Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't give ME your garbage!

Last Sunday, I took my niece Natalia to see Wall-E.
She's an incredibly intelligent little 5 year old and GOT THE MESSAGE (while I napped and made fun of the boneless fatties).

Take care of Earth, be responsible, recycle blah blah blah...

She knew all these things already because of her cool Tia Bee (me) but seeing Wall-E really drove the point home.
Today, I called my sister and told her to come over for some yummy grillin' by Chef Bee and her sidekick Andy (I do the cooking, he is my sous chef)(well, kind of since I have to give him detailed instructions on how to cut, dice and slice)(and what knife to use)(and to stop waving the knife around like a light-saber).

When my sister and her two little girls arrived, Natalia said she had something for me. I jumped around like a drunken boxer wondering what surprise this little angel could have brought me.

She gave me a plastic bag that felt a little light but that's okay, I'm sure it was something from the heart. It didn't have to be big or expensive.

I opened the bag.

Looked inside.

And saw.


You heard me right. I said GARBAGE!

You see, my sister's complex doesn't have a recycling area so she brought it to me, as a favor, because she knows how much I LOVE TO RECYCLE!

I looked at my sister, she was laughing her ass off!
I'm putting both of them up for adoption!


And now, views of my purrty garden.


  1. FIRST!!!!

    There'll be a sack in the post just as soon as I get home.

    The garden looks lovely.

  2. We don’t recycle.
    When we have other people over they always ask if we recycle before they throw a can out and I feel kind of bad always saying no.
    Maybe I should start, but don’t tell Natalia.

  3. Awww...that is actually very clever of her! We'd been waffling on the whole Wall-E thing, but maybe I'll make Babycakes take the kids to go see it.

    Your yard looks gorgeous!

  4. Because I haven't been able to walk for over 3 months, I 86'd the recycling. About 2 weeks ago I decided to start it up and put it by the door, mentioning to EVERYONE who came by that it needed to go downstairs to the bins. HA!

    I went back to tossing it all. California is pretty good about it though, they pick out all the stuff from reg garbage and recycle it.

    Number one in Movie Stars and Garbage. That sounds about right.

  5. Your yard looks lovely, my yard looks half dead. :(

    Here the trash pickup doesn't do recycling. If you want to recycle you have to save up a ton then take it yourself to the recycling plant and really who's gonna do all that?

    don't tell NCS

  6. Brian:
    I moved. ;op

    Thank you! I've struggled this year because of the weather but it's now coming along nicely.

    She still remembers you called her a tree hugger.

    Yeah, she's a smarty pants.

    Thank you! :o)

    If I were your neighbor, I carry your garbage. Really I would.
    They fine us if we mix our garbage so we have an incentive to be green.

    jean knee:
    I won't tell NCS, she's currently looking for Ninjas (ninji?).

  7. I take my aunt's garbage not because she wants me to recycle it, but because she can't let her husband see what she is throwing out.

    Nice garden.

  8. walle rocked. my kids loved it.

    that recycling story is hilarious. they brainwash the kids at school these days. my kids both started pulling things out of the trash and fussing at me for throwing away recyclable items.

  9. Oh yes, we are big recyclers here. We had a big BBQ this weekend at our house and put out recycling bags. My 4-year old daughter even asks me if something can be recycled before she throws it out. :-)

    I love your garden.

  10. Your garden is so beautiful! I officially have garden envy. And first place envy! Your kicking some ass on H-B!!! Well done!

  11. So uh....when I can drop all my garbage off????

    Great pics...and purty flowers!

  12. lol hope there wasn't any shit in there! hahahhaha awwww how cute

  13. BEE!

    You are NUMBER ONE!!

    P.S. Wall-E... was funny!

  14. That's still better than some gifts I've gotten over the years (Sorry Grandma). The garden looks nice.

  15. My kids and I saw WALL-E last weekend. Their only comment: How do the fat people go to the bathroom?

  16. I freakin wish it wasn't so expensive to mail stuff because I saw the most PERFECT flower pot for your garden. It's called LOLA and she has real earrings dangling down and eyelashes. She looks kind of like a tranny Charo imitator....os so fabulous!

  17. You know who would be proud of her, right?
    That's right Tia Bee, Father Al.

  18. Awesome garden! I'm just thrilled that for the first time in years we've had enough rain that my grass is green. Hell, I'm even excited about the damn weeds!

    I don't recycle but don't tell anyone.


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