Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meet the new (Black Canary) Barbie.

Where can I buy those boots?

Some people see slut.
I see Dominatrix of the future.


  1. Yo baby. You and I should hook up some time. You like a man in uniform?

  2. I'm glad that Helena isn't into these things - she decapitates Barbies.

    Are you experiencing a second childhood or something?

  3. She looks angry. Like she could beat me up and steal my dog.

  4. Is that a real barbie? Is it?

    I mean it wasn't bad enough when they sold the knocked up barbie who came WITHOUT a husband or even significant other now they're selling prostitutes?

    I am so glad that my kids aren't into barbies!

    That can't be real! IS it?

  5. At first I thought it was a joke....but then nope. It's real. And I certainly won't be buying it for my daughter. We'll just stick with the Princess Barbies. :-)

  6. V Ice:
    Black Canary might be too much woman for you. We've all seen the fluffs you like to "knock boots with".

    I'm not done with my FIRST childhood.
    Did you think I'd bought her? I think she just came out this week.

    According to comic Andy, BC is a former Batgirl... Iguess the fishnets are what let her fight crime?
    I'm hiding my dogs too.

    It is soooo real. I think the Barbie people are trying to compete with Hoochie Bratz.

    I have to admit to being a little shocked when I saw it on the news. They're making the outfits way too risque.

  7. It is funny that you mention this barbie.. seems like they are getting dirtier with the design..haha.

    When I was like 12-- I had a barbie that you could make pregnant- she had a magnet belly and when I felt necessary-- i would change out the stomaches.. hehe!

  8. yep, looks like bratz was kicking their azz on sales.

    I wonder if they'll come up with a slutty my little pony:

    Skanky Breeze

  9. Those Bratz dolls are all "Skanky poser! What up, girl, shiiii..."

    (and yet, I want one...)

  10. Remember those stupid troll dolls? When those were popular I was in college and working at Target in the toy section. The Troll people released a line of Trolls that were supposed to be cool and scary, but they went straight to clearance because parents found them too disturbing. They had huge muscles and mean expressions and wore heavy bondage gear. I bought 2 and gave one to a friend, I'm sure I still have mine somewhere.

  11. I have to wonder what's next in the product line of risque Barbie dolls.

    We're no more than 2 years away from Rehab Barbie or some damn thing.

  12. Barbie looks HOT! Better than the Burka Barbie I saw recently....I couldn't tell who she was.

  13. Real stories from the ER

    Some dude had like 12 barbie heads stuck where the sun don't shine.

  14. Does she act like a regular canary? Can you stick her into a mine shaft to warn of impending doom?

    If the answer is no, then I won't buy it because she's totally useless.

    I can't wear fishnets. My fat would poke through the holes.


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