Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red is the color of awesome and now I'm awesome-er.

So... I almost finished my 'to do' list. The one thing I really wanted to do was clean out the dungeon but I left it to the end and unfortunately Andy got home before I could de-clutter the shit out of his "" man space "" (come out of the gutter people) and he was all "My toys! I still play with those!. Don't throw out that box from the rubix cube I bought in 1988." If he hadn't come home, he would have been non the wiser.

Anyway, the reason it took me so long is because the windows were more of a project than I thought. I told Andy to leave me his work ladder so I may reach all the little nooks and crannies. While I'm sure he has his drill and wire snips in the little hole doodads that are carved out on the ladder, I had my duster, rag, water and shark vacuum all ready to show those little dust mites who ruled this house.

utility ladder

Once the windows were sparkly and clean, I set up my painter's bucket and got to work.

painters bucket

What? It was perfect for the job. 

Okay, regular posting schedule will resume once I get back to work tomorrow. For now, don't be scared to see this face when I post comments on your blogs. newavatarThat is my new avatar and I know it's scary but it's the face I have to live with every day so if I can deal with it without throwing up so shall you... maybe.



I guess the photobucket issue was not resolved (they are just for stumble, reddit etc). I would do it myself but like I've said before, I'm as html literate as a cabbage smoking weed. Only less fun.


  1. I'm not scared of your new avatar. I'm excited about it. I plan on holding my breath until I see it over at my place. Here goes!!

  2. You are awesome-er, and love that paint bucket! lol

  3. Maybe they should fit windows with screen cleaner and wipers just like in cars, to save you having to do all that work...

    I never did learn how to do the rubics cube.

  4. I am going to buy me a Disney Princess paint bucket. Make the project that much more fun.

    Oh and I know exactly what you mean about toys. I have given stuff away on Freecycle that Peter has never touched in 2-3 years. He would have never known I had given it away if he had not been home when the people came to pick it up. And if I had not forgotten to put the bag outside.

    Love the new pic!

  5. It takes a real knack to get rid of the spouse's ah...stuff without him noticing.

    Nice pic!

  6. wow.

    I've lived in this house four years and never once, ever, cleaned the windows.

  7. Who cleans windows?

    I just buy new ones, and reinstall them.. That way I'm indispensible as the house handyman!

    Like the new avatar Bee, it really suits you, but it's missing those rocking librarian glasses.

    Ah, and I'm actually a little disappointed with the paint bucket. I mean, I was expecting Hanna Montana, or High School Musical instead of The Little Mermaid.. Have you no dignity??

  8. A cabbage smoking weed? I think I used to know him ...

  9. It is perfectly acceptable to keep a Rubik's Cube box from 1988. That's like a collector's item. It could be worth a lot of money someday!

    Plus, it's way too small to be able to fit a dead cat in, so what would be the point of throwing it away.

  10. You should be doing drywall in the basement insted of cleaning

  11. Cleaning windows? Why? People would be able to peek in and see the... um... nevermind.

  12. Dear heaven, it's like we're living identical lives with the husbands! However, I know the line between us is drawn when you break out with the window cleaning. Just the thought of doing that job exhausts me and makes me want to sit on the couch. Good thing I'm already doing that so I don't get too wacky!

  13. The Photobucket thing is pretty easy to fix. I even did my own.

    Nice paint bucket, BTW.

  14. Hahaha. Am liking Ariel over there.

  15. I, for one, am just happy to see that you actually have a face!
    Every time you would take a picture of yourself you would cover it up with something and I thought it was because you were one of those people that TLC makes a documentary hour out of:
    Bee:The Woman Born Without A Face

    Besides, you're kinda cute and my daughter said that I was crazy for not being a lesbian, what with men being all stinky and gross.

  16. Oh and since I've NEVER cleaned my house like you're doing now, how much would it cost for you to come and clean my house with your Little Mermaid Bucket and your hangy upside down vaccuum?

  17. You little mermaid bucket is quite hot!
    I was back in Chicago last weekend, ate Yu's, Portillos and Lou Malnati's i'm such a fat@ss! So we were closer than you ever would want me to be but within the perimeters of the restraining order.

  18. I like the new avatar. you look like Kelly Clarkson in it.


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