Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love…" -Dangers of the marital bed part deux.

comic strip death grip

comic strip death grip 2

comic strip death grip 3

comic strip death grip 4


  1. At least you managed to put your glasses out of harm's way...

  2. See, in our house that's a role reversal. I'm the one attacking and he's the one trying to sneak into bed.

    Love the illustrations! Great!

  3. I feel your pain.. I swear our husbands are related!

  4. It's funny because I do the same thing to Niki.


  5. Lmao!!!!

    Great drawings, love the feet and glasses up in the air!!!

    I hate squiky floors too! Especially when I'm trying to sneak in or out of a room with a sleeping baby.

  6. Aww you gotta love it though! :)

  7. In anticipation of the grip, Hubby used to put his arm out right where I need to lay down. We had to have a wittle talk about that one!

    Good job on the drawings!

  8. Get him a blow up doll and sleep on the couch.

  9. I think you may need to sneak a little sleepy pill in his warm milk.

  10. Bee,
    I am so glad that my husband has a "No Touching The Hubs When He's Sleeping" Rule.
    And he really makes sure that it's followed. If I even so much as accidentally brush against him while switching positions, he will wake mid-snore to say "I said no touching!"
    He can also awake, mid-snore, if I'm getting up to go to the bathroom. His head shoots up off of his pillow and he says "Where are you going?!?!?!" I don't know if he thinks I'm getting ready to run and leave him with the kids or if I've watched enough episodes of Snapped that I've learned how to not get caught.
    I think you should get him one of those "Girlfriend Pillows" that I had written about a while back. That way, he can have his cuddle time and you can be left alone.
    And I live in a 150 year old farm house so I understand about the squeaky floors. A pox on them, I say!

  11. Oh, Bee...hilarious! Also, are your bedroom floors slanted, or did Andy take editorial liberties with this comic?


  12. true!!!

  13. My problem is that Peter won't go to sleep without me in bed with him. If I try to stay up to get some more reading in or whatnot, he will pace back and forth and ask me "are you ready for bed?" until I finally give in.

    Oh, and we have a stereo on our dresser, too!

  14. HILARIOUS! It's like a midnight football game.

  15. Do you want to know what the hubs did last night? No, we didn't cuddle. He's allergic to affectionate touching.
    I was sound asleep, dreaming about being Mrs. Johnny Depp, when suddenly I wake up because the hubs is shaking the crap out of me!
    I said "Stop it! What do you want?"
    He then yells at me "Tracy! What are you doing with that chicken!" and then rolled over and started snoring again!
    He has a problem with talking in his sleep and that's what he was doing last night but this morning, when I asked him about it, he said he doesn't remember any of it.
    I will never know what I did to that poor chicken. :(

  16. There was also the time he started drilling me with questions about my prostate.
    I don't even think I have one of those. Isn't that a guy thing?

  17. Oh God.

    Never realized you were living so close to danger. How's the neck now?

  18. Ha...that's what you get! ;)

  19. I would sleep in a sleeper hold if I could actually return to normal sleeping patterns in my own bed. I can only dream.

  20. I suggest neck padding. Only solution!

  21. I keep getting "Bandwidth exceeded" for about five pictures from Photobucket. How many panels are there supposed to be?

  22. BRIAN!

    Awww, he wanted so Beelove.
    Some lovebeee..

    See? this is why I am taking abreak.


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