple of hours a day, and murder is just to damn clean.


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