Sunday, December 23, 2007


Thanks for the picture NCS! Don't we look groovy? Andy Elf has boobies. (THEY LOOK BETTER THAN MINE!)

Due to some constructive criticism, I've decided to change the template of my blog.
Don't be surprised if you come on over and find me in my pajamas, adding and removing... stuff. (See how technical I can get?)
Anyway, here are a few I'm thinking about.
Red Swirls Red Swirls 2 Swinging Banshee (probably not but I liked the name) Release Me.
Santa came early-
Interesting thing we saw today while coming back from the dreaded grocery store:
A kid (probably late teens) learning to ride a Unicycle on a busy street with no paved sidewalks!
Times we thought he was going to end up being grape juice: SEVEN!
How many of you can say you've seen someone on a Unicycle (outside of a circus or movie)? Jealous?


  1. I like black and red combo, just not sure what other template has that.

    You're brave to change. I'm afraid I'll lose everything since I was UPGRADED against my will so now I know the Blog Gods will punish me for whining about it.

  2. My favourite? Red Swirl (not that I think there's anything wrong with the others)

    My prediction for what you'll pick? Release Me

  3. Bee,

    Please log in to messenger.


  4. I don't know what either of those templates look like. I will read Bee's Musings no matter what the template is like, even if it blinds me. Remember how mine caused everyone to have the runs?

    good times, good templates

  5. If its any consolation my oldest daughter love, love, loves your template!

    She's likes vampires and EMO music and wearing black so really that isn't any big surprise. :)

  6. Oldest Arugula Princess is standing here right now furrowing her brow and saying NOoooooooooo when I told her you're changing your template.

    I hope you're happy now. You made her furrow her brow.

  7. Looking at jean knees old intestinally churning blog is my secret to weight loss success.

  8. I gave you an early Christmas present on my blog, Bee!

  9. I like the template.
    Is so pure and snowy like.

  10. did I ever tell you my FIL i...........


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