Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Andyisms.

When trying to talk me into seeing The Watchmen:

... and there will be full frontal male nudity so there's that. [um you've seen one, you've seen them all]

After watching The Watchmen:

There was less male nudity than I thought. I mean yeah Dr. Manhattan was naked all the time but he was all glowly blue so you couldn't really tell. [... ? ...]


Censored for your protection.

While waiting to exit a lane in the supermarket parking lot and people blocking his way:

Come on! Let's go you fuckwads!! What am I? At the nexus of the universe? [what does that even mean?]

When driving home, after leaving the nexus of the universe, he let me know he really had to pee. I asked him if he wanted a piece of yummy, fresh from the oven, french bread:

Yeah. Maybe it'll soak up my pee. [ewwwww]

While getting ready for bed and battling a moth:

Who the fuck is bringing moths into the house?? [Yes babe because we herd them inside and offer them a nice pair of socks to munch on]

After telling him I was in pain and could he stop with the bear hugs?:

But hugs make the world feel better. [awwww I shall embroider that on a nice pillow and then sit on that pillow]

And last but no least.

When demonstrating concern for our mental health:

I don't think we drink enough liquor. [amen my husband. AMEN!!]


I was looking for a cute picture of My Andy to post with Andyisms and I came across the one below. I thought "How cute! Here he is after he and Natalia went on the Ferris Wheel!" and then I noticed the beyotch checkin out his booty! Freakin' cougar! If I see her around I'm gonna make her smile come out of the back of her head!

the hell you say


  1. awesome andyisms! and seriously, you CAN'T trust cougars. um, meow.

  2. ROWR!

    jea-LOUS! It's very cute though, very cute indeed!

    He must get a kick out of it. hahahahaha

  3. It's a well known fact all traffic jams occur at the nexus of the universe.

    It's that little place right nexus to Mars.

  4. It sounds like you had an entertaining weekend. And found a new use for French bread...

  5. LOL...we have nearly the same kind of picture, except it is an old, bald, fat guy checking out my butt.

  6. I'm in cougar training. roar....Roar.....ROAR....R O A R!

    I'm slowly improving.

    I'm glad you're on the same page about the liquor.

    I'm with Jacki. I have old bald guys checking out my butt.

  7. how was the movie? I heard it sucked

  8. It's clear from the last comment that Andy has a lot of wisdom. I mean, can you guarantee nobody's been herding moths into your house?

    (that did make me chuckle a lot)

  9. Hilarious andyisms. The nexus of the universe is where 1st intersects 1st according to Kramer on an episode of Seinfeld.

  10. You go, girlfriend!

    We have moths too...

    And the nexus of the universe is in my house...that's why everything is always at a standstill, always a mess...

  11. Nobody tells the story of life as you ... HA HAAA!!!!!!!!

    That vixen is in BIG trouble ;-)

  12. I think Andy and I could be pals. Perhaps we could meet up at the nexus of the universe for some booze and a loaf of french bread and discuss moth herding.

    And that "cougar" is my wife! She's in big trouble now!

  13. I know why you're so posessive there Bee...

    You've seen that there's another woman out there that appreciates exactly what you do in Andy..

    Now, we really want to know..

    How was the movie really?

    I know, I know..

    It wasn't High School Musical 3 or anything, or even the Jonas Brothers 3D, or Hanna Montana, but how was it???

  14. Chat:
    I'm 4 years older than he is so does that make me a baby cougar? ;o)

    He knows I mean business. :o)

    Badabump! :o)


    Awww old fat guys have a heart to ya' know. And also ewww.

    Yes, that was a very nice roar.

    Meh. The comedian wasn't very funny.

    The world is shinier with booze.

    Should I be worried about an implosion?

    I promise you I did not send the moths to your house.

    Thanks! And yup she has a world of hurt coming towards her!

    Hmmmm I fear what you might teach him. And also yeah buy your wife some blinders!

    It was Meh. But I'm not a comic book geek-I mean connoisseur.

  15. You could take her Bee! just yank on those big earrings of her's to get her to the knees, and pop your knee to her chin. But I'm assuming you already know that trick. :)

    Cute picture though, both are darlings.

  16. I thought nexus was a shampoo.


  17. EVERYONE should drink more. My stockbroker just told me we're nowhere near the bottom yet. Except for The Bitch in your picture.

  18. You should REALLY check the lowest level of your house to be sure that Buffalo Bill isn't down there, keeping women prisoner. Moths were all over that 'Silence of the Lambs' house!

  19. Next time we go over I'm going to bring liquor ;)

  20. CH!CA:
    Yup. She's gonna get a whoopin!

    jean knee:
    Oh! Then it's in a bottle? I thought time was in a bottle?

    I agree. I need a few mojitos!

    Holy crap! we have a ton of holes down there! And by down there I mean under my house.

    Okay but I'm not sharing. ;o)

  21. Andy is a man of many hats. Literally.

    Hey! That cougar is totally checking him out! Off with her head.

    And hey, I don't know about you but full frontal male nudity is a ewww in my book. Full back male nudity of the Brad Pitt kind is a OK.

  22. Uh, Bee? That's one tiny little square.

    So it's like whatever it is covering must be teeny tiny. Some Watchman, meh.

  23. Wow. Andy says silly crap just like my father does. Maybe they should get together and have a head-to-head crazy quote-off.

  24. She's ols! She has nothing on you! You young sex kitten.


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