Thursday, December 6, 2007

And the lampshade award goes to...

No no no please, I don't need an award for dancing drunk on tables!
I do that for the sheer joy of it!

So... I had my Office Party on Wednesday evening.
Raise your hand if you didn't know this (or is it that?).
In the freakin' back!
Where've you been that you didn't know this crucial piece of information (thank the lord for spellcheck right now. well not just right now, you know, always.)

Anyway, I'll report later on (probably Friday cuz I think I ordered a hang-over for tomorrow or Thursday I should say, right?) the goin' ons cuz right now I'm incoherent-ish. Blame our waiters cuz they could tell by the glazed look in my eyes I needed help.
Spell check caught 15 spelling errors! And then I spelled spelling wrong so 16.
Question: How many Margaritas does it take for me to be incoherent-ish?
Also, how cool am I that I found such an appropriate cartoon in my current state?
And, I had Andy proof read it and he said to post it anyway, what did he mean by that?


  1. Tired and Emotional:

    I'm going to guess about 1.5 margaritas.

  2. i say you had 5.
    i wonder what a drunk bee is like. nice? mean?

  3. BEE! TALK ABOUT RANDOM!! I'm sitting in the library waiting for my next class when I hear a girl say into her cellphone "It's not that cold, I'm wearing too much clothes" I turned to her, you knew I would, and said "Let me know if you need help getting out of them."

    This is now my second warning, one more and my library privileges are revoked!
    Should I ask for her number? ‡o)

  4. hehehe. margaritas...lets see. 2!

  5. brian:

    jean knee:



    The numbers guessed would have made me loopy but incoherent-ish would be a higher number.

  6. hope you didn't start stripping in public like you do when you're drunk.

  7. There is nothing to tell dweebazoids!

  8. asswipe lettuce loverDecember 6, 2007 at 3:21 PM

    Oh my goodness, you people are assalts to human decency!!

    have you no shame!?

  9. ass wipe lettuce lover:
    You're just jealous you can't booze it up like the rest of us. And please keep your clothes on!

  10. Nothing to Tell:

    You mean you don't remember, presumably... Did you get funny looks from the bats this morning?

  11. brian:
    No comment

    I got allot of "How are you feeling today?" :o)

  12. I think I spelled assault wrong. Oh the Outrage!!

  13. I mean I think asswipe spelled it wrong

  14. Yeah jean knee, I ran over dogs to come correct you! We all know you meant "asswipe"

  15. I guess spellcheck didn't catch "cuz" lmao

    It was pretty funny watching you just giggle at the light being turned off tho, so getting with "happy hour" is a good thing every once in awhile.

    And whats this stripping thing that I know nothing about?

  16. Oh Bee, don't you know that our husbands love it when we make fools of ourselves on our blogs? My husband kept suggesting that I use my down time to blog after having my gallbladder taken out and was all hopped up on Vicodin.
    I hope the hangover isn't too terrible bad.
    As for the margaritas, I say atleast one whole one!

  17. Oh Bee... check my blog, I'm sure you'll have a party with my latest post.

  18. Theres would be nothing in this world less appealing than going to a party with the thugs I work with. Likely they'd have it down at the Lusty Lady Cabaret so they could consume all the crabs they want.

    Crabs..... You know at the Happy Hour Seafood Lunch Buffet.

  19. My mom had one margarita at Marcos Mexican Restaurant and I had to practically carry her out the door and drive home.

    I was only 15.

    I could totally outdrink her by the age of 15. I never told her that, though. :)

  20. I got dropped down to #275 Bee. Soy muy, muy triste.

    That Seven Seeds lady is nothing but a mommy blogger and she's in the top 5??!!? I've gotten my azz beat by a traveling bra and a guy who blogs about his kids autism. Yeah, autism. That sounds like a laugh a minute humor blog.

    I went to Mattress Police last night and I read that there was some trouble with the widget and he fixed it. I'm dying a slow and painful blog death in the mean time......

  21. What?!?!?!?! Would love to see you incoherent-ishLY drunk! Are you all about hugging and spreading some love telling everyone how much you appreciate them (especially the bats!)??? lol.

    I will guess 3-4drinks....

  22. Andy:
    “Cuz” is a word. I know cuz I use it all the time. What light being turned off? I have no recollection of what you speak of! ;o)

    The hangover was BAD! No, I had more than that… :o)

    It was hilarious! Umm.. I hope you threw those shorts away!

    What a koinky dink you should ask! I did read the 7 seeds one and you’re right it's more like painful! Especially the part about pooping her birth control thing… ::blech::
    I hope that when they fix the widget I don’t get dropped to 275… :o(

    No, I don’t go around spreading the Bee love! I think I’m less inhibited but that’s not really saying much.


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