Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I’ve been hit! 2 for the price of one.

I was tagged by Chasing the Highs for 8 embarrassing things and I’ve been randomly tagged by Cole Twins - Wisconsin to list 7 random things.

I could not come up with 8 embarrassing things for the life of me, seriously! I could only come up with 3. One of 'em isn't even that bad.
The other ones are more recent and have already made my blog.

So without further ado… (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

7 random things.

1) Because I wore nothing but jeans for the first 25-ish years of my life, I no longer like to wear ‘em and only own ONE pair of jeans.

2) I don’t like roses.

3) The color green and I do not like each other. Green to the extreme, I will never drink out of a green cup/glass. Please don't make me!

4) I owned a total of 3 dolls growing up. One when I was too young to know better. The second when my mom tried forcing Barbie on me so she bought me Gold Barbie. And the last one was when I was 7-8 and they bought me one of those dolls that are almost as tall as the little girls themselves. This thing scared the crap outta my brother’s and I! Especially since my mom had the great idea to hang her from a nail on my wall so that when you walked into my room it looked like she was floating and her arms were always out-stretched as if she was trying to grab you…::shiver::

5) I am not a fan of apples. Apple pie makes me gaggy... but I like caramel apples go figure!

6) I never planned on getting married. My goal was to live in sin with my man until my ticket on the Bee train expired but Andy would have none of it! His ultimatum was either we get married or we live with our parents for the rest of our lives… When he put it that way! ;op

7) I just walked into my back porch (unheated) to let the dogs out and found a dirty mashed potato pot I had put outside on Thanksgiving to get it out of my way... OOPS! I guess thaat could go in the embarrassing column but I'm not. Don't worry I'm gonna wash it! ... ... ... Tomorrow.

Embarrassing Things
When I was 17, I was walking with my mom one day after school. I still had my uniform on and since I'm such a rule follower... instead of wearing the required pleated skirt, I had a specially made straight A-line mini skirt with a slit in the back. I would wear it under my pleated skirt and take off the top one once I passed "inspection". Anywho, I stepped on something and my right foot slid forward so I ended up doing a half split which split the slit of my skirt. (Ha! Bet you never the thought you'd see the word "split" & "slit" so many times!) Yup! Exposed in the middle of downtown Small Town USA! But for some reason this didn't embarrass me, I just took off my sweater put it around myself and continued walking. My mom almost had a stroke from laughing though.
When I was 11-ish. I was caught shop lifting chocolate bars at our Safeway. Although I was scared shitless, I was a tough little cookie even back then. The stocker guy who caught me was all self satisfied and really angry that he was unable to intimidate me. [message to him--Bastard!]
That wasn’t the embarrassing part.
They called the police and since the town I lived in California was smaller than any Chicago suburb, the cop turned out to be one of my classmate’s dad. He was a pretty cool guy so he followed me to my house. Me in my beach cruiser (bike) and he going 2 miles an hour in his squad car.

That was the embarrassing part! It seems every single one of my friends was playing outside that day! Needless to say, I will no longer even eat so much as a grape without paying for it.

When I was working at the chicken place, there was this "cute guy" that worked in a nearby factory and came in everyday for lunch. I had the biggest crush on him. I mean huge crush for years!
You could tell he had an ego thing going so I never gave him any more attention than I did his co-workers. I joked around with all of them equally.
One day…
I was busy so I couldn't bring his food out, instead I asked a male co-worker if he could "take this out to the cute guy." Guess what he did? He went and asked -in front of all the other factory workers- "who's the cute guy? Bee said to bring this out to the cute guy." All of them, of course, claimed to be the cute guy and I had to put up with their teasing for years! No worries, I went on to date the male co-worker.

Sorry folks, that’s all I got.

With the powers vested in me I tag the following people.
I know what the “rules” are but you can choose to end the tag with you after you post and not tag anybody else or tag peeps whatever.
No tag backs!


  1. Random:

    To say thankyou for tagging me I was going to send you a dozen apple-scented green roses. Oh well. Sounds like I should make it two dozen...


    You're shameless!

  2. ha! you'll never get arugula to do it. she's very shy

    I did that same split skirt thing while dancing wildly at a night club. I didn't even care
    (actually the split skirt thing happened twice but I don't remember the details- I'll ask Jean-Uh , she remembers everything)

    that finding an old food crusted pan happens to me a lot, I quickly shove it back wherever it came from though.

    we have so many things in common Bee. except I do like green ( I have to for Father Al's sake)

  3. The only color issues I have are noodles. I hate.colored.noodles.

    Just think about them makes me want to vomit all over my 'puter. *shiver*

    Btw, The doll thing...that's freaking hilarious :-D

  4. brian:
    Send them over.

