Sunday, July 13, 2008

A rambling ♫musical♫ Sunday.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program!

Sometimes, I think Andy has this feeling that he's neglecting me.

He'll come out of the dungeon while I'm reading or blog stalking and ask "Do you want to watch a movie?" "Go for a walk?" "Play Parcheesi?"

Then I feel obligated to STOP what I'm doing so he can feel like we bonded. (Also, I'm a sucker for blue eyes.)

Today was one of those days. What did we do on our day of bonding?

We watched a Rockumentary Heavy - The Story of Metal that we'd recorded.
I enjoyed the history lessons given to me by the Metal icons I worshipped in my youth (still do, if you want to know the truth). What I did NOT enjoy was seeing those same Metal icons old and decrepit.

I did not enjoy Twisted Sister's front man, Dee Snider, showing me how he exercised his vocal chords by singing Ave Maria. His voice still rocks but he made my ears cringe with his Aaaave Maaarrrriiiiiiaaaa.

Speaking of weird, why is it that every time I hear Suzie Q by CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Brian!) I want to get up and do a go-go dance??
If I'm alone (the dogs don't count), I will, but if there is anybody else in the room, I just do a half body jam. (I wish I could tell you I look hot doing it but I just resemble Forest Gump dancing to Sweet Home Alabama.)

How much does John Fogerty rock?? One of my all time favorites is "Have you ever seen the rain?"

When I went to YouTube to embed this video, it pulled up related videos. Please click on this screen print and tell me WHAT the first one listed has in common with my beloved CCR!?!? (okay, for some reason you can't click on the picture but you can still make out the title)

I mean, yes, they screwed John Fogerty out of the songs HE wrote but I don't think they did it literally (I hope)!

How did I go from Metal to CCR? I decided to update my iTunes. So now you're going to be treated to the soundtrack of my Sunday.
During our preparation of dinner, Regina Spektor and Alexz Johnson (AJ courtesy of brother Dan because he loves listening to teeny bopper music and METAL, he is sooo weird).
I went to grill the meat while Andy made the rice and cornbread. I had to give him a pep talk on the whole cornbread making thing because the instructions on the box said to "grease a muffin pan" and he went to pieces because we don't have a muffin pan.
I told him to pull it together! We are the Cor-Ruts and we DO NOT let small things like muffin pans defeat us! A casserole dish will just have to do!
While I was outside grilling our pork chops to perfection, I was listening to the musical stylings of Bob Dylan thanks to neighbor Boomhauer and his posse of happy go lucky drunks.
Our dinner music consisted of Maná with our conversation centered on talks of how big the pork chops were, how I was happy he didn't give up on the cornbread and how we would have leftovers for tomorrow. This is what happens after SEVEN LONG years of marriage.

A meal just tastes better with a side of grilled onions!MMMMMM SO kissable!

Then he excused himself from kitchen duty and went back to his dungeon. I just want to say that I enjoyed my time with my beloved husband.

Thankfully, he doesn't do this often otherwise I'd never get anything done! ;o)

Humor-Blogs, it's what's for dinner.


  1. Bee, this sounds exactly how things go down at my house!! Only less talking at dinner. I just listen to Tool Man chew his food to the point where I want to jab a fork in his hand when he reaches for seconds. Damn, I love that loud chewing, "So, well, you wanna watch something or something?" man!

  2. After 8 long years of marriage, we came out of our dungeons for fish stick sandwiches, cheese puffs, and cantalope. And now we are back in our dungeons.

  3. That food looks good enough ... to eat!

    So what happened to the original Clearwater Credence people?

  4. I've got my late night can't get to sleep before 5 am so let's eat carbs thing going on and I get up at 2 am and see THIS PLATE OF FOOD. AAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHH.

  5. cheesy VH1 t.v. and a carb fest. there's no better way to end a weekend!

  6. Dee Snider creeps me out.

    And how is it possible that I don't have any CCR on my iPod?! Damn, Babycakes is gonna shit when he sees my iTunes bill this month.

  7. Shoot, last time Brad and I did something like that I got knocked up. We were watching Beowulf, and there was something wrong with the video so we took a break to make popcorn and-

    But you don't want to know. At any rate, we now try to limit our conversations to thirty seconds or less, it's all for the best.

  8. mmmm, looks yummy! great post,can someone tell Dee Snider to put the leather pants to rest? i mean really....

  9. I think it's refreshing that Andy was baking while you were pulling firepit manly duty.


  10. Now I'm craving pork chops! Gonna have to hit the grocery store tonight!

    I think it's cute that he emerges on occasion to visit you :) Prince Charming used to get obsessed and I swear the boy forgot I existed!


  11. Have you ever seen the misheard version of "Have you ever seen the Rain"? It's hillarious.

    I think you should take your go go dancing CCR routine on the road. I'm sure there is a reality TV show it would fit right into! ha ha

    No seriously, I'm just trying to bond here....

  12. sounds like a nice date.

    Lean's initials are CCR, kewl huh?

    I know

  13. Is it just me or does it seem weird that the first related video shown is apparently porn-related?

    Got to love YouTube.

  14. Chris will do the same thing. He'll leave me alone for a while and then he feels that he must pay attention to me until my eyeballs start to bulge out of my head and then he goes back to his thing.
    THAT'S what happens after ten long years of marriage. I just thought you'd want to know what you have to look forward too.
    The porkchops look yummy.

  15. Brian
    The CCR guy can't sing his own songs becuase he sold them and now has to pay someone to sing them.

  16. Ha Ha! Instead of a dungeon, my hubby has his man-cave. He's down there playing X-box right now, and all I have to say is...thank God for X-box:)


  17. OK. I'm voting for you not because I think you're funny as you mentioned in your previous post, but because you seem like a damn good cook with damn good taste in music.

    But what kind of beer are you drinking with that meal?

  18. FADKOG!
    Do you think if we were to switch households for a day -ONLY A DAY NO NIGHTS- our husbands would be able to tell the difference? We'll do our version of wife swap.

    Now I carve some cheese puffs! Mmmm cantaloupe...

    It was delish!

    When you're Chi-townland, you're welcome to come over for a carbfest!

    It was a perfect day.

    He is as insane as ever (Dee, not your Babycakes)!

    I won't even say what Andy was suggesting...

    And the cut off shirts too...

    He can not be trusted with meat. He bakes like he is a scientist measuring everything perfectly. ;o)

    Come over!

    No, I'll google it tomorrow.

    I'll let you know when I'm headlining near you!

    jean knee:
    It was okay.

    On purpose??

    I think you were the only who noticed. I was so disturbed.

    Men! Can't live with them, can't make them paint your toenails... or can you? ;op

    You are not defending yourself??

    It's funny how all men seem to be alike and just have different names... :o)

    Well now, a pity vote?

  19. MANA!!!!!

    Oye Mi Amor, Como Te Deseo, Eres Mi Religion!!!!

    I love me some MANA!

    Although, admit it, Bee, a lot of their songs are starting to sound the same. It's like they contracted Jack Johnson disease.

  20. I cooked Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches with mucho tri-colored peppers on it for my man last night.

    My love for my Papi knoweth no bounds!

  21. PORNO AMATORIALE - XXX ANAL SEX I think you type “have you ever felt the pain” of John Fogerty’s song title. THAT’S how you got the anal probe.


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