Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why so many green Skittles???

The facts are these:

One Bee Short Person was hungry.

She went and radiated her Lean Cuisine as per her usual routine.

She set up her little lunch station as she does everyday.

LC [check] water [check] iPod [check] cell phone [check] pencil and paper [check] left over Skittles bag from Halloween [check]

She happily sat down to enjoy a half hour of food, music and solitude when in walks one Scarecrow Dumb Shit.

She proceeds to reach over Bee Short Person’s iPod and water and grabs her bag of Skittles. Saying “Ooh Skittles!”

***Caution*** Do not extend arm in front of hungry animal!**

Nah, just kidding, I wouldn't bite her! (she’s got so much booze and nicotine in her system she’s toxic just by standing next to her)

Why did you just reach over me to grab my Skittles? (<-doesn’t this sound odd?)

Oh, they’re yours?

They were practically under my LC! Who grabs someone else’s skittles?? Do I look like a defenseless child???

Scarecrow: [shaking, not kidding]
Sorry Sorry Sorry! [drops the skittles barely missing my LEAN CUISINE!]

Surgeon General’s Warning: Wait half an hour before eating today.

Half an hour from when?


Scarecrow scampers off.


Please see the placement of the items I listed earlier.
This is a re-enactment since I had to place the bag of Skittles back in it's original location so that I may take a picture.
The Skittles were not at the edge of the table nor were they on top of those boxes of chocolates indicating they were communal property.
No, their positioning clearly stated the ownership belonged to one Bee Short Person.

I rest my case.

Tonight is our Christmas Party and it will be at Gibson's Steakhouse.
You're welcome to join us but you'll have to buy the drinks.
And keep them coming!

Please go check out Berta's blog "Qwerty" since she has been nice enough to do the The Random and Embarrassing thing. Go make fun of her. Go!
And also see if Brian, Jean Knee, Aroogoogoola, and Chris have done it cuz they're a bunch of law breakers!


  1. Mean Cuisine:

    That LC looks a lot better than I would have imagined.

    Office Bunfight:

    I'd love to come - it would be worth the cost of a few drinks to get everyone drunk and witness the results...


    I've done the random thing, but it's not going to get posted until at least tomorrow, since I had something more topical to talk about today.

  2. I was just thinking how gaggy the LC looked, of course I like my food generously buttered and charred in theWM 4000 so anything liquidy looks un yummy

  3. brian:
    LC are yummy.

    Office Party:
    I pulled up the menu, I'm gonna order the Autralian Lobster Tail with turf for $130.75 and a bottle or 2 of "2000 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars FAY" for $80 a bottle. Maybe then he'll stop the parties.

    side note: I dislike seafood.

    jean knee:
    LCs are yummy.

  4. SNOW DAY!
    do you think oz will invite me if i show up today? he was a huge big dad fan! ‡o)

    im no longer there to eat the green skittles m&ms and sour patch kids. you should put em in a jar to save for throwing them at people.

  5. BD:
    Andy's dropping me off cuz I can't see very well at night so I told him I hope OZ sees him so he can invite him to stay.
    You should do the same. Just casually show up saying "Oh just in the 'hood..."

  6. The LC does look kinda unappetizing, but maybe it's just the lighting in that room.

    Scarecrow wanted to taste the rainbow.

  7. NCS:
    They're actually pretty tastey. That just looks gunky cuz it had creamed spinach mmmm.

    Scarecrow was gonna taste the rainbow all right...! ;op

    It's not that I don't like to share you, it's just the way she grabbed them.

    Que sera sera.

  8. Bee wrote: "It's not that I don't like to share you"

    BWAHAHAHA "I like to share you"
    Let me share you with the people of earth!
    Sorry I meant "you understand" or mayb "you guys know" or maybe "you know what I'm sayin'?"

  9. you should buy some m&m's and skittles.
    Put the m&m's in the skittles bag and the skittles in the m&m's
    bag....kind of dumb put the look on Scarecrow's face when she starts to wonder if she's in the twilight zone might be woth it.

  10. wow, I clicked on Dan's profile...whoo doggy there weren't much

  11. Jean
    I've meant to fill it in....singel word, Procastinator, why do today what you could do tommorow or three weekend's from now?

    B...could you fill my profil for me please.


  12. Bee Skittles would make a great truck driver name......or porn star name if the truckin life don't work out fer ya.

  13. Skittles

    Should we all really be encouraged by a company to 'taste the rainbow?' Are they a shill for the gay pride people or what?

  14. Oh and I click on your blog every single day of my young life and so if you're clicking twice and I'm clicking once we should be registering at least 3 distinctly different ISP addresses per diem.

    I took definitive action and moved the logo to a more central sidebar stage. I refuse to be beaten out by a freakin travelin bra and mommy blogs!

    Seriously. Have you seen that Seven Seeds blog? Soooooo NOT funny and yet in the top 20. This makes me feel the pain of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  15. Hey, I'm working on the tag! It's harder than you might think! Especially the embarrassing one... You can't rush art, you know. Trust me, it shall be worth the wait.

  16. What the hell kind of food was in the LC? It took me a few minutes to take in the rest of the "evidence" because I was so busy trying to figure out what the heck you were eating.

    The evidence obviously puts the Scarecrow at fault. You would have had every right to bite her!

  17. Dan: x2
    She is now on Viocadin so that might freak her out! :o) Regarding your profile, I would need your password… [eyebrows wagging]

    Large Marge:
    Glad you’re a live and thank you for saying PORN on this blog cuz it’ll mean more hits for me! PORN PORN PORN!

    Maybe that should be your next post, bowel discomfort. ;o)

    Well, by now you’ve done it so coolio!

    It is creamed spinach with chicken MMMMMM.
    Jean Knee


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