    Is that a bad thing? ;op

    jean knee:
    Yes, I know Aroogoogoola is shy but I'm hoping she'll take pity on me just like you are.

    You and I can be twin-ish!

    The doll thing was pretty traumatic, thanks for making fun of my pain!

    J/K ;o)

  5. Listen, I'm one of those horrid parents who finds out their kid is scared of standing outside because they heard a 'chain noise' and promptly talks same child to go outside with me to 'see that everything is alright' while PC run out back door to get chains from garage for sound effects. Then we proceed to terrify him until PC feels like Jumping out or they catch on.

    Yes. I'm evil.

    I would have made the doll move at some point and really have freaked you out :-D Be glad you aren't my kid ;-)

  6. Chris:
    Chris Chris Chris, my mom didn’t put the doll up to scare us she just thought it’d be a good place to store it since I wasn’t playing with it. It scared us but we still used it to scare other people.
    Our neighbor for example, they were going to a party or something and since they only had one bathroom they asked my mom if they’re son could shower in our bathroom. My mom said yes so the broheims and I proceeded to put the doll on the toilet so it could scare the crapp outta him. It did and he ran out of the bathroom naked with only a towel.

    Regarding me being your kid, you’re actually lucky to not be my mom.
    When my mom was pregnant with Nancy, the 3 of us (Sergio, Dan and I) got in trouble for whatever reason so we were sent to my room as punishment. We then plotted the following.
    Dan was to call out to my mom saying he were beating him. (not unusual since we usually beat each other up on a regular basis) When my mom walked into the room we were going to crush her in between the door. Luckily, we were little so my mom sent us flying as she opened the door. True story.
    We were fearless little wonders. (And evil)
    We probably would be a good ad for birth control.

  7. and "saying we were beating him." I'm sure there's more...

  8. asswipe lettuce loverDecember 4, 2007 at 11:24 AM

    what kind of monsters are you people?!!

  9. YES!!! HI HECKLER!!!
    I love you! Yes I do! Yes I do! Whose my little Heckler? Yes you are yes you are!

    What kind of monsters?:
    Purple. People Eaters.

  10. ROFLMAO.

    I also threaten to tie hot dogs to my kids toes and let the dog eat them off when they don't behave.

    I'm evil. All sorts of Evil.


  11. Purple Dino-SOUR.
    I tried to walk away (you know, it being the Holidays and all) but she kept on keepin on so...
    Tomorrow's our office Christmas party.

  12. Oh the horror, can't wait to hear all about it

  13. Oh the horror, can't wait to hear all about it

  14. I bet Arugula is going to be surprised that you come to her blog at all with all the scary green floating around there and stuff.

  15. Arugula got her butt shamed this morning by an anonymous source. She can definAtely use that little kernAl for her meme!

  16. JEAN KNEE:
    I'll give you $20 to go in my place.

    When I'm on her blog, I try to keep my eyes closed. Which is why I have sooo many spelling mistakes, yeah that's why!

    Hecklers are fun. FUN!

    Especially when they themselves say they're "asswipes".

  17. Thanks (?) for the tag!

    So do I have to do both?

    Ah, this could take a while...

  18. CHRIS:
    Up to you.
    I know you want to swear at me... ;op

  19. Random things

    #6 I just said we had to live with our parents, but actually mine were throwing me out & I couldn't afford my own place.

    #7 I saw that pot the next day & can't believe it took ya this long to see it considering you walk past it every day

    Embarrassing Things

    #2 I think everyone has a shoplifting story, mine continually changes when my brother tells it from a guy just stopping me in the store & not letting me out while he called my folks to greater forms of tackling, broken plate glass windows & Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks to the jaw.

  20. as for your apple thing...I'll eat anything you make with tomatoes. Anything. But I won't eat an actual tomato. Gag. Blech. Other cartoon sounds that convey my disdain for tomatoes...

  21. Ahh! So I did it! Though I did not meet the requirements. Close enough! Right! Right?

    Anyhow, I'm back!

    ...I hope.

  22. dear heart:
    Hon, if you saw the pot outside why oh why didn't you bring it in?
    Oh, right. Instructions.
    If you see pot outside. Bring inside. Set on counter. Bee will wash.
    Now you tell me! Although life's been good, not too much to complain about! ;o) (only your mood swings)

    Raw tomatoes are my favorite with a little salt and pepper... nom nom nom.

    Glad you're back again. I'm gonna ask people to go check you out.

  23. i super glued my brothers keyboard one time he pissed me off. last year. my embarrasing moment happened when i sat thru 3 weeks of a class i thought i was in. turns out i was taking it at the wrong level day and time so i got no credit and had to drop it cuz id missed 3 weeks of the right one!


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