Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Illnesses-eseses

I had plans for an extremely funny post.

It was gonna have you on the floor rolling around with your dust bunnies and pistachio shells, or is that just at my house??

Anywho, instead I had a near death experience in that I slammed my head thru my motherboard (of my laptop in case you were wondering) out of sheer anger at the ignorant statements people make.

You know, people that judge you, think they're better than you and are condescending know it alls that really don't know it all.

As a side note, I think Andy was going thru the same thing in Wizard War Land cuz I kept hearing things like "Stop c*ck blocking! F*ck you! What!? I NEED SOME HELP HERE!!" Yeah, I guess those games are pretty serious! [me shaking my head doing the "he's cuckoo" thing in a circular motion with my finger] But! He says he doesn't swear as much as I say so I was probably imagining it.

**By the way the reason for the "*" is that my blog is rated NC-17 and I'm afraid what the next rating might be!

Uh... anyway, I came up with a good reason to work in a doctor's office. It turns out it's the only little fringe benefit I have since we are not getting a bonus this year. Are you ready? It's pretty awesome.

Free old magazines that I take from the recycle bin.


Did you know that Brad Pitt and Jeniffer Aniston broke up??!!
He's now with Angelina Jolie!
-Oh no!
Luther Vandross died!
-Oh well, I at least still have Lou Rawls...

Please click on the You Tube screen thingy below. It shows the way men act when they've got the sniffles. So true to life.

If you think that I'll have the extremely funny post tomorrow... let's just hope I can remove my sense of humor from the "F" key.


  1. I'm running late for work but I had to come and tell you that the seven seeds lady is letting her 9 year old blog for her and then they're all going to play bunco. B.U.N.C.O, Bee! Do you find anything remotely amusing about that at all????!!?

  2. hey, I've had a man cold for two weeks now !
    Were can I get one of those whisels ( spell check here )

  3. EWBL:
    What I find hilarious is that she's gotten under your skin! I'm want to go check her blog now...
    Hey! Are you working with her?? ;op

    That was a bell not a whistle. I think you're the only dude I know that doesn't act all baby like when he's sick.

  4. I wanna make fun of someone tooo, no fair , who's the bunco lady?????

  5. My anti-psychotics must be working cuz I'm not sure what your post is about

    and I don't want to strangle anyone right now

  6. jean knee:
    My post is about nothing. I was trying to do a Seinfeld but failed.
    Win some lose some.

  7. Well I'm sure she's like perfectly delightful and all and that she's the creme de la creme of her Catholic faith since she adopted their 'crank out as many kids as possible' birthing policies but I really don't see how she tops out at humor blogs. I've read her out of sheer curiosity to see how mommy blogging daily minutae of her kids poop and such can top the ranks of humor. It's not even FUNNY stories of kid poop.

    She must be working with some humor blog operatives.... She's pretty and has a good looking family, but is she funny? I say NO. Maybe that's just me.

  8. I have to back to work the rain....and the cold front....WAAAAHHHHHH

  9. who is it a humor blogs???? you can't keep something like that all to yourselves

    that's greedy

  10. Back Issues:

    You're ignoring the craft possibilities. I think you and Jean Knee should collaborate on a series of posts. "1001 things to do with old magazines".

    Or, if they're anything like the ones my ex-MIL used to get when she worked at a hospital, you could make yourself a whole wardrobe of 1930's style knitwear - it'll be in fashion again one day.

  11. sorry if i judged you but maybe you can stop being so short. i love that andy said "cock blocking" while palying a computer game! sounds like allot of fun at the cor-rut household!!

  12. i hope you make it to TRIPLE X RATED. think of the weirdos you can help along their path.


  14. That's a good excuse - better than "the dog ate it". I'll have to use that one sometime ;-)

  15. EWBL:
    She probably has her whole fams clicking for her. I keep begging mine to do it but they get confused as to where they’re clicking. A couple have clicked on the picture of Andy. That’s how off my family is. :o)

    jean knee:
    You are not missing anything.

    Glue guns and I don’t get along.
    I pour Elmer’s glue on my hands then let it dry then peel it off. I’m really 7.

    Thanks! Now I’m gonna have some stray oddballs thinking I have nastier stuff than toilet stories on my blog!

    My recommendation is to copy whatever you typed before you click publish. It can save your life one day. Oh, that could have been a PSA!

  16. sure, sure that glue gun handicap never stopped me

    my nickname in craft land is glue drip

  17. knocked up 7 times mamaDecember 12, 2007 at 4:04 PM

    don't try to beat me, Bee. I am way out of your league--I play bunco!

  18. I just got done reading a two year old O magazine my mom brought me from the library when I strolled over here to read this, so I'm so down with your old news is good news business, missy. This particular issue was dedicated to Oprah's love of books. Who knew!?

    I just took it out to the recycle bin. Sorry. Had I known, I'd have shared. Before I go, did you find out if Britney and Kevin are happy?

  19. I don't swear at people I'm playing with or against. I realize that some may be like 12 so I just offer.....stern words of encouragement :)

  20. Did you know that Robert Palmer is dead too?

    Yeah, he really isn't Simply Irresistible no more!


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