Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love..."- Young at heart.

comic hannah 1

comic hannah 2

comic hannah 3

comic hannah 4

All lies of course. I am so not a Hannah Montana fan! I mean, the show is for kids and all...

I just wanted to say that we might have to postpone "Bee n' Andy" for a little while because we are at the critical part of the remodel downstairs. Andy has been really busy (I typed in *busty* by mistake because I'm high but then I caught myself just in time cuz you guys don't need to know the state of my man's moobs) and as a matter of fact Saturday was a bitch of a day where the guys worked their asses off and the non stop rain decided to piss on their parade.

They dug a hole in the laundry room to install the sump pump and get it ready for next weekend, you know what happened? The fuckin hole filled up with water and then it made the plastic pit rise and the gravel they so lovingly sifted in there floated up and it reminded me of the famous fable where some bird was thirsty but he couldn't fit his beak in this wine bottle and hello! wine for a bird? what the hell? but anyway it transferred pebble after pebble into the bottle until the liquid (which I'm really hoping wasn't wine because I think it would be bitter and more vinegar-like than wine-like if the bottle was sitting there open in the sun) rose to the top. Yup that's the same thing that happened with the pit. And also, they had mixed some cement which didn't have time to set so I'm assuming we will have a nice goopy puddle of runny cement downstairs by the morning.

I know you guys are probably sick of hearing me go on and on about the stupid flood but believe me, we're tired of having to deal with it.

To try and make my blood pressure go down, we will go see The Watchmen today and have some nachos... except, they're probably high in sodium!

Sweet Nibblets!!


  1. WOW! I'm.....FIRST!!!!

    Sorry to hear about the comic being postponed. Just make sure you keep taking notes while you do the remodel for future Sunday comics OR maybe some guest artists??

    Hannah who is being recorded? Is that a movie or a show on TV? ;)

  2. What conclusion did you come to on the Hannah Montana thing? Is it too immature for Natalia, or will you let her watch it?

    It'll be great when your basement is finally sorted.

    If the nachos don't help you relax, they needn't go to waste - remember that you still owe me some...

  3. LOL... LOL that was hilarious!

    I'm sorry about what happened with the hole... Stupid rain does not want to stop.

  4. I am soooo glad my daughter is too old for the Disney Channel (18) I would rather stick a hot poker in my eye than to be subjected to all this teeny bopper crap.

    I hope your flood problems go away soon. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be.

  5. Yikes! What a day! Can you send us some of the rain. We are still waiting.

  6. I read the last frame of this edition with the exact same inflection as one Miss Miley Cyrus does while performing the theme song to her show, which is incredibly interesting when you consider the fact I've never watched the show before.

    I mean when I'm alone in the house and four or five episodes have aired. While I've been sitting on my couch and the remote is untouched next to me.

    And basically I'm lying.

    Or leading a double life - SORT OF LIKE HANNAH MONTANA!!

    Sweet niblets, indeed!

  7. I can be the guest artist! or you should try drawing, I remember you could kind of draw.
    Bee and Andy must go on!

  8. I've never seen Hannah Montanna cuz Lean has decided she doesn't like it. It might be good for a change but oh no we are stuck with ICarly, Drake & Josh and Spongebob on an endless loop of reruns

    did I say endless?

  9. whats that yer sittin on the couch readin, a sing-along-with-miley songbook?

  10. I'll be sad if there's no comic next Sunday...

    Hannah Montana? Really? LOL


  11. Bee Dear,
    It seems that you have the same problem that I do (or one of the many problems that I have, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a mess so don't judge me!). See, it seems that you have done something to piss Mother Nature off so she's going to keep showing up to ruin things everytime you all try to attempt something.
    You need to make an offering to the great Mother Nature to get back on her good side. I still haven't figured out what that offering should be because nothing has worked for me yet.
    If you get it right, let me know please so that birds will stop flying into my car every time I'm driving, k?

  12. And atleast Hannah Montanna isn't as annoying as some of the other shows out there. Have you ever watched Drake and Josh?
    Well, don't because it annoys the hell out of me!

  13. Shit, now I'm at 13th.
    Also, Zac and Cody have their annoying moments as well.

  14. It's okay Bee... I have sometimes found myself getting sucked into shows like Hannah Montana while the boy is watching them... only to look up and realize that he left the room *quite* some time ago. *D'oh*

  15. i'm still trying to wrap my head around that watchman insert? it's at the end of a hannah montana post?

    what is this world coming to when my beloved comic books and super spandex heros are stuffed in the folds of a disney channel tweeny bopper who poses topless on occassion...

  16. Hannah Montana? Shame!

    I enjoyed Watchmen, though ...

  17. Really? Hannah Montana? I never would have guessed that!

    Sump pump...I still have nightmares about the one installed at our first house (using a trash can!). Never again will I buy a home with a crawl space.

  18. Oh, I'm jealous, I want to see the Watchmen!

    And I want some nachos.

    And don't feel bad, I secretly like to watch Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon. What? Josh has grown into quite the handsome young man...

  19. FIRST!!! Well, if you get rid of those other damn 19 showboaters!

    Can't we just send Hannah to Montana? That should do it...

  20. Yes. Terrible. So any of the workers cute. For research of course. Pics would be good.


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