Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love..."-Right where he wants us.

comic strip danger 1

comic strip danger 2

comic strip danger 3


Coming on Tuesday:

From the same people that loved reading Interview with a Vampire, Bee’s Musings presents: Interview with a Vegetarian.


  1. FIRST!

    (Hi, NCS!)

    You should have worn gloves.

  2. Did you guys wear masks or protective pads?

  3. Did you succeed in the mission? :)

  4. What is it with dogs and paper?

    Very cute cartoon!

  5. Scary stuff, envelopes. I hire people to open mine.

    Only way, really.

  6. awww
    it's better than watching Marley

  7. Tazz the terrible! You should take him to the woods already.

  8. nice glasses by the way is the lone ranger still on tv?

    ha ha ha oh that tazz is all like "hand over the pork chop or the electric bill gets it!" i am so gonna use that tactic, i can be like "hand over the crispy bacon or the time share mailer gets it" ha ha or "hand over the sandwich or this aleutian islands canine re-education center literature gets it" ha ha wait..

    what was that one... ?

  9. Mine would have forked it over for yogurt. THey can hear me open the container from a fifty foot radius of the fridge.

  10. Hey, what about "Bee's Interview With A Stay At Home Mom"???
    Are vegetarians more interesting than me too???

    Speaking of being a mom, let me give you some advice.
    You and Andy have to make Tazz understand that YOU two are in charge, not him.
    As my MIL says "Show them you're the Alpha".
    It hasn't worked for me but I'm still holding out hope.

  11. At first I thought you two were laying down and I thought it odd that you would be laying down in your clothes, like pioneers or Puritans (no offense to pioneers or Puritans, neither of whom do I know personally). I thought this because of the way Andy has his hands clasped behind his head, as if relaxing, and clearly, this was not a relaxing moment. I'm going to assume it was more a pensive, "Now what?!" moment in Andy's life.

  12. LOL!!!I love ur Sunday comics!

  13. (BRIAN!)

    You know, they sell those body suits cops use to train K9s. Maybe you guys need to invest in one of those.

    Andy doesn't need one, all he needs is to train with Teh GUILD.

  14. :D Sunday's Comic always delivers :D

  15. Bee! Show 'em who's boss!
    Your husband not the dog.
    The dog's too scary!

  16. You should've let Tazz keep the bill. Then you could've told the electric company that you didn't do your homework, I mean pay your bill because your dog ate it...

    Once again awesome drawings-I give them an A+!

    Is this the beginning of a "guest" third subject in your comics? Who's next Mocha? The Nieces? Just wonderin'...

  17. I didn't realize you lived such a dangerous life!

  18. It's nice to see that Andy was able to prefectly portray you wearing your excellent new glasses Bee..

    I don't see what your problem is with them, you only look like a naughty librarian, nothing really bad.....


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