Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just some randumbness...

Cable Channels have been running every Batman movie ever made to hype the new one released this weekend.

I've seen the first 2 with Michael Keaton and the one with Val Kilmer but I refuse to watch the one with George Clooney (what the hell were they thinking when casting these men?).
The Batman movies before Christian Bale (who might be replacing Brad Pitt in the *My Forever Man* part of my heart... Maybe. I haven't decided yet. I have to think about Johnny Depp too.), to me, were more in keeping with the cartoons I'd watch with the youngest of my brothers. In my opinion, Christian Bale has become the perfect Batman.
Of those older ones, my favorite is the first one where Jack Nicholson played the Joker. He was cheesy but I bought his character as a demented killer. However, I hardly watch this version of Batman because I hate HATE Vicky Vale (Kim Bassinger)! She must scream a million times in this movie and each time it's as if she's sending 33 tiny needles into my brain. I cant afford to lose anymore brain cells, I think I'm down to 4.

Heath Ledger has now replaced Jack's Joker in my head. He was abso-freakin-lutely brilliant! There was nothing attractive about him in this role and he literally gave me chills!
They wrote this Joker as an intelligent sociopath who was not a predictable villain. The parts in the movie where you would laugh, you could tell people were a little nervous laughing at whatever evil thing he said or did.

When we walked out of theater, the first thing I said to Andy was "Man! I'm so upset that Heath Ledger is dead!" I was shocked when I first heard the news of his death but I can't say any of his other movies have given me this level of enjoyment.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking but what do you want from me? I don't have a life! ;op


On a marital note, Andy told me the other day that my cooking has made him gassy. I threatened to never cook for him again and his smart ass response was to say that he keeps me in the luxury I've become accustomed to (SCRUBBING TOILETS AND DOING LAUNDRY AT THE LAUNDROMAT) and all I have to do is one thing, keep him fed.
Donations for his funeral are being accepted at my PayPal account.
I asked him to make his own dinner and this is what he had.
Ice cream and chocolate cake.

Why the hell didn't I think of that??


On a rodents from hell note, I have some squirrels that are aching to be made into jerky. They've been diggin through some of my pots and killing my flowers and pepper plants! One of the ladies I work with (notice how they're *ladies* when they're being nice but BATS when they piss me off) gave me a special spray that would keep garden rodents away.

Stupid me didn't wear my gloves when I sprayed the stuff on my plants so I got some on my hands. I almost DIED when I saw the ingredients, Urine and Dried Blood!! I don't know whose urine and blood it is, I just know I scrubbed my hands to the point of bleeding but no amount of soap made me feel clean! ::whimper::

The blasted spray didn't work because on Friday I came home to this:

Now one of those little bastards has run off with my Habanero plants! May their poop catch on fire while it's coming out of their ass!

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to make some BBQ ribs for me and the dogs. Andy can just have more ice cream and cake.


  1. FIRST!

    Watching a film, so will comment in a minute...

  2. Okay, I'm back with some randumb comments:

    I don't think I've seen any of the Batman films - I suppose I should start watching them.

    I can't believe the rodents would be put off by blood. After all, it's in meat. And black pudding.

    Chocolate cake and ice cream is certainly a balanced diet. Especially when washed down with some beer (grain). Though cherry and chocolate cake would be better. Then he'd be getting that all-important healthy portion of fruit.

  3. Oh.. I went and seen that movie too... I LOVED IT.

    So creepy... yet so entertaining.

    I found it creepy heath was dead to- like COMING back from the dead.


  4. I'm sure Heath was brilliant but I have no respect for drug addicts. With all his money and his little girl and a girlfriend who WARNED him to clean up, in my book, he's a giant loser. Guess the universe agreed with me.

  5. In some countries, being gassy after a meal is considered a compliment.
    You know what cures gassiness? 2 months of ice cream and cake!

  6. i just love how you segue from ooging christian bale, to domestic violence, to wishing ass-burning poop on rodents. that's talent.

  7. Brian:
    Okay, I'll wait.

    Just watch the new ones with Christian Bale.

    Black pudding ::blech:: I don't know why it's was supposed to keep them away... unless they were playing a prank on me!

    he had tacos today. I think he's done with sweet stuff for now. Well, except for me because I'M sweet.

    I loved it too! He was perfect as the joker!

    Ha ha! Remind me not to piss you off if you've got the universe on your side!

    Then Andy likes to compliment everybody especially Mickey Dee's.
    Now I want some cake and ice cream!

