Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Recap.

The hub-bub had his Christmas party on Friday.
I used to go with him but it would be me and the owner's wife as the only females so I stopped going about 3 years ago. Andy doesn't frequent bars so I always suggest he stay as long as he wants. This Friday was no different, he just has 3 simple rules:
1) Don't drink and drive. If you're over served, give me a call and we'll go get you.
2) Don't flirt with any women. Remember there is a death penalty with that one.
3) Don't flirt with any men. Because... just don't.
See? Simple.
His dinner party was at 7:00 pm and since I was having fun with my brothers, sister and sister-in-law, I hadn't realized what time it was until after they left.
10:15. TEN-FIFTEEN???
Okay, just relax and give him a call. 5 rings and his voicemail. Okay, just send him a text. "Still sober?" Wait 10 minutes, maybe it's loud at the restaurant.
15 minutes later still nothing.
***side bar***
Am I being weird? Yes, but that is part of my nuttiness... I become paranoid when I can't get ahold of my peeps.
This one time, I had the whole family on a search party throughout Chicagoland because I couldn't get ahold of my mom. She was at mass...
At 10:30, I started calling him every couple of minutes.
The cold sweat started, I could picture him in a ditch somewhere... the minutes were dragging! I remembered every mean thing I've said to him.
Oh, my poor Andy! By this time it was 10:57, then 10:58, then 10:59... you get the picture!
FINALLY!! At 11:15, he calls to tell me he's okay, they were at the bar part of the restaurant, it was loud blah blah blah. I was happy of course but a little pissed he never thinks about calling me when it's late knowing what a psycho I am!
I didn't yell at him, I told him to stay longer and to give me a call when he was on his way, I went to bed.

I know men and women are different. If I'm running really late, I call him but he usually doesn't even realize what time it is or that I'm late because he's killing troll-orcs. I call him anyway, you know, just in case he worries one day.
Can you believe he actually enjoys his Christmas parties????? I wonder what that would be like?
On Saturday morning, he dragged me to the bank with him. I was still in my pajamas but he insisted I go. I stayed in the car and played a game on my cellphone. For some reason he took forever and people kept going into the bank but not coming out.
My nuttiness came out again so I started envisioning bank robbers keeping them hostage.
Now what am I going to do? I'm in my PJs and slippers!
Okay, if he doesn't come out after I finish this game, I'll sneak over there ninja style and see what I can do to save the day!
Andy walked out about a minute later so I never got to test out my Ninja skills.
When I told him what I was thinking he said:
"What the hell were you gonna do? I can picture you standing by the bank door in your PJs and everybody looking at me! What would I say then?"
"Uhm... that's when you deny you know me! I'd do the same for you."
He also thanked me for not going into action until after I finished my game.
If you you don't believe I would have gone to save my Andy, you don't know me very well... ;o)
Later that evening, it snowed (white-out blizzard style with a total of about 8 inches from Friday to Sunday) so I was stuck in the house with nothing to do but watch TV.
Among my channel surfing, I came upon Sada Punjab television which had some "awesome" singers. Jasbir Jasi and Satwinder Bitti (Who? I don't know them either but they seemed pretty famous). I know every nationality has their music and I'm not making fun of it, it's just interesting. The woman singer had on Indian clothing and was doing a veil dance, I think it was a veil dance because they kept putting more clothes on her. When they panned into the audience it was all men in the first few rows and the women were in the back. I finally changed the channel when Andy came out and asked me what the 'ef I was watching. I think I was hypnotized!
I've put a sample at the bottom of this post in case you want to dance with me.
On Sunday we did more of our Christmas shopping.
One for you, two for me! I found these gorgeous shoes at an awesome price (they're blood red)! What? You don't care about my shoes?
[]<-- Cyber door, walk thru it and don't let it smack your ass on the way out.
Come on! I had to tell you guys about it cuz they're really cool! The picture does not do them justice.

Andy says he's got my Christmas present but won't give me any clues as to what it is. I haven't even decided what I'm buying him. He gave me a list of computer games which means I'm going to have to go to the dreaded Electronic store--Best Buy--! I hate going there!

Geeks tend to flirt with cool chicks! How do I know? I've seen it happen. ;o)

::sigh:: Back to work!


  1. Any pictures of our beautiful snowfall??? I love snow, especially when it falls on the weekend and you don't really have anywhere you have to be. We were actually out doing a little bit of shopping and just loving the snowfall!! It's too bad some people will never get to experience this...

    Love the shoes!!

  2. First esmeralda gets a pretty tree pic dedicated to her and now she beats me to the comment section??!!!? The outrage!

    Bee, yesterday I scored 8th place even ahead of seedy woman and then I went in to edit my profile so the whole blog description would fit in.....I freaking deleted my blog from their records by accident!!! :0 I already e-mailed so I could be re-instated but c.r.a.p I'm such a dork.

  3. I have totally done the whole 'worst-possible-case-scenario' thing in my head whenever Papi or my kids are late coming home from stuff.

    This is why I have an ulcer and gray hair.

    Papi calls me a crazy psycho too. I tell him that I'm crazy, psychotically in love with him and will take on anyone who dares try to horn in on my territory.

  4. Elastic, didn't you just say the same thing to me, like two days ago or something?

    I have a story where Drew was being killed by a psycho and I was in the car with a baby and no cell phone and was just about to drive off...blah blah long story

  5. nice blood red kick ass shoes, Bee.
    I was at a bowling party yesterday and the women had on chic high heel boot type shows. No it was too cold for my man thongs so I was wearing some browm mules with zippers that needed to be shined---swweeeeet that is my pair of winter shoes

  6. Large Marge will take care of any and all Andy flirters. I'll squash em like armadillo tortillas with my big rig.

  7. favorite pass time watching asian and indian singers. sometimes i get up and shake my hips like shaikra cus they dont lie! did you get my list of things i want? i left it at the fromt desk on friday youd already left.

  8. it worries me that you have to have " Don't flirt with men as one of your rulz for Andy.
    I can picture you in that Indian outfit doing Kung-Fu at the bank.

  9. Well done for saving Andy from the bank robbers, who were about to rob the place, but saw the Crazy Ninja Woman waiting in the car and decided to get their money elsewhere.

    Those shoes could be thrown boomerang-style at the robbers.

  10. Crazy Ninja Woman ...he he he.

    ;) You kill me.

  11. I watch foreign channels all the time. I like them. Yesterday I was watching some Japanese salad-making contest for almost a half-hour. I kid you not.

    Oh, and in that video, at -2:04, I didn't know anyone did that dance move anymore! I guess in India they do...

  12. Some interesting hand movements around then, too. Can you say "spirit fingers?"

  13. Esmeralda:
    No snow pics this time. My batteries are dead and I can't find the charger... :o(
    Wait till you seem them in person!

    I'm glad I'm not the only psycho weirdo! ;o)
    It's all because of love-ish.

    jean knee:
    Between you and me, when I'm home I wear a pair of those sneaker sandals until the weather hits below freezing then I wear a pair of moccasins...

    large marge:
    With you on my side no hoochies will ever dare even look at Andy!

  14. BD:
    I got your list today. Laughed. Cried. Laughed again. I might post it later just for kick and giggles.

    I just add the man part as a precaution.
    Kung Fu:
    Monkey Kung Fu? Would you train me? I have to warn you that my bones make creaking noises.

    I don't want to get any scuffs on my shoes... the horror! :-O

    No no, no killing NCS.

    DID YOU EVER WATCH "MXC"???? It's on cable Spike channel.


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