Friday, August 29, 2008


When I showed my 5 year old niece I had posted this picture her response:
"Tia Bee! She's showing her piece!"

I love that kid! ;op

I never really played with dolls as a kid. I was a tomboy to the bone (well, not THAT bone) but now my niece is making me play dress up Barbie and I gotta say that I find having to struggle with the clothes and shimmy the pants up ample hips, a slap in the face! I get enough of the tight fitting clothes in my real life!

Stupid Barbie clothes makers making me feel fat in my safe zone known as pretend land!





  1. my stepsister used to have a massive collections of barbie dolls.

    my stepbrother and i used to throw them out into the lake and see if we could rescue them in time.

    Unfortunately for the Mattel Dolls they didn't make it most of the time.

    Barbie sucks. Her and her leopard print spandex pants.

  2. I think they need to make a post-partum Barbie.. ya know, she looks like she's still 3 months preggo, leaks whenever a baby cries in the distance, and automatically throws whatever is handy whenever a Ken doll happens to be within arms reach.

    MAYBE then, I'd have a little sympathy for the BILLIONS they make off making our little girls think they are fat by the age of 5.

  3. yeah, Barbie always has had a thing for tight clothes. That slut!

  4. bee, its not a bone. and HOLY SHIT I HADNT NOTICED THE WIGGLE!

  5. Trying to get those hot pants and minis up to her waist was always a hassle.
    Same with her massive chest.

    I had lots of Barbies and lots of barbies' clothes and shoes and all kinds of crap. I tried to give them a hair cut a couple of times and it never worked out.
    :( Ruined Barbie :(

  6. I'll send Helena over (at her hourly consultancy rate, of course). She can show both of you the best way to give them a psyhcadelic felt-tip makeover, followed by decapitation.

  7. I was a deprived child and didn't have a Barbie doll - OR a Sindy, the UK equivalent.

    I had a 'teenage' doll, but she was enormous and more 'real woman' shaped except for her peculiary feet, moulded permanently in high heel mode.

    Funnily enough, my brother liked her more than I did. I wonder why?

    Love Larissa's comment, by the way. LOL!

  8. Peculiar feet. Sorry - typo. ;)

  9. I am so thankful and blessed that my daughters aren't in to barbie. As a child I had millions of them and I remember my mother cursing at them while putting their pants on for me.
    I wonder why there isn't one Barbie outfit for like "that time" of the month. You know, big baggy sweatpants, a two sizes two big long sleeved t-shirt with stains on it from all of the ice cream she's been eating. Why does everything have to be skin tight?

  10. Oh, and I don't know if I should be telling you this but my girls call their "piece" their "Cha Cha". I don't know why or where it came from but it cracks me up.
    It's also better than when my mother told them to put their panties on after a shower to "cover up their HOOTCHIES".

  11. And to Larissa-I completely agree with you!
    They are teaching our girls that everything is easy and smells like roses!
    Have you seen the pregnant barbie? First of all, she comes with no ken doll so she's already a single mom, and he stomach is big but then you just snap it off, the baby comes out, and barbie is back to her model figure. Ugh.

  12. THANK GOD YOU POINTED OUT THE PANTS THING I was worried what you were doing with the damn Barbie. Heh heh.

  13. My sister always preferred Sindy to Barbie, dunno why. I remember a couple of years after she left home (before me, she's four years older) finding a box of her doll clothes etc, and for a moment I was completely and totally stupefied - until I realised what they were. It was a weird moment of "who the hell has a jacket that size?"

    I'm just quick, I suppose.

  14. Okay, I can't believe I'm actually asking this question, but doesn't Barbie wear underwear? And if not, why not?

  15. I never had a ton of those when I was little. I got some for my Grand daughter and when they floated in the tub with their hair all spread out, she would scream and cry. God help the whole house if that hair touched her. She freaked!

  16. oh man, thankfully we only have one Barbie doll that has been crushed underfoot in the hoard.

    The ponies only wear hair barrettes and skirts--try to get her into those- it;ll save you a lotta grief

  17. Brian, Barbie can't wear underwear becase her clothes are so skin tight with the added bulk they wouldn't fit.

    And Bee, we call it a vagina around here. Don't ever be afraid of that word. vagina, vagina
    V A G I N A

    But then again we call the buttox a bootay so go figure. buttocks just don't sound right

  18. dressing barbies totally sucks. the clothes are so tight!

  19. Oh man Bee, remind me to tell the story about this chick that got hoo has mixed up with ta tas and wrote about her mama's vajayjay

  20. That animation is a little creepy. It looks like something is trying to get out.

    Or maybe I just watch too many horror movies.

  21. Orion:
    Brothers are always evil! Mine would rat on me when I snuck out to meet with my boyfriend!

    Ha! Yeah, those and the Bratz dolls are horrible. Little skanks anyone?

    Not to mention the deep V low cut tops!

    ? Is it a salami?

    I WAS FIRST!! I woke in time.:o)

    What fun!!!

    My parents once gave me an almost kid sized doll. When I wouldn't play with it, my mom hung it on the wall with her arms raised as if ready for a hug... ::shiver!::

    I'm not sure how Natalia got started on the Barbie thing. I think it was because they made the Barbie princess line.

    Natalia doesn't call it a piece. She actually meant to say "a piece of her skin is showing" but she was so scandalized that she just blurted that out. When my sister and I couldn't stop laughing, she corrected herself. I'm not sure what she calls it and frankly don't wanna know! :o)

    Also, Barbie don't need no stinkin' Ken! She'll just have to pick up after him! ;op

    I knew I had to specify since I know of some pervy readers who do stuff to dogs.

    I didn't know until yesterday but that AREA has a different texture. Almost as if they scorched a pair of criss-cross undies on her skin. YIKES!

    Ha ha! I don't think my niece puts her's in water but that's funny!

    jean knee:
    She has ponies too. I always call them my pretty ponies and am corrected ASAP.

    Jean knee:
    I say VAJAYJAY! And I'm sticking to it! [that's what HE said!]

    Amen!!! I'm gonna buy her a bunch of moo-moos! :o)

    jean knee:

    Johnny V:
    Imagine if you saw my REAL LIFE wiggle! ;o)

  22. sppppiitttahahahah! Bee you kill me. You're hilarious. I hate Barbie! The skinny tramp!


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