Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love me Dead.

I was catching up on my trash TV watching and had gotten through most of my Bridezillas episodes, I have to admit to being fascinated by the amount of crap the family and the groom puts up with without either slapping the bride or just shoving her into a lake, when I came across a sign that made me do a double take.

I rewound the the show and sure enough:

I want to know what some sick perverted freak did to a poor unsuspecting Croc to make them put this sign up!

I hope the Croc ate him afterwards.


Guess what people!!! My momma comes home on Friday night after a 3 month absence! No. More. Cooking. For. Me!

It hasn't been all bad since everything I make is on the grill but the few times I have to use the stove... well, let's just say I've had to remove the batteries from the smoke detectors more than once.

Weirdly, Andy has lost weight, not because of my cooking (smartasses), I, however, have only lost my keys/sanity/patience. How unfair is that?? We've eaten the same food, he eats more than I do and yet HE is the one losing weight!

He says it's because he's in construction but come on! He's an Electrician! We all know all they do is exercise their screwdriver arm giving them a weird Popeye looking forearm.


I watched Penelope which was cute but the whole time I was watching it, I kept trying to figure out who little piggy girl's friend "Annie" was.

I sat there and scanned thru the files of all young blond actresses I have archived in my brain and I never could come up with who it was. Until the credits.


Things like that drive me crazy! I need to know the answer right away.

So imagine how insane I'm going right now because I'm trying to figure out who sings the song they're using to promote the new season of "House".

I google the lyrics and NOTHING!

Here is the website "House", click on the video to hear the song. The first one to tell me who sings this song will get a shiny new penny!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! ::grabs head and bangs it against soft pillow!!::


I'm calling off the MAYDAY. I um, noticed the name of the artist at the bottom of the little video screen just now (I only played the video about 20 times...). Ludo "Love Me Dead"

Carry on with whatever you were doin'.


I know my Andy sings this song to me while I'm sleeping and he's holding a mallet over my head.
♥♥♥♥Ahhh TRUE LOVE! ♥♥♥♥


  1. ZOMFG! molesting reptiles must be a secret southern tradition! or is that how you castrate a southern sicko?

    anyhooo, I'm glad you posted the song! now I don't have to strain my brain for the info!

  2. Can. Hardly. Wait. For. House.

    Watched Bonneville on On Demand and the song Momma Told Me Not to Go by Lazlo Dane, (Bane?) IS NOT ON iTunes and someone is going to die for that.

  3. Ok, it was Momma Told Me Not to Come by 3 Dog Night. And I found it on iTunes. I've gotta stop eating crack.

  4. Men suck. My husband has lost weight too and I'm stuck on fat. Grr....

    Love that song. I hear a trip to iTunes coming up.

  5. Could you post some of your recipes, please? I could do with losing some weight, although my smoke detector is a bit sensitive...

  6. andy has guns!!??? that's hot.

  7. I bet the Crocodile Hunter is to blame for that sign! I remember watching him a long time ago and everytime he would catch a crocodile he would stick his fingers up in it's hooha and yell "I feel the clo-aaa-kaaa!" So now all these idiots are going around molesting the poor crocs trying to be the crocodile hunter. May he rest in peace.

  8. Those signs are posted down here as we are currently experiencing a BOOM in alligator babies. You know those rednecks......can't rein 'em in after a few beers and BAM, lots of baby alligators.

    Let us know if you determine whether or not only men lose weight with your recipes. I could stand to lose a pound or twenty.

  9. At least Andy's singing to you when you're sleeping and not doing that alligator stuff.

    I miss House. I record all the reruns just to have him with me, kinda like what it will be like when your mom comes home, but without the tasty food.

    btw....I think I'm NINTH!!!!!!!

  10. My BIL calls himself an electrician, but all he does is dig ditches. He's in really good shape. :P

  11. I could not believe that DAWN girl from Bridezillas. Seriously....

  12. BTW - what is this Bridezilla you speak of? Is it reality TV? I love reality TV. Who airs it as I haven't seen in on our line-up....of course this IS Smalltown Florida, USA.

  13. I'll ask the croc head about it hold on.....

    he won't say

  14. At the bottom of the video it says
    "Love Me Dead" promo song, doesn't say who sings it.

  15. VEs investigators have found your hubby's lost weight. After extensive milk carton advertising it turned up trying to cross the Mexican border from Texas. They'll be shipping it back to you C.O.D.

    No, don't thank me.

  16. The Crocodile hunter is dead?

  17. I.Am.Obsessed.With.House!

    It interferes with my sleep... I wake up in the midle of the night to catch reruns on Showcase. I know...

    I kinda giggled when I saw the title and then came back to read the rest of the post. *snort*

    Was that sign in West Virginia? *snarf*

  18. I mean the song title, not the post title... nevermind... not enough sleep.

  19. Dan- Did you seriously not know that the Crocodile Hunter died? He was killed by a stingray I think. It stabbed him with it's barb on the end of it's tail.
    I loved him.
    May he rest in peace.

    And I don't think I like Anndi's comment about West Virginia.

  20. uh oh, cat fight snarrrrll.

    I had to come back to view that video . kewl

  21. The "do not feed or molest sign": I wonder if some guy tried to feed his ex-wife to the croc, the croc rejected her, and so he shoved her into the croc, and she feel bottom first onto the helpless creature. The croc filed sexual harassment charges against the woman. And because of this you now can't feed or molest them.

  22. AKA Sandy:
    I spent about an hour trying to figure it out. ;o)

    Ha ha! Well, they were close enough!

    My brother Dan came over and asked me why I wasn't feeding Andy... ::sigh::

    Lots of grilled veggies. The end.

    There was a dude he worked with that looked deformed! Andy and I were just dating and he said "This is what you have to look forward to!" and he laughed evilly! Fucker!

    You crack me up!

    ... may he rest in peace.

    Queen Goob:
    Ha ha!

    Grilled veggies. Yum!

    You never know with Andy. He is odd that way...

    Hoorah for NINTH!

    Are you gonna post some pictures??

    I think she is my top 5 worst Bridezillas.

    Queen Goob:
    It's on WE TV not sure what channel that would be.

    jean knee:
    Is he traumatized??

    It's Ludo but isn't the song fantabulous!

    I just hope the extra weight doesn't get me instead!


    That man, well the writers, have the best sarcastic comments I have ever had the pleasure of hearing! It's like chocolate for my ears!

    Dan's just pulling our chain.

    jean knee:
    Ha ha!

    I've heard that song about 40 times now. I LOVE THE VIDEO!

    I still hope he ate them both.

  23. Yeek, Ms. Henderson is all about the Bridezillas show and it terrifies Rickey...


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