Monday, March 2, 2009

Antibiotics and you. First step stop being a whoooooore.

Damn! I have too much to say today!

Milton is looking up side effects on the antibiotics she’s taking. Now she is self diagnosing herself with a lot of other diseases, “she feels swollen, is having palpitations, her joints hurt”.

How about safe sex next time, Milton?

Just kidding.

Also, the paint fumes are making me sleepy and happy. That’s 2 out of the seven dwarfs, right? My Snow White is a little rusty. That’s what she said!

I am so mean.


  1. You want to make up a few of your own and tell her those ...

  2. Ask her if she also is suffering from

    "tremor, anxiety, urinary retention and hallucinations".

    (side effects of paracetemol - I must take it more often)

    I'm not sure what urinary retention is...

  3. So this is part of bizarro lunes still.
    Maybe someone needs to open a window.

  4. I like this post! Anything that starts with an STD joke and ends with a TWSS joke is a recipe for comic genius!

  5. least she isn't taking that one medication that makes you have frequent sexual or gambling urges.


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