    Sometimes it's hard living in my head... :o)

  8. Suzy
    I agree with you, is kind of sad to see wasted talent.
    I guess he didn't deserve to have the talent to begin with.
    I heard he had sleeping problems and overdosed on sleeping pills.

  9. I think the new Joker should be Keanu Reeves, he is such a good actor.
    Dude, it's the Bat man.

  10. Scientific fact: Only too things make us men fart, eating and not eating.
    I enjoy reading your blog. I must go and see the dark knight.

  11. Hey! I'm Eleventh?

    Take that Brian!

    I'm eleventh, not 12th!

  12. I love the Batman movies but for some reason my favorite Batman (of old of course) is Micheal Keaton. I think I liked the way his mouth looks under his mask. He has nice lips.
    But I agree with you, I love love love Christian Bale! He definately moved to the top of my list after the last Batman movie.
    Second is Johnny Depp but dressed as Jack Sparrow (don't ask).

    As for your squirrel, my grandmother used to take bars of dial soap and wrap them in knee highs (she was old, she had millions of knee highs) and put them outside in various places and it kept the little buggers away. And I don't think there's any urine or blood involved so that's a bonus.

    Maybe you should feed Andy chocolate cake and ice cream every night. That way you have have all the good stuff that you cook to yourself.

  13. The urine and dried blood thing is supposed to make the squirrels think that predators are there and they should stay away for safety. In theory, that works for deer as well but I haven’t had any success with that.

    I keep them out of my plant pots with a few mothballs - the ones around my neighborhood hate the smell.

    Sneak some Beano into Andy’s food before he eats it and see if he notices the miraculous cure.

  14. haven't seen the movie yet. Remember when The Crow came out after Brandon Lee was killed on the set. It was so eerie, I'm guessing Batman will be the same

  15. Christian Bale - yum. But I find I'm missing Katie Holmes.

  16. The mere mention of the Val Kilmer and George Clooney Batman movies make me slap a stranger in disgust.

    There. I just did it again --- and you thought that the Joker was bad ass.

  17. The Dark Knight was truly a great film, and I'm not even some comic book fanzoid, like my husband, who only gave it an "Eh, it was alright," but I think he only said that to irritate me because I'd been going on and on about Christian Bale.

    Guess what, though?! I DID totally think about you while I watched it, wondering if the directors made Bee clear the set before their shots. You are never far from my mind, Bee.

    In a totally non-creepy way, of course.

    Finally, try moth balls scattered atop your plants. The rabbits around here are fierce and sometimes that's helped save our plants.

  18. You know, the George Clooney version was hysterical! It was damn near straight up slapstick funny. Plus the kids will sit down and shut up to watch it which is always a huge boost for any movie in my book.
    Both my X-husband and now long-term b/f have told me that my cooking makes them fat. It's very healthy food, but they say it tastes good enough that they keep (kept) going back for seconds. So is it a compliment or not?

  19. Dan:
    I think you have a crush on that dude.

    Ha! Good to know, I found that out after he ate the cake and ice cream.
    And, thank you! :o)

    Congrats on your eleventh and not twelfth!
    Yeah, I can't figure out who will be replacing Brad...

    Thanks for the squirrel advice, I'll try anything.

    ::shiver:: I've heard about urine to keep skunks away but it still grosses me out. Thanks for the mothball advice! I'll definitely try it.
    Can he overdose on Beano? Become constipated?? {:o)

    jean knee:
    Yeah, that was eerie. I love that movie too.

    I don't like the Gyllenhaal chick. She would have been good in the one with Michael Keaton where their faces or all weird and deformed.

    Sinister Dan:
    That was so sinister!Ha HA!

    It was awesome seeing all the places I've been! I was like been there and there and did something naughty there! ;o)

    Maybe I should watch it just for entertainment purposes.
    I'm hoping it's a compliment he keeps eating and making mmmmm noises...

  20. So I take it the spechial espray didn't work.
    So it's a bat and not a lady.

  21. I told you The Dark Knight was hardcore ;)

  22. Papi watched it last night and he absolutely loved it!

  23. I'm down for ice cream and cake for every meal - hell, my kids think it is great, well that and hot dogs.

    As for the mice, maybe try some hardwired mesh over the top of the plants to keep them off - it's worked for me - keeps the sun and rain it, but crapsters out!

  24. I had no problems with this movie.....I still hate Joel Schumacher.


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