Saturday, December 22, 2007

Professional Stroker

Ego stroker that is! (get yo' mind outta the gutter!)

I had my meeting with OZ and had nothing to bring cuz I was blogging ALL day! Saying it loud and proud!

Anyway, his last patient was at 2:45 so we were able to meet right away.

I shined up my gap toothed smile so I could shmooze him... oh, you didn't know I had a gap in between my 2 front teeth? I do.
I've been told it's cute, could be a lie to get something from me (gum! sheesh!). It's kind of like Madonna's gap only not that big (we are still talking about her teeth, let's stay focused!). I think she fixed hers... hold on while I check.

AAAAGGH! Can you believe there's a blog about teeth gaps??? Here

Then I found this: "In medieval times, gapped teeth in a woman were considered a sign that she was...*ahem*...sexually promiscuous." WTF!!

Forget what I was gonna say it's not important anymore!
Quick Bat Update:
Milton came in to work saying she wasn't feeling well so she'd "close the day" (she has the power to take us from yesterday to today) and go home. Since everybody is mad at everybody, Glynda went around the office saying in the loudest voice possible "Make sure you wash your hands often, Milton is sick and should have stayed home!"

Wasn't that mean of her?? I don't know what the world is coming to! ;o)

Bee original joke:

Where is Santa doing his shopping?

Craigslist! Ho Ho Ho!

Okay, that probably only has me in stitches!

Don't forget to clicky on Humor-Blogs for me!
I go up and then down, up and then down... kinda like my weight in real life!
Ha! I'm gonna put the thing on the sidebar and name it Yo-Yo!

If you're thinking I'm lame right now... I don't blame you.


  1. I think the little rectangular banner is much easier to figure out where to click than the long list one.

    Moonlight reruns makes me irascible....and vampire-deficient for the week.

  2. Your post made my heart sing!!!

    It was singing 'Promiscuous Girl.' :)

  3. I blogged instead of sleeping or finishing my Christmas stuff. Procrastinatey.

  4. I hope peeps don't think I'm calling them Yo-Yos or is it yoyos. I dunno...

    (some of my family peeps are yo-yos)

    Woman! I don't know how you do it! I'd be a zombie.

  5. I'm having difficulty understanding the connection. Maybe it's because they couldn't wear braces, since all that metal and wire could be a health and saftey issue in certain lines of work...

    Funny, I was just reading a rather obscene joke last night about women and stroking on a Greek blog. I'd tell you it but (a) I'd mistranslate it, and (b) I can't tell jokes.

  6. Haven't been by for a while, but thought I'd just mosey on over this morning to wish you a Happy Christmas/Winter Solstice.

  7. B, is my mom going on vac. or not?

  8. Lean used to have a gap toothed smile. it was soooo adorable. Now she has no room in her mouth at all and some teeth are behind others.

    Bee, I told you how to get out early but I guess Milton intercepted my email and tried it out for herself

  9. I met a girl at my wife's holiday party who had the gap teeth thing going. She was cute. I don't know how much the teeth had to do with it, but interesting that you would write about it...

    If Milton has the power of time travel, can you get me in touch with her? I could seriously use the power of time travel (for good, obviously- not for my own self-serving goals).

    PS- Everybody remember to eat your fruitcake this holidy season.

  10. Man, that frogster guy is really whoring up the fruitcake, ain't he??!!?

    Giving you my one measly clickie, Bee.

  11. I don't think you are lame. I think you are fantastica!

    I sees you! I love it that your dog is holding a blue ball.

    I clickety for you Beee!

  12. OMGosh did you read the tooth gap rating?

    1/10 = a tiny diastema,
    3/10 - 6/10 = the average gap and 10/10 = the gap of a full tooth and more, fantastic!

  13. what, your dog has blue balls? I thought you had him fixed?

    Andy has the best pose

  14. Real, from scratch tamales?


    And ponche??


    You makes me cry Bee.

  15. Oh my dear Bee. Although I have no idea what you're talking about most of the time, I could never think you were lame.
    I wonder how a gap in a woman's teeth made her promiscuous? Maybe all head banging off of the head board made her teeth gap? Something to think about.
    I gave a little shout out to you in my latest post. I'm anxious to hear what you have to say in response!

  16. brian:
    Why, whatever do you mean? [blinking innocently]

    Thank you! Same to you! :o)

    My brother, you have my NUMBER...

    jean knee:
    I know! I wonder if the phlegm she coughed up was fake phlgem? Where can I get fake phlegm? Why does phlegm have a "g"?

    Of course she was cute because of the gap! It's a proven scientific fact.
    Milton is a goody goody that won't break the rules no matter how much money I throw at her. I asked her to take me back to the one fateful day I ate that donut, the one that added 30 pounds to my body, and she said no. So sad.
    What's fruitcake?

    You're making me blush and yes I'm blessed1 :o)

  17. jean knee:
    For some reason he keeps thinking he uh has all the equipment and goes after Mocha. That could explain the bruising...

    Such lyrics as,
    Here I am
    And you're a Rocket Queen
    I might be a little young
    But honey I ain't naive
    Here I am
    And you're a Rocket Queen oh yeah
    I might be too much
    But honey you're a bit obscene

    COME ON!!


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