Monday, March 23, 2009

Youuuuu, light up my liiiiiiiife...


Do you know what that is? That is years of me begging for a working light in my dining room.

My Andy finally bought me a bee-utiful chandelier and put it up today. Because of that, I let him make fun of me for buying Twilight even after I said the movie sucked gorilla butt. Well, in my defense, I have all the books and so I need to have all the movies. Makes sense really.

It's kind of cool watching him work. I mean we're always mocking each other and making fun of our jobs so to see him in action makes me go "Huh. He does know what he's doing and he doesn't carry a drill just to look cool."


What would you guys think of me interviewing Andy? I could call it Bee's Musings presents: Interview with an electrician, man or superhero? 

That's all for today since I have a severe headache and no brain cells to do a proper post. What else is new, right?

Later Crocodiles.


  1. Bee, Andy is very talented... I have worked with him on my projects, and am always impressed with his skill level.

    The Search, or "El Search".

  2. I have also gotten some work done by your electitian and I have ZERO complaints!

    Thanks again Andy for my ceiling fans and light!

    I'd like to read the interview with an electician...

  3. Hey, you know I've been a reader for a while and I seem to remember one of your faithful readers, who worships you and your shoe collection, suggesting an interview with a very interesting and funny rambling stay at home mom.
    Maybe you should do that one first.. you know just to make her happy...
    or else...
    or something, I don't know but uhm, great blog!

  4. Dear Bee,
    I have to say that when your Andy decides to pay off he REALLY pays off! I love that light! And it even works too! That's the sign of a great electrician!
    I agree with you on watching them work. I wasn't dating the hubs yet but I helped him run a code (for you non-medical folks, a code is where someone tries to go and die on you and the doctors and nurses say "Oh no you don't! Not on my time! and then shock the shit out of them) in ICU once and he stayed so calm and was awesome and the lady even lived!
    That's the day I realized he was kind of hot and it was also the day he walked by, all arrogant, and said "I'm taking you to dinner tonight, I'm sick of you saying no so I'll be at your place to pick you up around 7:30" and I guess because I was still in my "he's so hot" daze I said Ok and now that date has gone on for ten years.
    I think I may have had a point to all of that but it's gone now. Isn't MS brain fun for all?

  5. beautiful chandelier! Good things come to those who wait forever

    I too would love to see the interview with Andy. I know an electrician.. but he mumbles, so I can't tell whether or not electricians are intelligent creatures.

  6. That is an awesome chandelier! So can he fly out here and install ours?

  7. I think "interview with an electrician, manSTUD, or superhero would get more attention.

  8. Very nice, Bee. Yes, please do the interview but spare us any "plumber's crack" photos. ;-)

    I'm married to a guy that knows tools and uses them well. I love it!

  9. yay for light.
    Here's what I want to know:
    do electricians have any distinguishing, uh, "traits" like plumbers with their plumbers butt?
    Please include pictures

  10. I have spent EIGHT years trying to get the light fixture in my kitchen changed out into something classy and nice like you just got. You MUST tell me your secret to finally getting your years of begging to pay off!

  11. El Search:
    :o) Thanks!

    Whatcha doin up sista?

    Yeah he is pretty cool. I think I'll keep him for another few years. ;o)

    mhm. I get what you're gettin' at...

    Ano I mean Tracy:
    It's even prettier in person. I can imagine how cool it would have been to see him saving a life in person.

    He can be smart unless a dame in a string bikini walks by. Then it's all "drrr?"

    I'll send him right over!

    I love it!

    My man don’t have no plumber’s crack. His pants fit him tight. I agree with a man knowing how to use tools. It’s rare that we have to call someone out to fix something. :o)

    jean knee:
    I'll get right on that question!

  12. FADKOG:
    It was half threat and half authority this time. I said "Babe, I'm gonna go buy a cheap nipple fixture and you're going to put it up!" No self respecting electrician would have a crappy fixture and Voila! :o)

  13. This has absolutely nothing to do with your beautiful chandelier. I just read your comment at Prefers Her Fantasy Life about being purposefully childless, and I loved it. I'm passing it on to my purposefully childless sister.

  14. Brain cells are overrated. I have a seek and destroy order on mine.

  15. Bee:

    Can you ask Andy a question for me?

    What would he do in a situation where he's replacing electrical stuff, and finds outdated wiring?

    I'm replacing all of the old electrical stuff in my house, and I've found six places where we've still got the old knob and tube wiring.. It's frightening to think that we've still got this stuff, and the folks who owned this house before us installed the blow-in insulation into the walls that I've found this junk in..

    Maybe if it catches fire, I could seriously cash in on the insurance?

  16. Andy good job and the thing works to. Keep making Bee happy!

    Mom R.

  17. It looks like you could make some money hiring Andy out... I'm looking forwards to the interview - if he can fit it into his busy schedule.

  18. Cat:
    Thanks and I meant it! :o)

    I can't afford to destroy anymore of mine.

    Sure! I'll ask him... for a price. ;o)

    Mom R:
    Thanks! :o)

    What busy schedule? He'll just have to sit there while I do all the hard work. Like always. J/K

  19. Bee-utiful? Ok... now you're stealin' my line! You're gonna get spammed for that.

  20. My wife is asking for a chandelier too. whatsup with that?

    i want to have her wear a chandelier around her neck b/c i am no andy and can't hang anything up.

  21. I tried doing lighting once, but the power was always ON and then the duct tape let loose during a family dinner injuring grama and one squirrel.

  22. It only took you 10 years, huh.
    Ok, so ther's hope for me then.

    I'd ask Andy to do a pictorial of all his ACTION FIGURES. And what level (or whatever it's called, title, position) he has in THE GUILD. And I'd love to see his hat collection!

  23. *ooooohs and ahhhhhhs*

    LIKE the chandelier!

    And yes. You're interviews are always great. Looking forward to Andy's.

  24. Ok so I know that some people hate comments in old posts but I'm going to do it anyway! sorry....


    I know what you mean about the movie... That's my excuse for buying it too!! although I don't think I'll get the mondo collector's edition or what have you... but... yeah...I'm THIS close to getting it.


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