Friday, March 20, 2009

As the Theme to Toy Story says "You've got a friend in me".

I recently received a wonderful and unexpected surprise that was delivered to me by my weary mailman (we have a new strip mall in my neighborhood -uh not the kind of "strip" that involves gyrating to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" while glittered, oiled up and vanilla perfumed, m'mkay? I don't need you picturing random people stripping at a mall- so companies have to notify the residents via certified mail that they are putting one of their stores in just in case someone has a problem with a Subway coming to their hood. This makes for one grumpier than usual mail carrier).

I was sitting at home that fateful Friday evening watching Hannah Montana my recorded shows and going through the mail, separating shoe/clothes ads and magazines for me, bills and junk mail for Andy, when I saw a familiar name on an envelope.

The name was of someone I hadn't seen in about 23 years. Is it weird that the friendship I felt after 23 years of not seeing each other hit me with the same power a bulldozer hits a crack house but, you know, nicer? We had written one time before when I was about 19 or 20 and she had asked me if she could maybe come by for spring break. Only problem was, at that time, we were living in a craphole. A horrible ghettoey, rat infested, craphole. I didn't respond and so we lost touch again and I moved about 10 times after that.

Anyway, I did a little jig and then sat down to write her a letter (yes she included her phone number but I'm horrible with calling people and, as we can all agree, I love to blather on in written form). I gave her a brief rundown on my life and gave her my email addresses, the blog name and my cell phone number.

And so started our communication.

She emailed me a couple of pictures of herself, the two other girls who were such a big part of my childhood and me.

I then analyzed myself in those pictures. First I thought how much I looked like my brother Dan beedork(eek!) then I noticed how skinny I used to be bee8thand I cried for the poor little Bee that was eaten up by this present day much larger Bee. Finally I noticed how serious I look. It took me back to how miserable I was that year. I stopped caring about anything and felt like I was living someone else's life. There was just too much going on for that girl to handle.

Once I put aside the bad memories of that specific year, I swear all the good ones came flooding back and I started remembering great things about my childhood. Sitting outside until dark and just talking nonsense talk. Playing 'red light green light', 'hide 'n seek', 'mother may I?' etc.

I don't know if she remembers this (and seriously if you're a guy and more specifically if you are a guy RELATED TO ME just turn away from this paragraph) but she was the first person I went to, in HYSTERICS, because I was slowly bleeding to death and what the hell?? This meant my brothers would get my Tonka trucks! She calmly told me it was my first period and to go tell my mom. By the way, I was only 9 so I had no clue of the ways of the woman and no way would my mom have talked to me about it beforehand because she has always been incredibly shy.

I have other memories too of course. Like my first slumber party and watching the 3 stooges while trying to keep our eyes open, how we all used to hang out in her backyard and play on the swing set, the three of us walking to school together...

It's hard to believe that the people you remember as children are now adults with careers, responsibilities and kids. I know it's ridiculous to feel that way. My own life has taken so many turns, why would I think everybody else's would remain the same?

I'm grateful she tracked me down, even though my Andy is all suspicious and wondering if there are any ulterior motives like raiding his comic book collection. excuse me, I meant "" GRAPHIC NOVEL "" collection but I'm glad she was so persistent in finding me because it makes me believe I must have had some sort of an impact in someone's life. Just like she and so many others have had in mine.


Yeah yeah. This is the softer side of Bee. So?


  1. Young Bee is very very serious. Cute but serious.

    First period at 9? Ay ay ay! Scary.

    It's good to find old friends. It's always fun to reminiscence :)

  2. Now I want to find my middle school friends!

  3. This is very cool! I have a friend from college that I wrote a letter to in 1989 or 1990, and never heard back from her. We used to always keep up that way. I've tried to track her down from time to time since then, but no luck. This is inspiring enough to give it another attempt!

  4. That's so cool...I am very happy for you! I was so happy when I found Sergio, & he told me how to get ahold of Nancy. When we finally talked...I told know we have known each other for 16 years...ahhh we both felt old!! lol!! In life you don't meet that many people that are that special. And time goes by way to fast. I still remember Nancy walking to my porch, carrying an ice!!! Good Times!!!

  5. You're certainly right about remembering people as they were - you don't imagine they've aged, or changed in any way.

  6. Very, very serious. Life can so intense and tricky!

    But I hope looking back gives you some real perspective. Sounds like it is doing.

  7. At least you had good taste in purses at such a young, serious age. :-)

  8. This is just awesome. I love it!

  9. The softer side of Bee works for me. I hope you do have a reunion--just hide the comic books.

  10. And I thought 11 was to young to start. Ick!

    Nice post, Bee!

  11. that's so kewl she found you.
    being a kid does have it's plusses

    so I guess I should write Evelyn a letter...........

  12. I followed you over from Suzy's and I'm a sucker for desperate pleas for followers!! So here I am :)

    And I loved your post.

    Since I'm following now, I"ll be back...

  13. What a wonderful story.Makes me want to look up old friends from way back when.

    On another point though...You were 9 when you started your period!?! You poor thing!!!

  14. Reconnecting with old friends is wonderful.

    Hopefully you'll be able to impact her as much as she was able to impact you, and things will be all hunky-dory for a while..

    Then you'll see how nice it is having folks who were interested in being your friend just because of you, and not what you could do/say/be for them.

    Many happy returns on that Dan! (Oh, I mean Bee! My mistake)

  15. NCS:
    Yup, I am now learning the value of friends who knew you back when. Maybe I'm getting old?

    Do it! I can tell you it was a great feeling.

    I hope to see you this summer too. I mean sure, I was too old to hang out with you and Nancy but I think you're grown up enough to hang with the girls. ;o)

    I can say I have changed A LOT especially physically. I'm shorter now too.

    It definitely does put things in perspective.

    Ha ha! Thanks to my mom for that. She always wanted me to be stylin'!

    Thanks! I read one of your post about gettign together with your scrapping friends and I was a little envious.

    Actually, maybe I'll throw them in a dumpster and just pretend he was right...

    Yup! It was tough.

    jean knee:
    I thought of you when I responded to her letter. Do it jean knee!

    Kathy B.:
    Thanks! :o)

    I highly recommend reconnecting. And yup it was horrible being so young and a WOMAN :op

    You are such a nut and also you remind me of those kids who read a book and pick a paragraph and then just mix up the words when giving a book report.

  16. Great to find old friends but I agree it is hard to accept that they are older and different. In some parts of our mind nothing ever changes I guess.

  17. I know what you mean about people remaining the same in your mind. It's like they become your Marilyn Monroe. I know that I still picture the people I don't see anymore from high school exactly the same way and am always shocked when they look older.

    I have no idea why. It's really retarded. And when (if) I ever read the newspaper, I always fleetingly think I'm going to see someone I knew in the school sports section until I remember yeah, we're all in college/with jobs now.

  18. You do look like me when I was that age or should I say I looked like you at that age, so do I look like a chick or you like a dude?

  19. I've been going down memory lane too. I have no idea why.

  20. Hmmm... You do look rather serious in those photos.

    What struck me is that you two actually wrote letters on real paper with a pen and everything. That's a rare thing these days.


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