Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after

All he wanted to do, after a long stressful day, was to take a bath and relax. Little did he know Prancer was looking for easy money and would sell his secret to the tabloids!


Below is a video of my favorite song of the season.
"Baby it's cold outside"
The best version is the Dean Martin one but this will be second on my list. It's amazing how a song we sing every year can be so psychotically twisted! Trust me when I say you will never listen to this song the same ever again! I'll wait for you right here while you watch it.

Wasn't it freaky-funny? No!? What do you know? You're sitting there reading this blog! ;o)
Hope you had a Happy Holiday and Santa overlooked your naughtiness!
I know he overlooked mine or maybe he just gave me someone else's gifts...
As many of you know, there are subjects that are off limits by royal decree of King Husband Andy. I just wanted to tell you guys of the reception we received Christmas Day at his parent's house.
Let me set the scene for you.
Bee and Andy running 15 minutes late due to Bee's migraine and inability to raise her head higher than an inch at a time and then having to take a shower hoping to dispel some of the cackling hyenas in her head (although there really should be no need for an excuse to take a shower!).
Father in law opening the door for innocent-unsuspecting-never-snarky-Bee-and-Andy.
Bee an Andy:
Merry Christmas!!
Father in law:
I thought you'd never get here! We were about to start without you! Everything is on the table!
Well you should have started without us.
We were! [walking into kitchen]

Bee to Andy:
First thing on Christmas morning?? WHAT. THE .FUCK!!
The end.
Not really the end, I'd tell you more but my hands are tied by L-o-v-e!

Homework: New year resolutions (other than losing weight)(maybe if I don't resolve to lose weight this year, my body and mind will be fooled into losing weight!).


  1. I beat Brian I beat Jean and I'm beating Esermalda down to say...

    First Ya'll!!!!!

  2. M:
    Congrats! You win the dorky door prize of "ceramic" snowmen measuring cups!! :o)

    You should use the nickname option above the anonymous option, my nickname is Superfly Queen Bee! ;o)

  3. That's a cheap trick - posting your comment when people on the other side of the Atlantic are asleep. I'd never do that just to be first ;-)

    I loved the video! I'd never heard that song before.

    I tend to arrive on time for things. So when I said to my mother I'd be there at 4pm, I was there on the dot. They were running an hour late. I was in serious danger of starving by the time the food was ready!

  4. Brian:
    ... ... ... ... You've never heard that song?? It's only the best song of the season!!
    Time Warp:
    It's funny because nobody is ever on time to my things. Ever. Although I also hate it when I tell someone a certain time and they get there half an hour
    I always put out snackies for people in case the meal takes longer to prepare than anticipated.

    Normally we're late cuz of Andy but I guess it was my turn to be sluggish.
    BTW, migrane- still here! :o(

  5. Heeeeey!

    I try to be on time for your things!

  6. Nancy:
    You are always on time. :o)

  7. I ignored my in-laws and just focused in on the piled high plate of food that included pork rubbed with adobe sauce. Mmmmmmmm

  8. Well sheesh, hope you had a nice Christmas. hehe.

    My weekend was spent with my mom. Just me and her. You can imagine how that may or may not have gone. Let's just say, half peace, half melodrama.

  9. No post today?

    I hope you are feeling good...

    I love my in-laws... I sooooo have the best in-laws ever!

    And before anyone asks NO YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM!!

  10. Man, I want those measuring cups!!!

    I can't get that video to load right so Haven't seen it yet. Wanna know the worst version of that song? Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton's duet-gag they're voices and bodies just don't go together at all.

  11. Lie down in a dark room and turn on a fan for the soft drone. drink lotsa water take tons of advil--you can't od until you hit ten. or beg Dr. for med.

    Put cool towel on your face, make Andy change it every ten-fiteen minutes.

    Thank you Dr. Jean Knee

    and don't drink any alcohol

  12. Our guests for x-mas eve were hour and half late which I don't care about except that all the food was charred, charred , black

    except the bacon wrapped olives mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Sorry about the sickoness. Are you feeling better?

  14. Jean Knee's advice for the migrane sounds lovely.
    I just woke up or I'd try it.

    I bet I could fall back asleep if I did.

  15. you sick? i called the office they said you didnt come in. i got ROCK BAND FOR CHRISTMAS!!now im gonna start my own band and not let you sing! okay maybe you can do some duets with me.

  16. Hilarious! That clip put into pictures everything I've always thought when I hear that song.

    I like starting my Christmas with a hearty "WFT?" too. Like when my kids come into the bedroom at 4:45 a.m.



  17. Beeeeeeeeee Where are you??????

  18. B is really sick, I came over to visit this morning and she didn't even come down to say hi.

    B you really need to take it easy with the Vodka.

  19. I'M BACK AND BIGGER THAN EVER!! Okay, maybe not bigger since I haven't eaten anything in more than 24 hours.

    Normally I would say "mmmm pork with adobe!" but I'm having stomach issues today.

    Santa was super generous to me so it could have been worse! ;o)

    My mother in law rocks! Without them I wouldn't have my Andy.

    jean knee:
    That's exactly what I did! Dark room, slept for hours. I love burnt food!

    I'm feeling better now after following Dr. Jean Knee's advice.

    You will never gt anyone better than me to do the Axl screeches!

    4:45!!! Maybe you should tell them Santa won't get to your house until after noon.

    Here I am!

    Sorry but every muscle in my body hurt along with my head. Yeah too much vodka will do it! :o)

  20. Sorry to hear you've been sick. It seems like we've been 'diconnected" for a long, long time. Gotta catch up...

    Oh, and btw, anonymous sister, my name is not Esermalda :op

  21. still trying to watch video

    great recovery

  22. I mean I usually do think of you as being sick but I never want you to actually bee sick, you know. :)

  23. Did you not want to go down to say Hi to Dan? Where oyu just pretending? :)

  24. I love that you seem to be as demented, if not more so, as myself. I loved the new spin on the Christmas carol. Makes you wonder what other songs we could fuck with.
    As for the in-laws, that sounds like every holiday with my family. I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that you are not alone!
    I quit making the weight resolution two years after I had my second child and still had all that baby weight to lose.
    My resolutions for this year are simple:
    1. I am going to get my hair done, cut, highlights, shampooing, the whole nine yards atleast once this year.
    2. I would like one freaking mani/pedi. Is that too much to ask for? I haven't had one since I became a mother and I just don't think that my nails should have to suffer anymore!


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