Friday, August 8, 2008

All I wanna do is zooma-zoom-zoom and a boom-boom.*

Bee's Musings and the muppet brain behind it will be out of the blogosphere for the weekend.

She will be busy reading out loud and cursing [shakes fist in the air!] her dixlicksick brain because she has to re-read a page more than once. What will she be reading?

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

As you can see, the book is YOUGE (753 pages)! She managed to read all 3 previous books in one weekend so this one should be a piece of cheesecake.

Why is she starting it so late since the rest of the world read their book last weekend?
Well, she was halfway to Border's on Friday night, when Scarlett received an e-mail from Amazon saying her order had shipped.

The order she had placed months ago and forgot. So she had to wait and wait and wait and waaaaaaait until now to be able to read it. They delivered it on Monday DAMAGED BY THE WAY!!!! (fuckers!) but she knew if she started it, she wouldn't sleep until it was finished and she'd be going to work with stank breath and greasy hair. Sooooo...

At this moment, you are asking yourself 3 things.

1) Why does she always take pictures of things near her terrarium?

Well, that is the only place with proper lighting since she has a special bulb to make her cacti flourish. Yes, she's married to an electrician but he'd rather be a carpenter/plumber/hot-pants-wearer so he keeps her in flashlights.

2) Why should we care if she is going to be away from a computer the whole weekend?

Who else will harass you for free other than your mother?

3) Why is she speaking in the third person?

She doesn't know but it makes her feel giggly in her tummy.

Now get outta here!

Don't worry, I'll try to eat something sos I don't pass out!
Oops I broke character whatever! It's hard! I don't know how Rickey does it!

I will also try to go to a movie. I think Mama Mia has avoided me long enough!

FADKOG, behave yourself while I'm away. No mocking my literary taste in literary stuff. Literary.

One more.

Anybody who watched So You Think You Can Dance, did you want to get up and dance along with them? Or was it just me? Anybody? Dan??? I'd tryout next year but um, my shoulder hurts.




  1. enjoy the reading marathon! just don't drop the damn book, you'll break something. :)

  2. Well have a good weekend then.

    Don't mind us, it's not like we'll miss you or anything.

  3. The postman has just been with another 3 crime books for me. Which means I now have 5 to read, plus the 3/4 of the one I'm reading. I've got a child free weekend, so I might follow your example and spend my time reading. I bet you get further than me...

  4. HI BEE!

    Ok, so you can't do the third person thing anymore because several times while reading this post, I forgot who "she" was.

    Also, what am I missing about this book? Why is everyone but me reading it? I don't like to be out of any loop.

    Unlike Brian, I am just going to admit that I am going to miss you terribly!!! First my nanny leaves me yesterday and now you today.

    See ya Monday!

  5. you're number 2! you're number 2!

  6. oh...i forgot.

    just shake your rump!!!

  7. Since you're away from the computer I can't warn you away from that book.

    ACK! I'll rant about it later to you.

  8. The Bears were playing that day so So you think you can dance got bumped all the way down to 11pm.
    What the fuck is wrong with me ?
    I was so pissed off.
    I'd rather watch dance then football!?!?!?!?
    NO shame in that cause the girls are HAWT!

  9. I can't believe Josh won. I thought Katee should have won. Just cause the guy can do flips on a floor does not a dancer make.

    I'm with Tracy, everyone's reading this book but moi.

  10. FADKOG is totally shaking her head. 'Why, Bee? Why?!' she wonders. FADKOG isn't going to read those books. FADKOG read the first one and wanted to cut herself by chapter 4. FADKOG nearly caused her husband to file for divorce while reading the first one, she bitched so much. FADKOG knows how this last (and it won't be the last) book ends. She'll be around to bitch about it with Bee (and Alice!) when Bee comes to her adorable and snarky senses.

  11. from one 15 year old to another... enjoy the book.

  12. crap I am the only one who hasn't gotten that book yet?

    right now I'm reading a book of short stories called The New Weird

    what happened to the old weird I do not know

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  14. Are these books really that good? Everyone seems to be reading them but me.

  15. Ok Bee, it's Monday. Take your fripping head out of the ginormous book and blog for the love of all that's holy!
    Geesh, I feel like I'm going through Bee withdrawal.

  16. But don't blog about the book though because I will have no idea what you're talking about.

  17. My book is going to be way funnier than that one. Also shorter. And it will look hella good next to a terrarium.

  18. I'm with FADKOG, I couldn't get into the first one BUT my daughter seems to really like them. I'm a Black Dagger Brotherhood kinda gal. I took the first with me on vacation last week and made my best friend read it. She's now on book three. I'm starting the series over again once I'm caught up on blogs - sometime in October!!!

    Let us know if you liked it!


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