Thursday, July 24, 2008

The day the Earth stood still...

Internet/Cable out STOP send help STOP Andy going apeshit STOP can't communicate with outside world STOP sigh STOP stop! STOP

This mobile text message is brought to you by Scarlett


  1. Is it back up yet?

    How about now?


    What about now?


    So, should we just come back later then?


    Look, I've got a casserole here. And it's getting cold...

    Are you back yet?

    If you can't talk, just stomp on the floor 3 times. Then I'll know that your internet has tied you to a chair and gagged you and you can't talk.


  2. Bee
    I like your posts but they're too short.

  3. Shoot, Dan took my idea! I was going to say exactly that! Dammnit Dan!!!

    I hope your internet comes back soon. Maybe you should have Jean Knee talk to Father Al. Since he invented the internet surely he could fix it for you.

  4. Dang Bee - sounds like I missed all sorts of fun while I was gone. Your new assistant seems...challenged and I loved your Numbnuts story. There is so little customer service these days - insane.

    Hope you get your internect connection back up soon. I'd die. And then Babycakes would die because he couldn't World of Warcraft and then we might have to interact or something without the computer.

  5. oh you poor dear. It's just like in the olden days.

  6. all is well, I deployed the SHG signal.

  7. OH NOES!
    Commissioner Father Al has been informed. Help is on its way.
    Hold on Bee.

  8. Everyone is showing a shocking lack of imagination about what we can do on Bee's blog whilst she's not here...

    For example, we could start a campaign to make Bee the first, er, Bee to go into space. Space trips are relatively cheap, and they're taking online bookings. Maybe if we had a whip round we could raise the $20,000 needed for a deposit?

    Imagine a blog post from a spaceship...

  9. I've been there and it's only then that I realized exactly how addicted I truly am to being connected.


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