Saturday, August 23, 2008

On "Cribs"* they say "This is where the magic happens!" and they're usually referring to a bed. Me? I'm talking about a computer cart.

A while ago, Alice, from Honey Pie, had posted a picture of her blogging area. I was going to do it too so I took a picture and then saved it in my draft folder for a rainy day. The day has come!

Yeah, it's not really raining but I'm too lazy to do a real post.

Here is where the magic escapes me. It ebbs from my brain cells and drips to the floor until it puddles at my feet and I have to get a mop and some disinfectant.
You see my computer cart (don't be sad that it's not an actual desk since I already have one at work I'm trying to get rid of), my chair, laptop (Ruby), window, etc.

Behind my chair is the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph in case you have no idea who I'm talking about and are assuming I mean mine).
I did not put them there, my mom did. She often surprises me by moving them all over my house.

Sometimes she puts them on the left corner of my mantel, sometimes they appear on the shelf next to my peninsula but that's the longest she's left them where they are now. Almost as if she thinks that with them behind me, I'll mind my manners and be more... saintly. Me?

I think it's funny that she put it on top of one of my stereo speakers. If she only knew how they shake, rattle and roll when I put the evil Rock n'Roll devil music on HIGH! (just kiddin' mom)

Then we have The Bettys. They help when I'm stressed because I swivel my chair, hit one on the head so it can bobble and shake the other one so it can hula. I used to use Andy as my stress reliever but he started complaining about neck pain. Wimp!

I also circled Scarlett because she'd be jealous if I didn't. We all know she rules me.

I was too lazy to keep circling stuff but I'm sure you can figure out the rest.
Betty in her convertible, my iPod, agenda, a lamp that SOMETIMES works (let's not talk about the electrician that lives in my house anymore, m'kay?), shades in case I need to read a blog in disguise and uh... that's it!

Oh yeah. The dogs also like to fight for the spot under the cart. They're like a miniature Andy and Bee with all the scratching and the biting (with less fleas)...

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  1. I've decided third is the new first. Woohoo! In your face everybody! (does long complicated samba of gloating)

  2. So in the 21st century the laptop has replaced the cauldron, and Scarlett the wand...

    It all looks very cosy. Don't you get glare on your screen from the window?

  3. When I think of some of the disgraceful filth that emerges in your column, I wonder you can do that in such a homely setting! Tut!

    For a lazy post, that was quite a belter. Good stuff!

  4. I think the dogs are trying to do more than battle for your attention. I think they're trying to suck out your soul for their extraterrestrial experiments. Resist, Bee! Resist. Put your shades on and DO NOT stare directly into their green eyes.

    At least you have a computer cart, btw. I know I had some comfy looking chair and was all "Oh, look! I write outside!" but for the most part, my workstation is my lap, and I'm not showing that to anyone. Unless they pay me. Or attempt to suck out my soul.

  5. You're number one at Humor-Blogs. Yeah!!!

    Love the title of this post! And I've decided seventh is the new first.

  6. Meg, eighth is the new first, all people of taste and shameless bullshit agree on that. Tchoh!

  7. LOL! That was hilarious! You always crack me up!

    I really mean that

  8. Congrats on #1. Well earned--this post proves it. Fuunny!

  9. Sure the Holy Family doesn't move on its own. They've been known to do that stuff.

  10. Do you ever get the feeling that Mary is reading over your shoulder? I just couldn't risk it. You are brave! ;)

  11. Um, Bee, I just wanted to warn you, that plant looks like it's on it's way over to get you. I don't want any "Little Shop Of Horrors" going on in your house. I've kind of grown attached to you.

    I wish I had an area, all of my magic happens while sitting on an uncomfotable couch, laptop in lap, children climbing all over me, and the hubs yelling at the football players on TV.

  12. Nancy:
    Don't ya have a baby?? What are you doing up at midnight??

    Oh yeah, you have a baby. ;op

    Whatever makes you happy! And carry on with the SAMBA!!

    No glare. We have awnings all around. Awnings that make homes for one billion spiders! Would you like another picture?? :op

    Ha! You haven't seen nuthin' yet! And um, you're one to speak...

    I sometimes mosey to my couch but I I try not to sit there long. They're not very comfy. My dogs are a couple of nutters! :o)

    Woohoo! We'll see how long it lasts! :o)

    What? No dance this time?

    jean knee:
    LOL! That was hilarious! You always crack me up!

    I really mean that

    Thank you! :o)

    Uh, now you're scaring me!

    Nah! she might be taking notes on how to be a rebel! :o)

    It's gotten bigger since the picture. It now goes halfway around the room. I'm a plant person.

    Get a cart. They're small and stylish (because I said so). ;o)

  13. Ohhh! I love your little doggies. They are so precious. And your Crib is too cool.

  14. (does small wiggle just for the hell of it)

  15. Hey, what's going on with Jean Knee? I swear that's the same exact comment she left on my post too!

  16. How do you kow it's yo mama moving la Santa Familia around?

    How do you?

  17. Ooh Aahhh!
    Congrats on being #1!
    Bee! #1!

    WOo hoo.


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