Saturday, August 16, 2008

Guess where I am.

I've seen flowers, bees, butterflies, chipmunks, a super pregnant lady with a yellow dress that was so tight I could see she was having twin boys... ah nature!


  1. Let's see.

    The men in white coats have finally caught up with you? No, you're already comitted to one asylum

    Or maybe you're in your garden? No, I don't remember you mentioning anything about chipmunks.

    Must be the Botanical place, then?

  2. where are you?

    are you wearing a hat like waldo's?
    is that you over there on the deck-type thing?
    No wait...that's a guy...
    I know!
    you're holding your breath under water!

  3. you're in beautiful but cruel allergy hell??

  4. That looks like I should dress up in my prim and proper victorian lady costume and go climb in a canoe so I can trail my fingers in the water and look all ....victorianish?

  5. You're being held captive at some weird cult compound...

  6. You didn't die did you Bee? I know that this is what your heaven would look like.
    Don't go into the light Bee! It may be beatiful but we need you here!
    I need you!
    Don't go into the light!

  7. I read the post title and was going to say hell but then I clicked and saw the picture. You're only in pergatory, aren't you. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Going to work tomorrow? That should cover the hell part.

    I was going to say Longwood Gardens but I don't think you're anywhere near there.......well.......


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