Monday, June 4, 2007


Cicadas! Isn’t it amazing that these funny looking things only come out every 17 years??? My niece and I have been following their re-emergence and I’ve got to say that as amazing as they are, they are still gross, clumsy and (unlike other insects) pretty dumb.
We have them everywhere by our house but some people in our area say they have none. I wonder why that is...?
Anyway, here are some pics of the cuddly little creatures, yeah right! Click on the You Tube screen above to see the Chillin' Cicada.

The brown stuff at the bottom of the trees are the carcases.


  1. You know, we had the Cicada infestation a few years ago…and I HATE bugs. However, a guy I used to work with heard on the radio that they were giving away concert tickets to anyone that came by their live promotion with Cicada’s. Needless to say, the guy and another person I work with grabbed some off the tree and went. They scored 4 tickets all because of those creepy, high pitched little bugs. WOOHOO!! It was an awesome concert, so thank goodness for bugs!

  2. Well I'm glad they were good for something cuz here they are somewhat of a pain! :o)


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